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November 29, 2022, 09:35:52 am

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Author Topic: Dreaming of: Homestuck --- many ideas inside [f/f, m/m, f/m~]  (Read 780 times)

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Dreaming of: Homestuck --- many ideas inside [f/f, m/m, f/m~]
« on: October 20, 2012, 03:11:07 pm »

I'll try and keep things short and simple.

First, me:

  • I like and love playing all sexualities and genders. Power roles, too. :3 Special place in my heart for lesbian relations, though~ And sometimes straight relationships with me being the girl all the time get tiresome.
  • I don't like being expected to respond every day. I have many things always on the go with my life. If I reply every day, I reply every day. If not, then I don't. Roleplaying is something for spare time, not something to create spare time for. In my case, at least. I don't need another commitment to constantly worry about
  • I can play out sex scenes in various styles, so let me know if your tastes are more on the erotica side or pornography side~
  • Multiple characters are much loved, even if it's a one-time appearance. :3
  • PM me with your proposition and preferences~! I can roleplay through PMs, forms, a third-party system, and technically IM, but let's start the discussion in PMs!
  • Also I have no problem with Original Characters, provided they aren't horrific.

I am also very fond of the troll Ancestors. Very fond.
(And the Midnight Crew and The Felt and yeah)
And genderbending is always an option, be it one character or all the characters~

If you want to know more on me, just take a look at my Ons & Offs and all that jazz~ In fact, I highly recommend you go and read everything I have there, since that'll probably tell you more than I'll be detailing here.

First, let me say this; I will do any flippin' pairing. If you want more specifics though, I'll list some pairings I really want to try and some that don't excite me so much after all my ideas.
(I'll also play any damn character, you hear?)

The Midnight Crew
The Felt
Lord English
The Black Queen
The White Queen
The Condesce
The Handmaid
Doc Scratch

I have a shit tonne of idea topics to choose from, most of them AU (alternate universe). I want to leave ideas open to our interpretation, but I do have ideas for roles in some cases {or rather, powers}. If you want to see these, check the spoilers. Think of them as suggestions, not concrete things!

Some may be really similar. BEWARE:

    (Meaning mer-people, mostly)


    (characters as mythological or made up creations. Not necessarily the obvious choices.)
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Aradia as a faun
    Tavros as a minotaur
    Sollux as a oni or a poltergiest
    Nepeta as a sphinx or a bakeneko
    Terezi as a dragonborn
    Kanaya as a wendigo
    Vriska as a arachne or a futakuchi-onna
    Equius as a tikbalang
    Gamzee as a kappa
    Eridan as a ichthyocentaur
    Feferi as a ningyo

    John as a enenra
    Dave as a garuda
    Rose as a ameonna
    Jade as a adlet
    Jane as a genie
    Dirk as a tengu
    Roxy as a maneki-neko

    Bec Noir as a inugami

    (the characters as elemental gods/spirits)

    (Based on the film, Push)
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Watchers: Sollux, Rose, Jade
    Movers: Aradia, Equius, John, Jake, Helmsman
    Pushers: Karkat, Tavros, Vriska, Porrim, Sufferer
    Bleeders: Nepeta, Eridan, Kurloz, Meulin, Cronus
    Sniffs: Terezi, Disciple
    Readers: Latula, Redglare
    Shifters: Jade, Mindfang
    Wipers: Kanaya, Meenah, Darkleer
    Shadows: Roxy, Kurloz
    Stitches: Feferi, Jane, Aranea, Condence
    Changers: Gamzee
    Porters: Dave, Dirk
    Phasers: Bec Noir, Handmaid

    Also I'd love to make up some more psychic powers <3

    (Characters as demons, specifically ones of greek or christian mythology)

    (Characters as the seven deadly sins {and seven heavenly virtues})

    (that'd be yer ninjas and samurai {and demons} that is.)

    (Silent Hill.  I have many ideas of how this could work, one of them being that Sburb is like the Otherworld and the enemies are generated based on the fears and anguishes of the players, just like the monsters in SH)

    (One on one battles in a greek arena to win their life)


    (Horses. Horses everywhere.)

    (Either them as pokemon, or with pokemon~ We can bend their types to make things interesting. Example: ghost-type mareep for Aradia)

    (Alice in Wonderland!)
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    John as Alice
    Dave as the White Rabbit
    Jade as the Dormouse
    Kanaya as the Mad Hatter
    Mituna as the March Hare
    Gamzee as the Caterpillar
    God Cat or Roxy as the Chesire Cat
    Condence as the Queen of Hearts
    Helmsman as the King of Hearts
    Karkat as the Knave of Hearts
    Feferi as the Red Queen
    Aradia as the White Queen
    Hussie as the Red King
    Equius as the White King
    Darkleer as the White Knight
    Tavros as Humpty Dumpty
    Sollux as Tweedle Dee & Dum
    Serenity as the Gnat
    Nepeta as the Red Knight
    Rose as the Rose

    (All the characters in the woods looking for the notes, like in the game Slender)

    (Cavemen days, basically)

    (Or just general doll/android)

    (In this case, blood colours are hidden and none of the characters have met eachother before. Lends itself well to genderbending.)


    (Kanaya would obviously use a chainsaw here and wreck shit.)

    (The characters all as domestic pets)

    (The characters as superheros)

    (Snake people all around~! Could be interesting to have harpy//garuda//tengu in there as well!)

    (All the characters trapped on a deserted island)

    (Star Wars. Sith and Jedi. HNG.)

    (The characters are in an MMO and are aware of it. It can be an existing MMO, though my pool of experience is limited)

    (All the characters in a game of Clue (whether they are aware of it or not))

    (Homeless, addicts, thus, you name it.)

    (Game of Thrones. We can either plug characters into the current events, or completely recreate the storyline. Making up houses for them really appeals to me.)

    (Like the Portal games)

    (Thinkin' World Wars here. If you love accuracy, we can genderbend the girls. :3 I'm particularly interested in how certain injuries could translate into the world of war~ )

    Onto the pairings~!

    First, ones I particularly like more than the rest:

    Vriska // Sollux 
    Vriska // Eridan
    Handmaid // Condence
    Droog // Cronus
    Damara // Cronus

    And not-so-grand ones:


    That's all I got for the moment, though I have a lot more to add to each idea. Contact me  through PMs, but please give me something to work with! Tell me ideas you liked or things you might want to incorporate, or bring your own ideas to the table! (Or give me some key words of things you like and I'll put something together~) Also, if you could be so kind, tell me what sexualities you'd like! And spice up your message as best you can~

    Also, I'm here to roleplay when I can and want to. I don't want another deadline'd commitment. School is busyness enough for me!
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    Re: Dreaming of: Homestuck --- many ideas inside [f/f, m/m, f/m~]
    « Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 09:44:52 pm »
    Updated with:

    - Some subtractions
    + Silentstuck
    + Cravings
    + Pairing list