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April 19, 2018, 04:34:12 PM

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Author Topic: Checking Interests While Awaiting Approval: Let's start something! [F seeking M]  (Read 1463 times)

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Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Oh, for sure. It can go many ways! I was just so shocked that you called out my particular take right off the bat... You... You're an impressive one...

Ah! I'm unfamiliar with the game, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Haha, don't be silly! It may not seem original, but I've certainly never encountered the name before. In fact, I've never encountered anyone else -- other than yourself, of course -- who has a name that has anything to do with the word 'grim,' either as is or with the additional 'm'.

Besides, I can guarantee you that only cool kids use the name 'Grimm.' ;)

Offline Mister Grimm

I'm certain that there are a few other Grimm's around E since I last checked, I just found it amusing that you had been Lady when I only recently (last month) changed to Mister. xD

And pft. To be honest, the plot idea you posted was similar to a creative writing paper I had turned in when I used to be in High School. It just played out differently and the roles were reversed. Like a blend of Ghost and Just Like Heaven except he was a ghost, falling in love helped him pass over and there was no Whoopi Goldberg for him to possess to initiate what was probably one of the weirdest love scenes from a movie that I remember seeing.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Are there? I don't know. I'm new -- made apparent from when this thread was posted -- and I haven't seen any others. At the very least, I haven't seen any around the interwebs prior to this. But yes, that is rather amusing. I sort of love it, actually. XD

Pfffffft, suuuuure. Ha, just kidding. Dang, though. That does seem similar. Truthfully, I got the idea from a song by one of my favourite bands. It is a very loose basis, but still. I even used the name of the song to title the plot idea, haha.

... True story, though. That scene was the epitome of uncomfortably awkward. 

Offline Mister Grimm

At least one that I know of with Grimm as a stand alone part of their name. Or rather, their name is just Grimm. I remembered looking when I first joined as well, since I created the account with one of my character's names. Then I realized that I'd probably have several and only recently requested the change. xD

Anyways, I don't think I'll spam your topic anymore. If you ever feel like taking on an alternate version to the idea aside from your other offer, maybe throw me a PM? After life/work/university cools down, that is. I'd be interested in trying to flesh out a story with the idea if you still are as well.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

I'd love to! Once I have time to take on another roleplay, I'll definitely be in touch. :)

Offline Atmosk

I've no problem waiting for you to get some thing sorted out before we seriously try to do anything. Though I admit I'm eager, seeing as I'm new to E and rather enamored with the community this far. When I get approved feel free to drop me a PM when you have time to talk bizzness. (Yes, the misspelling was for my own enjoyment and perfectly purposeful)

Also, I had intended for my character to be a smoker. Odd little side-note, but I wanted to be sure you'd be fine with that. I know some people find it unattractive.

And I'll try my hardest to forget Mr. Grimm's plot spoiler.... Hmm... What was I talking about? Damned this selective memory.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

I know how you feel! I'm the same way. I've been on E less than a week. I'm already two roleplays in with some amazing people. I've never encountered so many talented writers in one place.

Ahaha, I loved your purposeful use of bizzness. I do stuff like that all the time so I get it. :P

In real life, smoking falls under the spectrum of things that I thoroughly do not enjoy, that I must admit. In roleplay, however, I have no issues. I've even written as characters who were heavy smokers. Feel free to write your character as you see fit; I wouldn't dream of imposing rules on you for such things.

-cough- Mmhmm... Not overly loving how that went down. I might have to come up with a twist -sigh-. Was so damn good, too. Ugh! Anyways, we'll discuss soon and work something out. I cannot wait!

Offline Atmosk

Good, good. I'm glad we both have the same philosophy on roleplaying. A partner is only enjoyable when -they- really enjoy what their doing.
Who are we to mess with another persons muse?

Can't wait to discuss this more in-depth. I understand the thorough inspection of new members to the sight, but the wait to get approved is murder. I suppose this will have to be a lesson for me in patience.