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Author Topic: codename blackbrd recruitment (closed for the moment)  (Read 308 times)

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codename blackbrd recruitment (closed for the moment)
« on: October 11, 2012, 06:00:34 AM »
Ooh, black bars, they grow up so fast ~sniff~ *wipes a tear from the corner of his eye* Congratulations to all three of you again.

In all seriousness now, not that the congrats are not serious. Now that You've all gotten accepted, I hope you'll still be willing to play this game.

If so, I have a few small questions to all of you. Do you want this game to stay in the kiddie box, or should we play it in the adult section. This does not force you to write adult content in the game, just allows it. Not just sex, but more graphical violence, coarser language and subjects involving drugs. The CIA needs to make money after all.

Question 2 As you can all see now, the adult section has many different lovely sections to choose from. If we go adult which section would you like to put it in?

Light: Or vanilla so to speak. Normal consensual sex, light toy use, no kinky stuff even between consenting partners.

Bondage: Banana. And you can go bananas as long as all characters involved agree to it. It allows for bondage toy use, application of pain on willing characters, and use of bananas.

Non consensual: Or strawberry. This allows the possibility of sexual assault, both against players and NPC's. remember this does not mean you can rape or hurt other player characters without their consent, only that the characters can be unwilling

Extreme: Dark dark chocolate anything goes, the sky is the limit. This is we're most of the really icky stuff is written. Including massive blood and other bodily functions.

Now remember that taking any of this means you have to use the limits, just that the possibility is there.

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Offline TamhansenTopic starter

Re: Team Spy (closed for the moment)
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2012, 06:03:57 AM »
Ok Here's my character idea. Social engineer, could be team leader but not neccesarilly.

Name: Hughan Donovan McGleeson

Callcode: Raven

Age: 34


Specialties: administration expert, counterfeiter, savvy, small arms expert, language expert

Hughan was born in Donnegal Scotland to a Scottish father, and a Black American mother. When Hughan was five his parents divorced, and his mother took him back stateside. Living in fairfax Virginia was tough on him, especially with his mother working full time to support him. Hughan spent most of his time on the streer where he became a bit of a hustler. he learned how to cut deals, sweet talk people and falsify concert and sporting event tickets.

His forgeries were so good, his customers never got caught. Most of them believed the tickets were real. He made quite a few bucks, until, just before his eighteenth birthday, he got ratted out by a customer, or some of the competition, he never did find out. the cop that busted him saw the talent and introduced Hughan to a friend in the FBI. This friend made Hughan a deal, stop counterfitting, go to college, and afterwards join the FBI, and all charges would be dropped.

Hughan complied, sort of. He went to college, where he found a new hobby: fake ID's. Again, the quality was outstanding. he passed college with marks, and went to Quantico. After training, he was placed in the FBI's anti counterfeit unit, where he served with honor for four years. He was moved to the department of homeland security, after a joint op in which Hughan spotted fake 100 dollar bills on sight, without the help of equipment. When his new bosses found out about his counterfeiting past, they asked him to supply false documentation for foreign operatives. His work was so good, he got used by various government organisations to make foreign passports, false customs papers, requisition forms etc. He also got assigned to the DHS counter espionage unit, where his skills of recognition were useful. Here he worked with mostly CIA an MIA operatives.

In 2008 the director of the CIA was claimed to have said, that the whole birther movement would have been silenced if Obama had come to Hughan for paperwork. Hughan also has a darker edge though. He drinks a lot, and is prone to taking hugh risks with himself, though never with his team mates. The company shrink believes, Hughan may have a death wish.   

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Re: Team Spy (closed for the moment)
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2012, 06:05:31 AM »
and mine:

Name: Ryder Reanna Sandstorm
Callcode: Ferret
Age: 25
Appearance: Standing at 5’ 6” and about 132 lbs. otherwise, see pic.
Specialties: hand-to-hand fighting, knife use, blending into her surroundings, ferreting out even the most difficult of information.
Team Role: Scout (primary), Code Breaker (secondary)
History: Ryder grew up on the mean streets of Chicago since the age of 12. A local gang tried to jump her and she fought like a wild thing, lost, but in the end, they knew they’d tangled with her. Impressed, they took her in. Once able to move again without much pain, she started to try to be useful to her new “friends”. She soon found she could make herself “unnoticeable” when out and about. People over looked children generally, and spoke freely. She soon learned that other people liked to know what some people had to say, or did. By the time she was 14 she was the one everyone on the streets came to for information, and she made a good living, by street standards.

When she hit 15, she was a regular in the local library. She used the free computers just as much as roaming the streets to ferret out information. Unknown to her, she had become flagged by the NSA. They nab her one afternoon leaving the library, but she kneed one in the crotch, and broke the nose of the other and rabbited out of there. She headed home via rooftops, subways, sewer tunnels and back alleys, very nearly covering one quarter of Chicago and taking several hours to reach the gang’s home. Apparently it hadn’t helped matters since they knew where she lived and stormed the place within 15 minutes of her arrival.

Whisked into a dark, windowless room with one tiny light, she is told, join them, her “family” goes free, or she will be killed, after she watches her “family” die horribly. Not much of a choice, or a hard one to make. She agreed and was taken to Fort Gordon, Georgia, one of the facilities of NSA and was trained in the responsibilities of collecting and analyzing foreign communications and foreign signals intelligence, as well as protecting U.S. government communications and information systems, which involves information security and cryptanalysis/cryptography.

Within a year of being there, she learned of some huge plot against the US that involved stealing planes and crashing them into various American buildings that was thought would destroy the country, and all of this she'd put together from many unrelated communications. Brought to the Lieutenant General’s attention that oversaw the place, he was impressed with her ability to find information. She was immediately assigned to the DHS counter espionage unit as both a Scout and Code Breaker.

Ryder is a bit of a loner, something she showed signs of on the streets, but has manifested more so since her journey with the NSA and now Counter Espionage. While she can blend in with those around her and make everyone think she’s open and fun, in truth she plays her cards close to her chest, never letting anyone in to know the real Ryder. The psychologist is aware of this demeanor, but Ryder even manages to keep him off balanced enough not to be certain. She is a child of Native American and Welsh decent with a southern belle accent most times, unless really riled, and then Chicago seems to surface in her voice as well as her street influences.

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Re: Team Spy (closed for the moment)
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2012, 06:06:51 AM »
Name: Marcus Daniel 'MD' Thomas

Callcode: Doc

Age: 28


Specialties: Weaponry of all sorts, First Aid, field tactics, infil/exfiltration Ops specialist. Also good at fixing, driving, and working with vehicles, although not at a military level.

History: Born in Berkeley, California, his parents were blue collar workers, his mother a waitress at a coffee shop, and his dad was a mechanic, passing a lot of his trade on to the young Marcus. He finished high school, and, as soon as he turned 18, he left home. He was the smartest of the family, an IQ nearing the sky, and he was feeling stifled by parents that wanted him to follow a career close to home. He packed his bags, leaving an apology note, since he truly loved his parents, and took off.

Not knowing much better, he joined the army. He applied to join the Navy SEALs, and, being a smart young man in perfect(or as close as possible to) physical condition, he passed, and quickly graduated. After a few years in the field, he was transferred to the notorious Delta Squad, in which he served in such exotic places as Venezuela, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and many others, all in Ops that were strictly off the books. After five years working, he was compromised, the details of which were immediately washed, and he ended up being pulled from the field. CIA picked him up, and made him the first man, and only regular, of a new taskforce, specializing in Beyond Salvage calls. He was more of a consultant, being that few people defected these days, and he worked regularly with a Security Company with whom the CIA was known to have dealings with.

A man of character, the typical commando, who's sense of brotherhood with his team is superseded solely by his sense of duty and patriotism. He detests politicians, and, due to his line of work, is trenched firmly in the belief that lead solves problems more thoroughly than talking ever would. However, he is also a firm believer in in the line of command, and will follow orders without question, and try, to the maximum of his ability, to get the job done, and get his team out, safe and sound.

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Re: Team Spy (closed for the moment)
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2012, 06:16:42 AM »
Name: Claire Warden

Call code: Rose

Age: 23


Specialties: Technology, Robotics

Claire was born and raised in uptown New York, in a small apartment in the middle of the city. From a young age she displayed a knack for the world of machinery, taking apart and rebuilding her first toy by the age of seven. Her parents encouraged the skill, and by the time she was in middle school there wasn’t a task in the house that couldn’t be done by some gizmo or contraption that she’d cooked up in a bout of laziness.
She was proud of her work and always very outgoing, though that never seemed to stop the boys in her school from teasing her for being a nerd or a geek whenever she would begin to describe her latest project to her few friends with all the zeal and passion of a woman in love. Even though her grades were high enough she struggled through high school through a blend of laziness, and distain for the teachers’ apparent need to dictate her life.
However when finally escaped to a University for duel enrollment class in advanced technology she found her true niche in the research lab of a professor named Dr. Alden Gomez. He took her under his wing and gave Claire free access to his labs any time she had the time to visit. The lab quickly became a second home for her and she began spending more and more time there, eventually beginning to neglect her other classes for time there.
Claire soon stumbled upon a way to automate the many parts of the maintenance process that are required for nearly any piece of machinery and caught the interest of the NSF who immediately recruited her and placed her on a team working under the National Robotics Initiative. She was eventually reassigned to a high-level security DOD position where she was trained to become a field op with the specific purpose of crafting specialized gadgetry from seemingly innocuous pieces.

Offline TamhansenTopic starter

Re: Team Spy (closed for the moment)
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2012, 06:17:51 AM »
Name: Jonathan Donahue

Callcode: Warrant

Age: 34(?)


Specialties: Hand to hand combat, rifles, pistols, sniper, espionage, multiple languages and team management.

Team Role: Team Leader

History: It’s very difficult to tell John’s date of birth for he was discovered on the streets of Brixton by Lt. Colonel Donald Moore in 1984. After thorough research it was found none of the hospitals had John’s birth records therefore his age was contemplated to be between the range of four and six. Col. Moore adopted John and instituted him into BCI’s infamous “DON” program which has been a classified counter operations department since its offing during the latter stages of the Second World War. The department dealt in terrorism, espionage, counter intelligence, assassination and dealing in illegal arms sales and embargo. Its actions were instituted when neither the military nor the MI-6 wish to be involved and covered agents of most races, color and nationalities. 

He graduated magna cum laude in 1996 and since throughout his youth he has been encouraged to join the military, John did just that. Unbeknownst to him this has always been the earlier stages of the classified DON program and within three years John commissioned with the SAS and shall remain a part of their operations till the beginning of Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war. This was where John joined up officially with the DONs and became one of them.

However this was not to be a long term project; due to partial misinformation and negligence John failed one of his missions in late 2009 in Bali where during the operation there was an undesirable amount of collateral damage. Having panicked due to lack of protocol John wandered the world until he landed in the US using his many identities and at present finds himself a part of an outfit which not only ensures him an extra quid, but also helps him utilize his abilities.