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Author Topic: Steppen's Idea Thread  (Read 340 times)

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Offline SteppenwolfTopic starter

Steppen's Idea Thread
« on: October 16, 2012, 05:57:27 PM »
Welcome! While I'm looking for roleplays, I will post any ideas I have in this thread. I don't mind what sex or gender you are, and I don't mind if you prefer to play by IM or by forums; if any of my ideas interest you, please send me a PM saying which story you'd like to play, how you'd like to play (IM, forums, etc) and add any further ideas you have.

Without any further ado, here's an idea of what I'm currently looking for.

Kidnapped! [F/M; F/MM; F/MMM; non-con; possible group]
A young Czech girl (16-18) has travelled to the States to see her favourite band. Along her way she resorts to hitch-hiking; a foolish decision for such an attractive young girl, all by herself.

I would play the girl in this story; I'm looking for someone to play one or more males opposite her. She doesn't have to be Czech either, but minor details can be sorted out.

Maid to Serve [Crossdressing; M/M]
A young exchange student finds himself living in a strange country with an attractive older man. It's fine at first, but the customs here are different than he is used to, and his host turns out to be old-fashioned, seeing the boy as an inferior and calling attention to his misdoings, perhaps even punishing him. One day, he forces the boy to clean the house while wearing a maid's outfit; once he discovers how alluring the slim, long-haired boy looks in women's clothing though, it becomes a regular thing, and the host finds his desires on the rise...

I would play the male character in this story (again, 16-18), and you the host (not too old; anywhere from late twenties to late thirties/early forties). I don't mind which direction this is taken in; whether it's mostly consensual or non.

The Immaculate Apprentice [M/M; non-con]
This story could take place in any time you like: a fresh-faced and radiant young male joins a monastery, intent on serving the God and people that he loves. Unfortunately for him, he is placed in the care of a seductive older priest/monk who has strayed from the pious path and into the vile undergrowth of lust, and who takes quite a fancy to his corruptible new apprentice.

Again, I would play the young male and you the older, and I'm not picturing the older male as being much older than 28, though you may feel welcome to try and convince me otherwise if it's really of paramount importance to you.

[TS/M; con/non-con]
Like the previous one, this story could take place in any time period; in fact, it might work better in an historic setting. An exotic transsexual woman is awarded to the King (or some other high nobleman) as a gift; what her new owner does with her is completely up to you. I was thinking though, that the King would be a busy man, and others in the castle (or wherever it is set) have eyes for the alluring foreign woman. This could be played quite short, or drawn out into a longer story, involving her plotting towards her own benefit, potentially upsetting the interests of others along the way...

I would play the woman in this story; how many characters you wish to play is up to you, and if desired I can also share the load of writing for secondary characters.


I have no specific plots for the following, but would be interested in playing with:

Mortal Kombat
Firefly / Serenity

I'm also interested in playing as a female/male/transsexual prostitute; feel free to PM me if you have any ideas!