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Author Topic: Checking Interests While Awaiting Approval: Let's start something! [F seeking M]  (Read 1486 times)

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Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Currently at 100% capacity!
If you are interested in roleplaying, just PM me to let me know and I will place you in the queue.

Hi, everyone!

So, as the title suggests, I’m still in the process of being approved. Hopefully I’m able to make the cut! In the mean time, though, I just wanted to test the waters by posting a little interest check. I’m hoping to dig up some folks who share my taste in roleplays and would be interested in getting something Non-Adult started. Then, depending on the roleplay and the direction it takes, we can transition the roleplay from Non-Adult to Adult if things go well and we see that it fits the plot.

Now, I don’t have any concrete ideas thought out, but I have some general themes that I’d be interested in. Of course, if you have other ideas, feel free to throw them at me because I am open to discussion. Anyways, here goes…

Bolded are the roles that I’d like to play; italicised are genres I’m really craving.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

•   Harry Potter

•   Vampire Diaries
  • OC/Damon
  • OC/OC

•   Misfits (British TV show)


•   Modern Fantasy/Supernatural

•   Apocalypse (Any kind, but I’m really keen on zombies!)

•   Vampire *Non-Sparkly*  (I know this could fall under the category of modern fantasy, but I set modern fantasy as its own genre because, in that category, there could be more than just vampires; perhaps even no vampires at all!)
  • Human/Vampire

•   Lycanthrope (Same as the vampire genre; it could fall under modern fantasy, but that category suggests more and holds the possibility of no werewolves at all.)
  • Human/Lycan

•   Twisted Fairytale/Disney

•   Anything Contemporary

What I Look For In a Partner:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
•   I prefer one on one roleplays, but, since an entire roleplay cannot survive on just two characters, NPCs or secondary characters are welcome.

•   I have no minimum post length requirements; however, I strongly encourage for my partner to at least be able to give me a few solid, well written paragraphs. I won’t be able to reply unless you give me enough to work with!

•   I quite enjoy romance. That said, I’m not a fan of ‘love at first sight’ romance. It is cheesy and dull. I like there to be gradual buildup towards any form of romance. Maybe our characters don’t even like each other at first! That could be fun. Of course, I’m also open to ideas that don’t include any eventual romance.

•   I really like a partner who is communicative, plot focused, and looking for something long term that allows our characters to grow.

•   I need a partner who understands that there is more to life that roleplay. I’m in university, work part time, and have a life. Therefore, my posting will vary. One week, I might post like crazy. Another week, I might post only once. Around exam times, I may not even be able to post at all! Though, if I can’t post for over a week, I will let you know. I am able to extend the same patience to my roleplay partners.

•   I only do M/F pairings, and I only play females; therefore, I require a male character for my female character.

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Offline SiriuslyDelectable

*Drops to knees* Thank God, another person who actually has an interest in Harry Potter fandom.  Anyways, hello there, I offer you a smile. Just as a random question, who is your favorite HP character? :)

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Yay! Goodness, I haven't seen another person interested in Harry Potter fandom roleplays in a long time.

Hands down, my favourite Harry Potter character is Draco. I adore him! I have such a weakness for his good looks, and his bossy, "I don't care" attitude. Makes me melt! :P

I would ask your favourite, but I don't think I need to. Your username says it all, ahahah!

Offline SiriuslyDelectable

I know! Every where else I have been I can't find even one person remotely interested in Harry Potter fandom, nonetheless the roleplays. Seems we're just a rare breed nowadays.

As for my preferred character, yes, my username says it all. I am in love with Sirius, have been ever since I first caught introduction to him. And then when the movie came out and Gary was casted for his role, ha, I don't think I had ever been so giddy.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Very rare, indeed! I find that so odd because, back in the day (like, seven years ago), the internet was FLOODED with with Harry Potter roleplay. I'm talking everywhere. Neopets where I started, the Official Harry Potter forums that are sneakily hidden these days, and full proboards/invisionfree communities dedicated to Harry Potter. The dedicated invisionfree ones were my favourite because they usually followed the storyline of one of the books or they had their own alternate reality and plot going on. So everyone had their own individual subplots between their characters and other people's, but then there was a larger plot that governed the goings-on at Hogwarts. It was amazing. Now they're all dead. :(

Haha, I can't fault you for that. I'm usually not into an older gentleman, but I have to admit that Gary Oldman is rather dashing as Sirius -- who is already rather lovely from the book.

Offline SiriuslyDelectable

Well I do Harry Potter Canon roleplay, but there is hardly anywhere that does that, it is all New Generation... and honestly, I have no interest in roleplaying as Harry's kids, even more-so as Ron's (Never was a big fan of him though). My interest always lied with those such as Sirius, Lupin, Severus and Lucius... SLSL for short, apparently. XD

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Ick! I hate post-Potter era roleplay. I hated it before Jo wrote the last book (when the details were unknown to everyone), and I hate it after she wrote it. I don't do either pre-Potter or post-Potter. I stick to Potter era very firmly. I don't do canon roleplay, though. I tried once and all I did was make a big mess of the character. It was rather sad. So I'd rather throw an original character into the Potter gang and see what happens, haha.

Ah, but are you talking more about pre-Potter era SLSL or Potter era SLSL?

Offline SiriuslyDelectable

Potter era SLSL, I don't do the pre and post stuff, especially not the post-Potter. I have mingled with the 'Pre' but it's just not the same without Harry and them. It just lacks so much without the famous trio. So I stick to Potter-era, there seems to be more to do with it as well.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Thank you! It is so refreshing to find someone who shares my opinion on this. I just cannot understand the appeal of other eras. I mean, unless you want to play out James and Lily's courtship, or enjoy the mayhem and camaraderie of the Marauders, there isn't anything to do! At least not as far as I can tell.

-clings to you- BEST FRIENDS?!


Offline SiriuslyDelectable

*Returns hug* Why of course! From one Potter-fan to another.

So what (besides his rude and demanding attitude), if I may ask, is so appealing to you about Draco?Whenever someone brings him up I have to smile a bit and shake my head. See, I got my hair cut in a kind of boy-ish style and bleached it from blond to platinum, for the past two years everyone says for the annual Halloween party, I should go as Malfoy XD.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter


Baha, okay, well that makes it sound negative! It is difficult to articulate. It has something to do with him asserting himself as alpha male (whether he is or not is irrelevant, the point is that he tries). He just sort of has this whole 'bad boy' thing going on... It is kind of sexy, you know? I know some people get it, lol. I'm not the first to go for the cocky bad boy! Plus, he is just so physically attractive to me; no real way to explain how or why.

Offline SiriuslyDelectable

I won't deny that he is attractive, however his father, in my opinion, steals the looks. Ah, that long platinum hair, he must spend a good thirty minutes straightening it and combing out every little kink, just so it look good when the wind is blowing. Plus, you gotta love that cane/wand of his.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Don't get me wrong, I'm usually all about long hair. Really. Love it. Thor = hot stuff. My boyfriend's hair goes past his shoulders. All is good with long hair...

I just cannot dig it on Lucius. Something about it just doesn't suit him for me. I don't know what it is! I can't get on board with it. To boot, he doesn't, in my opinion, have the greatest facial structure.

I'll give him the wand/cane, though. That is beyond awesome.

Offline SiriuslyDelectable

At first, to be honest, It didn't appeal to me much, but after watching the movies fairly often, it grew on me. I think my personal favorite hair style of any of the characters, is either Sirius (of course) or, for some odd reason, Snape's. Maybe its just Alan Rickman's whippy movements.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

I'll jump on board with you there, too. Sirius has a good look going in terms of hair. I'll give Snape a pass on hair, but I wouldn't quite put it on par with Sirius. You're right, though. Something about Alan Rickman's whippiness is oddly, and awkwardly seductive. It is creepy and uncomfortable, but undeniable.

Offline SiriuslyDelectable

I just love the eccentric actors, if it is someone like that, they usually turn out to be one of my favourites. So do you have any favourite fandom pairings? I know I have quite a few, so it makes me curious to see if you have any yourself.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

I do! My favourites would have to be Draco/Hermione, Pansy/Ron, Luna/Harry, and McGonagall/Snape. I'm not sure what I like about any of those pairings. Perhaps they are just so peculiar that it is interesting to see the different ways they could be played out.

What about you?

Offline SiriuslyDelectable

I have tended to lean towards the pairings of Sirius/Hermione, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Pansy/Sirius, Remus/Hermione, and honestly, I have ran into a few Godfather-Godson ones that are appealing as well. Though the first two mentioned are my favourites.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Oh, some really surprising pairings! Some of those I haven't come across at all, like the Harry/Sirius one.

Also, as much of a great time as this has been, I'm just going to steer this thread back in the direction that it was intended because I'd really like to find a roleplay, haha.

And since I, as an unapproved member, don't have the ability to edit my posts, I'll just update my plot ideas from this point on.

Incoming plot idea!

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

New Plot Added:

Very Invisible

Okay, so... Here is a little bit of an idea I had. I tried roleplaying it out in the past with a friend, but about 20 posts in he lost muse. I was pretty disappointed because I was quite enjoying the roleplay. We never got through discussing too much plot so I only have a basic outline right now which I would love to develop with someone before getting started.

The general idea is that my character is living in a big city, after having moved there in pursuit of her dreams. She is doing her best to get by, but, despite her efforts, she feels as though she is fading away and becoming lost among the city's faceless crowd. One day, she wakes to find that - reflective of her feelings - she has actually become invisible. Scared and confused, she locks herself in her apartment in hopes of waking up from the impossible nightmare.

Enter your character...

Originally this story was fleshed out with the other person being a vampire. This isn't necessary; feel free to make your character human, lycan, whatever. I just know vampire was originally chosen because my partner liked vampires, when that character finally encounters my character, he could at least understand with relative ease the possibility of such an occurrence happening, even if he has never seen anything like it before. Of course, maybe you don't want your character to accept this very easily.

Whatever you decide, as time has gone on, my character's death is assumed. As a result, her apartment becomes available for rent while she continues to occupy it since she is both far too deep in denial and afraid to do anything other than remain hidden inside. At the same time, it just so happens that your character is in the market for a new place. What a coincidence!

Yes, I know it sounds a little Being Human-y, but I haven't actually seen the series so I really cannot imagine things going in a similar direction since I know little about the show.

Anyways, further details or changes to this idea can be discussed here if you are interested in this idea.

Offline Atmosk

Hello there.

I'm very interested in your invisible girl plot. It sounds quirky and fun. I got some brain-juices flowing already on some character ideas for myself.
Let me know what you like.

Mr. Vampire- Vampires are kind of my guilty pleasure. I think they're a little overdone in recent times, but I still can't help loving them. If you dig 'em, I'd be willing to play one.

Amateur Warlock- Though I dig vampires, I think this idea has a lot more personality. His father having died when he was young, he never knew much about him. Until in his teenage years when he came across a locked pair of trunks in his attic. Going through them and reading the various journals, our protagonist figures out that his late-father had been a kind practitioner of magic. With some talent to it, but absolutely no education in it, our friend takes up his fathers practice. Meaning that he only knows what he's doing about 50% of the time. This could lead to some fun RP, I think.

With either one, I'd play a sort of quirky guy with his head in the clouds and toes in a puddle of paranoia. He's not 'crazy', but just a little funny.

Lemme know what you think, cause I rather like this idea.

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

I'm certainly interested!

At present, I'm a little swamped with life/roleplays/sorting some things out... Plus, I'm sneaking online while in a lecture, haha.

I just wanted to let you know that I've seen your message, and I'd love to discuss further soon.

Offline Mister Grimm

Aside note: The Very Invisible idea reminds me of the movie Just Like Heaven in a way. Unless the guy who rents the apartment doesn't end up being able to see the girl. Or, at least, not at first. An interesting twist could be that as the two gradually begin to connect and build a sort of relationship that way (after getting over the idea of him not really being crazy and that there is actually someone there with him), maybe she eventually begins to fade back into existence/become visible again.

Also- Hello Lady Grimm. I laughed when I first saw your username. xD

Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter


So, I don't even know how to reply to this. First of all, the name coincidence is hilarious. I guess you're officially my E-husband. Names don't lie, after all. If you got inspiration for the name from the same place that I got mine, that would be even stranger. I mean, it is most probable that you didn't, but that coincidence would be even crazier. I chose it based on the Brothers Grimm.

Furthermore, get out of my head. You totally spoiled my great twist! No word of a lie, that is exactly where I was going with that. The other character just basically wouldn't be able to see her, but she wouldn't be dead/in a coma like in Just Like Heaven. The whole fading back thing was exactly the progression I had in mind for the roleplay as the relationship grew. I just... I thought it was such a unique and interesting idea, but then you come along and you just call me out on the whole thing!
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Offline Mister Grimm

Ha, well then. I apologize for potentially spoiling the twist. xD
The idea is interesting though and can be played in various ways, in my opinion. All that is needed is a little creativity.

As for the origin of my pseudonym, I'm sad to say that it isn't derived from the Brothers Grimm (as much as I love them). It was originally inspired by The Grim Angels of some old game I used to play as a kid called Riviera: The Promised Land. They were the equivalent of Grim Reapers, but only went after demons and such instead of claiming the souls of the near/recently departed. All I did was take on the extra M as of late and presto. My pseudonym. The name isn't exactly original, but I like to think how I came up with mine is. #lies he tells himself
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