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Author Topic: Several Sinful Stories (f seeking M, MF both, or maybe F?)  (Read 901 times)

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Several Sinful Stories (f seeking M, MF both, or maybe F?)
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:24:28 PM »
I thought it was about time get a few of my own ideas up here to see if there was anyone interested in playing them out with me.
My O&Os are linked below, I'm pretty flexible. I don't care whether a man or woman plays a character, but for characters I mostly enjoy playing with dominant males. One or two of the stories below could fit a dominant female though. I've never done it before but I'm willing to try! :)

I'm open to any other stories that anyone conceives of looking at my profiles likes and favorites too, please feel free to contact me by PM, don't answer this thread.

For the ideas below some reference role-playing games. For these, I don't really care if there are character sheets or not. I like the settings, but I'm more than happy to free-form the story. It makes things smoother and saves me painful bookkeeping. I can do it with sheets if it's important to another player though.

Please only contact me if
  • You're interested in a good story as well as adult scenes
  • You're able to add a lot to a story, I'm not a GM or ST for you
  • You communicate during stories by PM or Skype to better build a story both people enjoy
  • You are mature, nice and respectful
  • You can enjoy two or three paragraph answers as much as an essay. Sometimes I do long posts... but if I feel I HAVE to I never have the time!

Without further rambling, here are ideas.

N.B. NewForced Lactation/Milking - Captured or tricked into human dairy cow.
Set in future, past, or present, or fantasy world. Flexible!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ok... this is something I'd really like to play, but obviously not for everyone. I'm looking for a scientist, cowboy, rich master, etc to turn my character into a human cow. No, I don't mean literally a cow. I mean human still, though I'd accept SOME  body alterations provided we agreed on them first. I need someone to force her to all fours, get her lactating, and tie a bell around her neck. I have a whole host of reasons one might do this but no point rambling. :) Just PM me if it's something that's a turn on for you and we can work something out. I do have first hand experience lactating, so I can actually write it from experience. ;)

The Yojimbo Behind the Throne - Submissive female Seeking Male Yojimbo
Set in the L5R universe, preferably older era clan war and such stuff rather than the new stories.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My idea for this game is a young woman, maybe a shugenja, who of course has a yojimbo to protect her and her honour. During the day of course their yojimbo is the soul of respect and courtesy (well as much courtesy as can be expected, some clans are more polite than others... ;)) Their charge is very attractive though, and by night, when a measure of privacy can be stolen, another side comes out.

I'd like this story to play through the gradual seduction and corruption of a young shugenja into a submissive or even slave by night, while retaining the usual boundaries during the day.

I'm open to the rank and status of both characters, and the day time story being played through, whether war or political. Open to whether the Yojimbo does this because he wants her for her, or because she is powerful in skill or status and he wants to manipulate that, or any other reason too. It's the dynamic is my idea, everything else is negotiable.

My favorite clans are Dragon and Crab, but I've been known to play Mantis and Kitsune on occasion. I figure it's a fantasy and a game, if you want a cross-clan Yojimbo we can make it work.

One other note, in L5R particularly I've found some people can be very precious about their version of the culture and norms. I don't want to fight someone over this. I have my own views, and I'm willing to be flexible and take what others see into account and play it their way as much as I can. But I'm not FROM that culture. I don't want to be made feel stupid for my own interpretations please.

Domesticating your Pet - I'm interested in looking at the pet side of training, captured and re-purposed.. Like human-pony or other human pet.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm new to this and open to ideas, but things that might be fun to explore are forced lactation or pony training. Or any mix of things really. If you have an idea, suggest it?
A few things....
I don't mind SOME body modifications. But run them by me first, as some are very ok and fun, and others are a turn off. :) And loosing any parts is out. Gaining... maybe. Altering... maybe. Loosing parts... not fun for me.

A Contract of Service - Female seeks Dominant Male
This is one without any set universe, I'm flexible, but it would best suit slightly altered legal system if done in our world. A young woman wanting to explore her submissive side enters a short contract with a man to be his, but once he has her, suddenly he makes it permanent....
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Whether documents are forged etc, or through all means of trickery, or both, he makes her his legal slave or pet, with the law seeing her as having personally renounced all her rights as well as her humanity or some such and given herself to him. In effect she belongs to him as a possession to be treated as he wishes, sold, etc. I'd love to play out her going from excited submissive experiencing her first time with him, through the realization of what he had done, and his plans for the future, through breaking her to his will, whether by making her want it or not. This can be a very open story as to how the other player would like to TREAT a pet too. :)

The Toy's Training - female seeks Male and/or Female trainers, (same or different players acceptable in case of both)
This one is really open, and I'm interested in the idea of having two characters join in this. It's a pretty N/C heavy story though, of abduction and forced  training.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ok. So I'm flexible. I want to play a young woman abducted and trained in forcefully for some purpose. I'd like it to include some implements and apparatuses, Master/Slave and Master/Pet training, Punishments, Pain, N/C, Strict Bondage and more. I do really like Objectification, but it would only be able to be part of the story, as there's only so much one can post as a partner after a while like that. :p I can deal with a small amount of pre-discussed modifications. I don't mind degradation or exhibitionism for this. I'm also open to any OTHER things you'd like to involve in this, there's a lot I haven't listed, and if you ask, I might enjoy. :)

Ideally I'd like a Male AND Female here, either as equals, or with the Male slightly more in charge. But that's just ideally. :)

All this can take place in a lab setting for a scientific purpose, in a mansion for personal use, in some kind of illegal club, etc. It's basically just a type of game I"d like, and I"m open to talking about it. Eager to in fact!

In Conclusion...
If you're interested in any of the above, or if you read my O/O or my F-list or Rabbit Hole, and you have another idea you'd like to discuss, then please take a look at the O/O list if you haven't already, and then PM me rather than answering this thread? :) And PM with an idea. I get thrown when someone just PMs and says ' I like your ideas lets play!' and waits for me to come up with an idea. I've started the process above, if you're contacting me, hopefully it's because something caught your attention. Offer me some thoughts on that, such as which one(s) you liked? What aspect you liked. How you see yourself tying in or how you'd like to build on the idea or change it. :)
If you answer this thread, you clearly didn't read all the way through and I'll be most displeased and glare at you across the internet! You have been warned.... >:/

PS I'll be editing this as I see silly things I've posted or think of things I should have said get new ideas!
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Re: Several Sinful Stories (f seeking M, MF both, or maybe F?)
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2013, 05:38:35 PM »
Edited in new story.

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Re: Several Sinful Stories (f seeking M, MF both, or maybe F?)
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2013, 07:03:12 PM »
Edited out a story, and back in a new one to replace it. :)

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Re: Several Sinful Stories (f seeking M, MF both, or maybe F?)
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2014, 06:46:11 PM »
Bump with a new idea I'm hungering for.