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Author Topic: Some Brand New Ideas [all types]  (Read 705 times)

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Online DingoTopic starter

Some Brand New Ideas [all types]
« on: October 14, 2012, 08:01:15 AM »
I've decided to return and brought with me some new ideas as well as some old ones.

- I very much prefer it if people play the sex they are (or better said: feel).  I prefer people playing the gender that they feel. And even though many of my games are detailed as me looking for a female, unless I specifically mention it, those places are open for either gender. Specific mention mentions will be listed in bold.
- Most of my ideas start out at NC. Some are a bit lighter, others are a bit darker.
- If you are interested in an idea, voice them through a Private Message.
- This list will be updated. Being in negotiation with someone over a game does not mean I won't want to play it again. But it will lower the chances of such happening.

Currently playing:
The Kind Host with Dor
Deal With The Devil with Emma20
Dark Bargain with Fireflights
The Illusionist with Elboot



Shaped By Choices

In the far future, the Terran Commercial Conglomerate rules all the known universe. Corporate interest is what made mankind head to space and then beyond. Corporate interest made humans colonize planets. And corporate interests are what rules it still. True power comes from owning stock in the Conglomerate. Everything else merely exists at it's leisure. All space travel is only allowed to those who own stock and their property. Science, culture and economics are booming. Slavery has however been made legal to accommodate, not the formation of the TCC, but as a natural result of incredible debts owed by governments. There are still those who have and those who have not. But there are no longer those who cannot afford their bills. For they become slaves.

There are only a few laws governing the use of slaves, all of which are enforced for sometimes very specific reasons, and nobody inside the TCC even considers breaking those laws, but often, they are bend to a point.

The first right, is the right to die. This one is universal. Every human has that right. It means that killing a slave is still murder. And that suicide is allowed too. The second universal law is the law to freedom of thought. This has come as a result of technology being in existence that can actually control or manipulate one's thoughts directly. Any such technology used is grounds for extermination of the perpetrator and any of his or her offspring. The third law that governs slave ownership is the fact that all slaves are debtors. And should anyone pay the amount of their debt, the slave becomes free.


A lot of background for actually a very simple request. I'm looking for a writing partner, male or female (playing such), who is interested in playing the newly acquired slave to one of the TCC's idly rich. This game will absolutely involve transformation, cruelty, violence and science fiction elements.

I'm looking for a character who would put up a fight for his continued existence, maybe because of the hope for freedom. And as such while maybe even putting up a fight to other situations, but is also willing to compromise his own integrity and form to keep on existing.

Maybe it's the hope a family member can scratch together the money for the debt. Maybe it's an unshakeable belief that suicide is wrong, combined with a very low tolerance to personal suffering.

Status: Open

The End Time

Every human of the twenty-first century thought that what would take them down, would be other humans. And when that happened they would take down the world with them in a glorious burning of nuclear power. They were wrong. The world took them down. In the late 2014s the first signs of virus dubbed Towangu, after the first person to die from it, showed it signs. It spread like a wildfire, and before governments could have closed their borders, they were too late. When they tried to isolate those infected, it seemed to work for a short while, but while scientists around the world were working very hard to find a cure, the virus mutated and within days had spread to every last human in the world. Within weeks, everybody was sick, dying or dead, and the world turned into chaos. Infrastructures collapsed as those in charge of maintaining it were dead. Automated systems prevented the disasters predicted, but after the dust was settled, those rare few that survived had different priorities than restarting the old civilization. Humans were not used to surviving nature, but they learned and adapted. But the aftermath left them changed.

Those that lived in the old more civilized world, looked upon their cities and libraries, and began rebuilding as much of the old society as they could. And while they had to do with certain crucial resources missing, recycling solved a lot of problems. Once they covered long distance travel again, they tried going for those resources the needed. A few generations after the survivors crawled out from their dead cities, they send out explorations. However, the humans they encountered, were much less civilized. Primitive even by standards of the 21st century. Someone had dragged up a term for them. Morlocks. It came from a book that was old and almost forgotten, but to some, it fit the degenerate nature of the primitive humans.

And so, the Eloi, took what they wanted from the Morlocks and mostly ignored them. Evolving technologically further than their human ancestors, gene therapies to root out sicknesses and defects. Whereas the Morlocks lived brutal lives. Hunting, farming, surviving, taking what they wanted from others. The Eloi kept a close eye on them, and somewhere enjoyed the status quo and whenever the Morlocks seemed to acquire a semblance of civilization they crushed it.

And so, for generations, two off-shoots of humanity slowly evolved. But all that tinkering with their genes did leave the Eloi almost infertile. And creating clones worked, but it degraded the genepool even more. And so they looked at the Morlocks, but discovered that they had changed themselves too much to be able to breed with them.

And so, a risk was taken in trying to change the Morlocks through genetic manipulation into Eloi, but the process was slow and would take many generations. Even if they kept the generations short. Some of the Eloi decided it was worth the effort. Others decided to give up and just enjoy what little time they had left on their Earth.

The Eloi only recently started taking Morlock prisoners, using them as slaves for about everything, aside from breeding projects. Morlocks are not unintelligent beasts, but they are strong and very fierce, and so the Eloi developed a chip that could read out deliberate disobedience. They hooked it up to a collar that would send massive pain through the Morlocks. And with just a little bit of training, one had the perfect slave.

The Morlocks are very large and strong. Their skin is black, their hair as well, but it's almost always sleek. Their eyes are dark too, with little variation. Although they are not the black folk of the past.

The Eloi themselves are relatively short. Especially compared to a Morlock. But not if compared to a modern day man. And they are outwardly 'perfect'. Their skin is white, however, their eyes are as their parents have designed them. But the Eloi are physically weak. Although they do live for incredibly long periods of time without showing any signs of aging. They die, when their brains stop functioning, medicine makes it so they look as old as they want.


What I am looking for a lady who will play the Eloi to my Morlock. I'm looking for her falling for her slave. I'm looking for him hating her with every fiber of his being, fighting her at every corner, and yet, still love her at the same time. And when that moment comes to break free ...

Well that we can discuss at some other time, but it will not be pleasant at all for her.

I want this game to have lots of smut. And while I will play Eloi male characters, all the others should be played by the lady. So if you want to add male / male smut to the story, that is okay with me, but you will have to play the male. Or find someone to do.

The last thing is probably the most important of all. But this is pushing against some of my boundaries, and while, at the moment of writing it, it seems like immense fun, I hold the right to cancel at any time (also give it to my writing partner)


Status: Open


Dark Bargain

As a child she had fallen very ill, and nobody in her birthplace could help her. No amount of prayer the gods helped either and she was dying. In desperation her father went out to the cave in the hills, where rumors had it a sorcerer of great power lived and at the entrance pleaded for his daughters live. If she'd live, he would give anything. In the shadows of the cave's mouth appeared the figure of a man, who agreed to save his daughter. Provided he could claim what he had promised at any time in the future. The man returned home and found his daughter had miraculously recovered, being healthy and firm again.

For many years the stranger had not shown and was almost forgotten, but one stormy night, there was a knock at their family's home, on the night of her birthday.


Anything is of course the daughter herself. I would prefer this to be on the darker side. With the daughter having the choice of it being her, or her family cursed by the sorcerer.


Status: Open, but only for male victims.


The Illusionist

"Assistant for Illusionist act wanted. No previous experience needed."
That was on the sign, and that's why she came, after all life in the city was very expensive without a job.


This is a game that can go everywhere. Maybe the Illusionist has real magic at his beck and call, maybe he's leading a white slavery ring, selling his former assistants to the most bidding. Perhaps he will display them on stage in various sexual acts, yet leaves them no memory of it, and perhaps he's more than human. Or maybe all of the above. This game can go in almost any direction, and it's all open for discussion.


Status: Closed


Under His Spell

Secure in her power the sorceress was certain that she had done everything right. Soon. When the moon was at it's highest. The circles and pentagrams exactly as the book had detailed. The sacrifice there. Lovely, sobbing with tears and pleading for her life, while rattling that chains that bound her helplessly. Large wax candles at every corner of the pentagram lit. Soon. The power would be hers. A demon prince at her beck and call. A demon prince who could destroy her enemies. What could go wrong.

The ritual started with complex incantations, which she had partially practiced for weeks ahead of time. As soon as the magic started, a storm began to brew overhead, and the moon turned red with the color of blood. The sacrifice started to scream now, yanking at her chains, her eyes wide with sheer delicious panic. The ground inside the circle began to crack, sulfuric fumes and fire spew forth from it, and then a massive red claw broke through the ground. The sacrifice stopped crying. Just lying there on the ground, as more and more of the demon prince broke free from the ground. A metaphor that much the sorcerer knew. A bit of a dramatic entrance, which demons appreciated symbolizing the struggle against whatever kept him from this world. But then things turned awry. The cracks tore through the circle. Breaking it, a very horrible bad thing to be happening. It would be free. But it was impossible. It should be. The sacrifice. The sacrifice was dead.



The demon is going to have a lot of fun with the sorceress who had the gal to summon him. Fast and dirty smut of the worst kind. This is to indulge my darkest side. Looking for either gender.


Status: Open

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Online DingoTopic starter

Re: Some Brand New Ideas [all types]
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2014, 10:40:29 AM »
With this bump I would also like to point out people to something more serious that I am craving, which you shall find here
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Online DingoTopic starter

Re: Some Brand New Ideas [all types]
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2014, 03:34:52 AM »
Added a single brand new idea. A big one.

Still looking for the other game in the link too.

Offline Becca

Re: Some Brand New Ideas [all types]
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2014, 07:44:31 AM »
Just so you know, the link isn't working, it leads to the main thread one on one rp wanted, not to a particular thread with your idea. :)

Online DingoTopic starter

Re: Some Brand New Ideas [all types]
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2014, 07:59:05 AM »
Thank you, Becca.

I have fixed the link. See for yourself