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May 20, 2018, 09:33:17 AM

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Author Topic: The Visitor  (Read 417 times)

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The Visitor
« on: October 18, 2012, 01:08:49 PM »
I started writing this yesterday as a reply to a question in the introduction page and it has now become an interesting short story. I made a slight change to the story and added some more paragraphs. The story is basically an alien encounter but I’ve yet to figure out which direction to take. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Nicki enters the park through the east entrance, music boomed from her ipod, her yellow hair whipping about as she jogged along the lonesome path. It was late in the evening for a regular run, but she had a stressful day and a good run always helped her unwind. And now was the only time she had available to do it. The sun had already set and a blanket of stars lit the night sky. She ran through the puddles of light thrown from street lamps, heading toward the reservoir path, when the pools of light when out quite literally under her feet. It happened in a fraction of a second, a thrill of horror washed over her, head to toe. She was frozen to the spot. She removed the headphones. She realized two strange things almost simultaneously. One was she was alone. The second was something swooped over her sight, as if something flew over her, blotting out the source of light. Then the park was utterly dark.
All the streetlights had gone off except for a dim light from the reservoir. A light she had not seen before because it had never been visible before. It was visible now because all the streetlights had suddenly gone off, no other lights showed in the park.

Terrified and clumsy, she turned in a circle, saw the darkened paths behind her, all but invisible in the pitch darkness, and on impulse walked toward the one visible light. She walked swiftly and noisily. She stopped breathing halfway through when a strong odor permeated over her like a paralysis and halted. It smelled like burnt rubber. She looked behind her but even her keen eyes could not pierce the solid darkness.  She stood there, hesitating, on the verge of screaming out for help, when the streetlights came on again, and she felt suddenly ashamed. She inhaled in a sigh of relief but choked on the awful smell that lingered in the air. She realized she had walked off the runner’s trail, and was now standing inside a large cradle. Her gaze fell on the grown and noticed a strange puddle of green slimy sap in the middle of it, but another unsavory detail made itself evident. Submerged in the center of the wet patch was a large bizarre looking meteor rock, and from this rock oozing green sap emanated the potent odor. She felt woozy and nauseous, and before she could control herself regurgitated digestive juices. It took her several moments to catch her breath, balance herself, and clear her head. She was about to leave when the rock cracked and she saw something moving inside.

Nicki stared in alarmed state, she felt a chill she could not explain creeping along her spine. Instinct told her to run but her feet did not comply. She looked on - the outer part of the rock seemed to be as a shell, like an egg, but inside it was a gummy, and bleeding more of the green sap. She saw the shape of a head be pushed out, followed by broad shoulders, and in one last push the full grown body of a man burst out. It came out like a rubber puppet being pushed through a gap. The green body sprawled on the green puddle, naked like a new born baby. She stared at it, amazed by what she’d witnessed. Who is this? What is this? She looked around thinking.
The alien body begun to take full shape and as the moments pass its skin color begun to change, and the figure seem to swell up and harden, and like magic it went from looking like a green alien into the image of a fully grown human man. Niki could not believe the transformation – it changed into a massively, yet rangly, built with broad sloping shoulders, huge hairy chest and long, heavily muscled arms. His features were in keeping with his bodily aspect, a strong, stubborn jaw, low slanting forehead topped by a shocked of tousled tawny hair which added a wildness to his appearance. She stared in awe at his wolfish ruggedness. Suddenly his deceptively human blue eyes open, staring blankly. It rose, shaken with nausea. It stood up half crouched, let out a bestial snarl of menace humming in his bull-throat. It turned toward Nicki. His eyes gazed lustfully over her supple figure, over the petite throat, and the swelling of her breasts. He expanded his mighty chest, his nostrils flaring as he breathed her scent deeply.

Nicki ran. She did not followed the runner’s path, but cut straight through the fields, over slopes, avoiding fences and leaping ditches as surely as if it were daylight, and as easily as if she were a trained masculine runner. She did not look back, and did not stop until she stood in front of her building. She’d never been so glad to see the lobby of the building she lived in. She punched in a numeric code on the door pad and an electric buzz allowed her in. The lobby of the building was very still except for the echoing steps of Nicki as she rushed to the elevator. She punched the elevator key desperately. The elevator was on the six floors …five …four…she took a quick glance behind her at the lobby door and there was no one there …two …lobby! She went into the elevator box and pressed the number six key and the close-door key.

Moments later she was entering her apartment – slammed the door shot making sure to lock the door behind her. She stood against the door and stared across the living room at the double windows directly over viewing the park. She rushed to the telephone and dials 911. She had to think clearly now, and fast. First she had observed what exactly; an alien-looking man coming out of a rock that smelled like burnt rubber in the park? She reflected bitterly. It was a hoax, a tasteless elaborate Halloween prank, she told herself almost laughing at the preposterousness of what she had been thinking.

“Nine-One-One Operator. What is your emergency?” said the voice at the other end of the phone.

“My apologies no emergency…I thought someone needed medical assistant but I was wrong. Everything is fine now. I’m sorry to have bothered you,” said Nicky and hanged up.

To be continued….