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Author Topic: The way home.  (Read 294 times)

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The way home.
« on: October 10, 2012, 04:13:44 PM »
OOC: Open to damn near everyone. This'll be open ended I have no idea what the story's going to be like. It will involve gods, demons, etc and their followers. My main char who's bio will follow shortly is on a journey to keep him alive. Plain and simple. Time is set in something similar to Larry Niven's Ringworld and The Engineers of Ringworld, with some added fantasy elements. I'm using this RP to build on some social structure of a race I created for a book, but foremost to have fun. ^-^ I'll attach my felenari Enciclopedia that I started if people want. I'm in the middle of editing it so it might now be finished if it gets posted soon.


Name: Novartis D'Erthor(Nov for short) Race: Felenari Age: 2461 (Around 25 human years) Height: 6'7" Weight: 437lbs Eyes: grayish green Hair: Braided dark brown. Single braid with copper threads woven in. Fur: Shorthaired Felenari, murky tiger orange with dense clustering of black stripes around the thighs, upper torso, back and forearms.

Background: As soon as Novartis's 500 year duty as temple guard was over, Novartis has been hopping on and off ships visiting planets and trying to make a name for himself. Schooling himself in all the forbidden knowledge he could get his hands on he worked as a quantum drive mechanic for many companies and vowed never to return to the seemingly caveman like behavior of his home planet. Nearly a millennium later however he's lost his freedom, anyone who knew him as a friend is now either dead or on the other side of the galaxy and his ticket home has just blown up.

Here goes ^-^

IC: "These guys aren't going to give up are they..." Said the human next to him. "Nope." Novartis fired his rifle a few times into the trees and ran for cover. "Get down you idiot!" He yelled as bullets and rockets errupted from the treeline. The human simply sobbed before all that was left were the bloody stumps of his feet. In the distance he heard a few screams followed by more gunfire. "At this rate we'll never be able to leave the planet and go back." He muttered, hopped out from behind the boulder he'd been using as cover and sprinted towards the ship which stood about half a mile down the dirt road. He looked around and saw most of the prisoners had the same idea. When he looked back at the ship however his hopes of escape were crushed. All he saw of the missile was a quickly evaporating trail of smoke. "Ah sh.." An enormous explosion knocked him off his feet and the world turned into darkness.

A scream woke him from his slumber. Novartis opened his eyes and looked about the room. He was in a small wooden cabin with no windows and a large barred door. Inside the room were two burly guards which he recognized as the ones who'd been watching the mine he'd been working in for the past 50 years. They were beating the living hell out of what looked like a lump of rags. He looked up and saw his arms were chained to the wall. No gold alloy chains? He tugged at them trying not to make to much noise. One of the guards looked up from administering his beating and let his hand fall on his pistol. "Look who's awake. Just in time for your lunch. What do we have on the menu today Jack?" The other guard looked up and smiled a smile that was missing quite a few teeth. He tapped his knuckles together and walked over. "You killed 20 men today. You know what the sentence is for that?" He punched Novartis in the stomach giving him an excuse to pull on the chains to test their strength."You blew up the reactor at the mines, not to mention you blew up the warden's ship." He drew back his fist for another round and froze when he heard a loud groan. Novartis was straining against the chains and already some of the bolts were popping free. "Jack, pull out your gun!" Jack did as he was told and pointed the pistol at Novartis. "Don't move! Stop!" He screamed but Novartis growled and bared his fangs, making Jack's face pale. A trickle of blood appeared around the rim of the cuffs as he pulled harder. The right chain popped out of the wall and slammed into Jack's head with a sickening crunch. Novartis laughed as he smelled the blood oozing on to the floor from Jack's skull. The other guard stood five feet away frozen with fear. Novartis reached up and pulled the remaining chain with both hands. He smiled wickedly as it snapped at the bolt. "I've been in this prison for 50 years for unjust reasons just like the rest of these prisoners. You know what the sentence is for that on my planet?" He lashed out with the chain and caught the guard by the arm. "Death." He yanked the chain breaking the man's arm and slammed both fists ontop of his head snapping his spine.

He bent down and took the keys from Jack's belt and undid the cuffs. He looked around the room again and saw the lump of rags had stopped breathing. He sighed. "I'm sorry friend. I didn't wake up in time." He walked over to the only furniture in the room aside from the table, a large box. Opening the lid he smiled his first true smile in years. He lifted an ornate sword from the box and hugged it tightly. "I've missed you Onuthra..." The stone set in the black steel pommel pulsed a deep green in response. "We have to get out of here." He swung the swordbelt around his shoulders and felt the weight of fifty years of hard labour lift from him. His Gorfeng stones had been returned and had surprisingly enough been left in the sword. (OOC; lots of history behind the sword.) He rummaged through the box and found the rifle he'd been using to escape along with his leftover ammo and a section of monofilament wire as strong as inch thick steel cable. He took the guard's jacket and with a few deft tears and knots, fashioned himself a backpack. He ransacked the box and pulled out some food bricks of indistinct flavours and some waterbottles. Adjusting the pack he loosened Onuthra in her scabbard and grinned. "Time to leave this shithole!" He lifted his foot made it explode outward with a mighty kick. His tail lashed excitedly as he saw he was in the middle of the forest he'd been in earlier. He heard gunfire in the distance and started running towards it feeling truly free for the first time in a long time.

"That whent much easier than expected."
"You don't tend to ask questions when you see an opporunity to escape after 50 years."
"He didn't even think it was strange that his Gorfeng just happened to be in a box in the woods."
"Oh but he will... He's smart. Novartis will put two and two together..."