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Author Topic: Modern Town Gets Sucked into the Forgotten Realms. (Fantasy M/more welcome.)  (Read 308 times)

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At first I hadn't wanted to run this game, but with the long waits with our former GM, Jecter, (who had stated on a couple of occasions that if someone else wanted to run the game since his RL prevented him from being around as much as was needed to keep things going, then he would step down and let someone else take over for him,) I finally got myself going and took over in his place.  The story he had going has only just started with the magical transportation of the town of Brighton which has a little less or more than a 1000 people living within the boundaries of the place.  The town has no water, no power, or other utilities for that matter and it will likely remain that way for a very long time.  Even if we somehow manage to get these things up and running again, there will still be no way to use your TVs, internet, or anything that requires a signal to be bounced off of a satellite or similar device and back down to you since being in a new dimension kind of makes all that useless lol.  Supplies will be needed to be carefully managed, especially since the time of year at the moment is early Fall in both worlds, but you need only worry about the FR side of things.  The bare necessities will become essential for survival, restoring law and order, and a myriad of other things that will need to be micromanaged by all in some form or another lest we all end up dead or worse.  As I said once before, think of this as a Sim City creator game and add a fantasy heavy world into the mix and you'd have the general idea of what I hope to do here, except instead of an top down view of the city, you the player will be working from the inside on the ground to make this work for everyone.  We either stand together, or we're gonna die alone!  Lol Lost reference aside, let's see some hustle out there folks!


Current cast

(M) Erik VanBuren: Played by: TheHangedMan.  (Uncertain, likely has dropped.)
(M) Dietrich Sampson: Played by: Anon
(M) Devin Fletcher: Played by: TheSleepyRobot
(M) Christopher Phoenix: Played by: Chreestafer
(F) Ciara Pickrel: Played by: Yesiroleplay
(F) Annabella Swanson: Played by: Vergil1989
(F) Elisabeth Rockwell: Played by: CurvyKitten
(F) Gwen Paxton: Played by: Maniac


(F) Alyra Draakkar: Shapesifter: Played by: Caela
(F) Neria Zathrieal: Elf: Played by: Vergil1989
(F) Runa: Tiefling: Played by: CurvyKitten
(F) Thayla At’lath: Elf: Played by: Maniac
(M) Andellian Amastacia; Elf; Played by TheEversong

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Across the Universe Character Thread


Basic Attributes

* Given Name: (Full name.  First, middle, end.)

* Nicknames:

* Gender:

* Appearance: 
- Age: (MUST be at least 18 or the maturity age of whatever race you are wanting to be.  Each one is different, like for example a light elf is considered mature at 100 if I remember right or the equivalent of 18 by human standards.  If unknown take an educated guess.  :P)
- Height:
- Weight:
- Hair Color/Style:
- Eye Color:
- Makeup:
- Clothing:
- Jewelry:

* Race:

* Physical Abilities/Limitations: (This goes in line with your Race.  Even humans have a few qualities about them that make them unique, but otherwise, if it's a well known race please include everything that they can or can't do/weak against or at least a link to where it can be found.  You can also include what you're good at, be it repairing things, translation work, etc.  No one is good at everything though, no matter what they are.  :P)

Personality;  (Do not put a bunch of personality traits in a list like sentence.  Explain why they are the way they are please.  A single paragraph of five or more sentences should be enough.  More is always better.)

Background;  (Two paragraphs, five sentences a piece.  No less and actually separate your paragraphs please.  :P  More is always welcome though.)


Socioeconomic Class/Standing

* Class:

* Religion:

* Place of Birth:


Inventory;  (Anything you'd carry with you on a regular basis.  Cellphones and stuff might not work as intended but they can still be used for parts if nothing else.)

* Weapons: (For humans it'd be more common, non magical items for the most part unless your history allows such things early on, but again just be realistic if you please.  :P)

* Misc;  (Anything that you have sentimental value for or hold close to you for whatever reason.  Or just random bits of junk, whatever works.)
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