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Author Topic: Secret's Sinful Ideas  (Read 1016 times)

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Secret's Sinful Ideas
« on: October 16, 2012, 07:12:07 PM »
Please check my O/O before PM'ing me about these stories.  Please PM me because I don't often check this thread.

All games listed here are for One on One Rps. 

I only rp on the forum or via IM.  To get an IM rp, I have to know you, speak to you regularly.   I do not rp via PM because I'm notoriously bad about forgetting that I've read it and forgetting it exists.  Sorry <3

I don't go into great detail on plots in my Sinful Ideas because I'm not writing the story alone and I see these plots where women lay it out every step of the way.  It's not my writing partner's place to find a role in my fantasy and to try to play it to my specifications.  I try to plant a seed of interest and then let the story idea grow equally between us.  It's going to be just as much your story as it is mine.  I hear a lot 'it's under developed'. Yes. For a good reason. *winks* I want you to make my panties wet with your words and actions that come from your character, not because you're playing my prince charming fantasy man as if it's straight out of my head.  I could write that as a story without your input.

Also note that these basic ideas tend to spawn entirely different ideas on games with writing partners. If you see me doing a similar game it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it, it's just different than what we're doing. Taken doesn't mean off the list of possibilities.

Please also note that all of my stories usually involve romance. If it's not DESIRED, let me know up front.  To me romance isn't chocolates, it's emotions.


Light to me is pretty vanilla. None currently, but I'm very open to vanilla.

   DARK   ♦

I've got an Alice in Wonderland craving. Not pretty and sweet, but something rather twisted.  More details when I figure it out, or PM me if you have ideas of your own and we can work something out.

The Watcher

Ever seen the movie with Keanu Reeves? Guy stalked women and learned their routine meticulously? Yeah… let's skip the death part.

My craving is for a one shot, at least to start with, where the person stalks my character. Might interact with her before he enters her home, he might not.

On the flip side if he interacts with her, my character notices him a lot and develops a crush on him, though finds him impossible to stalk [lol wonder why?] and resorts to pouting as she tries to find out more about him while she's spiraling between fear and excitement that someone is watching her.  [See: Halestorm I Get Off]  Yes. That scene can happen too ;)

This can lead to a relationship, a plot like that might be weird though.

Plot twists:
1.  They are really a married couple spicing it up.
2.  He might be her brother if you like - would cut out some of the obvious flirting, unless he's her step brother.
3. What twists can you think of?

Untitled Carjacking game

Mom and daughter are on a road trip. Mom goes into gas station. 'Bad' guy [circumstances don't have to make him a bad guy, but he can be if you want him to be :P ] steals the SUV, where the daughter is asleep in the backseat.  Neither the Carjacker or the girl know about the other until she wakes up. 

Here are many opportunities.  It could be a sweet story where they hit it off and she wanted to run away anyway, or he could hold her against her will. She could eventually come around or he could exploit the situation. 

This one is pretty much sex with story, though the story can grow.

The Hunter Bit the Dust

Werewolf/human – non system

This could be a Little Red Riding Hood tale, which I've been dying to play, where the Big Bad Wolf was a werewolf and didn't get killed by the Hunter.  Instead, the Hunter and the Grandmother get it and Little Red [goes by another name] is turned into his sex slave (read: willing partner who loves him and does what he wants not out of fear but caring).

Gladiator in Time

Light to mild... even eventual heavy Domination - emotionally more than physically, Romance, and lots of passion a must!

A Gladiator is taken from the past by a mad scientist via a carriage/cart that was actually a time machine.  His daughter, beautiful but spurned by the local community due to her father's insane antics, is the spitting image of the love that he'd lost before being enslaved by the Romans and forced to fight in the arena. 

She has to teach him how to function in modern society, tame his aggressive nature - fighting to the death is a no no!- and teach him how to read and write, do math, etc. while he teaches her about passion, desire, and great sex. 

Looking for a sweet story here with a 50/50 mix of smut.

Sometimes the mind is stronger than steel spreader bars, chains, and any superficial binding that can be bought.  Sometimes, the mind is the chain.   Not actually the title, but the gist.

Ons that I want to hit: Nonconsensual, dependency on another, kidnapping, mind control, minor to major medical play [see below], submission to a male [M/s D/s up to you] It sounds like a lot of work, to read it, but putting it into action is so very easy.

If my writing partner has other On's that they'd like, it is open for discussion, as always.

It could be historical, modern, or futuristic.  I might even go steam punk here but I'll need some serious help with it.

I am looking for a writing partner that can post at least once every few days. More preferred but not required.

How it works:

The man, a clever and intelligent one, kidnaps my character for his own lustful urges.  He may be a Dom, he may not be, that's all up to you on whether you want to break her or not.   

The basic idea I have is to confuse my character, throw her sense of time and reality off balance.  If you've ever seen the movie Premonition with Sandra Bullock, it's kind of like that.  Only on purpose with no paranormal twists.  I want to make her lose herself and have to depend on another to help her cope.  She can even be persuaded that she had a mental disorder.

Your character would lock mine away, perhaps they know each other and he wants her but thinks she doesn't care for him.  She may or may not. We can work that out as we're talking the idea over.  I do think that best friends would be an excellent twist.

Sedation and minor medical play would be involved. This would mostly be so my character would be drugged up and lose her concept of time. 

Clocks would be set wrong. Calendars set wrong, maybe by date, possibly even by month.  For example on Friday he would come in and say it was Wednesday, and on Saturday he would tell her it was Tuesday.  That Wednesday hadn't happened yet.  Television shows would have to be digitally recorded and played, perhaps multiple days to make her think she was living a day all over again.  Attention to detail would be a must for your character. 

He would definitely have to be in the right place at the right time, be a good actor, be able to stage injuries to himself or others, and other crafty things.

Granted, this premise is a rough idea and your input would be valued and welcomed.  I do have many possibilities for her back ground from her having a family history of mental breaks to her family dying and him holding her hostage in her own home. 

The Hunter bites the Bullet Taken BY Falanor

Werewolf/human, possible turning, historical 1700's/1800's/1900's  America/England [other countries are optional]

A Werewolf hunter is thrown into the midst of a pack of werewolves,  having to work together with them to find out who has been trying to frame their pack for everything from killing chickens on local farms to stealing babies and strange disappearances.  At first things would be rocky and she'd distrust everyone, but eventually she would grow to care for the pack, and there should be at least one love interest.

I'd like to see the Hunter be turned in this one, but at the very least, winds up staying with the werewolves in the town that they live in.  Their own little village. 

The middle of this plot has the potential to be something fairly awesome.

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Re: Secret's Sinful Ideas
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Added learning from the Master.

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Re: Secret's Sinful Ideas
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