'Juxtaposition' (Seeker thread for M, Light/Human)

Started by Elven Sex Goddess, October 12, 2012, 11:35:59 PM

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Elven Sex Goddess

A incumbent senator due to health is not seeking reelection this years election.  Sighting health reasons for not seeking another term in office.   After two hotly contested primaries for each side.   The two candidates find themselves in a tightly contested election for the seat in the senate.   

In a light romantic comedy.   A popular progressive city councilwoman wins her parties  nomination for the senate seat that has just open up.   While on the other side a to the right Tea party candidate has won his parties nomination.   The campaign has been hotly contested in a very combative way.    The two candidates been crisscrossing the state never meeting up directly.  Then with just about a month to go in the election.  The first debate comes and it settles nothing.  But have strong points in the debate.  Then both have a gaff in the debate better left to be forgotten.      However,  suddenly after the first debate, the two candidates suddenly in a very unprecedented  design become the 'juxtaposition' candidates as they now seem to campaign at the same cities and towns through out the state.   

Start off the two candidates have both realized that they are attracted to the other.  The two campaigns suddenly seem to mirror each others campaign.     Despite being totally opposites in the political arena.   They find themselves attracted to each other.   So the two begin a secret romance that if found out could ruin both burgeoning career in politics.

Democrat  Marilyn Le'Frey a progressive in her views.   Has been for the last four years a city council woman as well as owning and running a cupcake boutique  A successful thirty six year old woman.    Wins her parties nomination and of all things finds her soul mate,  who just happens to be the man who is is her rival in campaigning for the senate seat.

Seeking someone to play the tea party republican in this romantic comedy.  (Prefer this character to be a male.)   Who he is as in name and where he comes from is up to the player.    Only stipulations are he of course is hard to the right and is just entering politics.