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Author Topic: Prepare to be flabbergasted by romance. (Male looking for->F roles /1 MxM)  (Read 661 times)

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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Or not, you might not even be interested in my shenanigans. There, that's my two favourite words used, on to the stories! Romance is usually pretty thick in my stories, a bit of horror and sci-fi/fantasy is to be expected. Feel free to PM me if interested, rather than post in this thread.

Apologies for the lack of titles, the creativity on that department is always eluding me.  I'm also really in the mood for a good horror story, I got quite a few vague ideas and settings but can't really but anything solid on paper yet. If you are a horror-fanatic like me and enjoy the genre, you can always contact me and we might be able to figure something out.

* will assign those more recently added

#1 (Romance/drama)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The first one is about a fairly young girl who has an illness that controls her life in a way that she spent a lot of her youth in the hospital. Most of it spent in absolute boredom, family visits aside. This until two years ago, when she got to meet her older sister's new boyfriend. The guy is a little older than her sister, but seemingly the polar opposite of her in many ways too. Where her sister can be overconfident and always speaks her mind, he is a little more withdrawn and a quiet type.

At first the family doesn't really see a future, but the kind guy quickly gets accepted within the family and they all seem to love him. When the younger sister and him finally get to meet, they hit it off straight away. They have a similar sense of humour, she is able to finally talk to someone that isn't strictly family and he seems to be quite intellectual, despite having dropped out of school.

In time he even comes to visit her by himself, with little objection from the family, as they consider him part of the family and consider him an older brother to her now. However, given her little contact with boys of her age, the girl soon starts to develop romantic feelings for him, yet manages to hide it extremely well. The story starts when finally, after such a long time, the hospital is ready to allow her to leave without regular check-ups. She is getting better rapidly and is able to return home.

Her older sister by now ventured off to college, and her crazy needs demanded that she signed herself up for a foreign exchange program. Leaving her boyfriend alone for a long period of time. To celebrate the fact she is allowed to leave the hospital however, he decided to take off a few weeks from work and made sure she got to do all the things she wanted to do before she would have to go back to school.

With her older sister absent and the guy she has a major crush on spending so much time with her, she finds herself subconsciously flirting with him. Even playing the 'little sister' card in order to get closer to him. And that's what the story will be focusing on, as well with the very awkward situation when the love inevitably becomes mutual.

#2(a) & (b*) (incest, two different settings)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
a**Ever since their parents died, the older brother of a young girl decided to be her surrogate father. He was of legal age to take care of her, and so he did. Dropped immediately out of college and took on two jobs to make sure he could provide, one at night, one during the day so there was still time left to welcome her from school. Whenever he managed to find sleep was a big mystery to his little sister and she has always had a lot of respect for him.

Now, years later, she turns 18 herself. Not much has changed between them, there is still a great mutual respect, her brother managed to work his way up so he could stick to just one job. However, ever since then, he has never shown any interest in woman or came home with the news that he found a girlfriend of any sorts. Her friends from school often commented on how handsome and nice he was when they came over, so she knew for certain he must have been popular with the girls at work too.

Thinking it's the fact he had to play both father and brother to her, she feels slightly guilty and decides to repay the debt she feels she owns to him for taking care of her for so long. Along with curiosity, she finds herself in front of his personal laptop to find out about his tastes. Perhaps hoping to see if she can find someone he perhaps had an eye on and was mailing with, yet never dared to approach.

What she finds however, is an anonymous confession site that he very often seems to visit and on that her brother is still logged in under a strange nickname. Looking at his previous posts, she quickly finds out that her brother's love for her is far more than she had imagined and the posts date back a year ago. They go into great detail about how horrible he feels about it, but that he can't stop it and that it's the reason why he always seems to take extra hours at work.

b**A young woman and her younger brother who only differ in age by a year and a half miraculously always seemed to get along extremely well ever since he was born. They hung out far more often than normal siblings would and had the same friend circle all the way up to pre-teen years.

The sister however, always had certain ambitions, to be part of that elite of world famous singers. And when she is the age of 16, she strikes gold. Despite living in a big city, somehow a manager with quite the connections happens to stumble upon her in a karaoke bar when she was out with her friends. Long story short, but a mere year later she spends most of her time touring the world, making videos, doing photo sessions for respectable magazines. Interviews, promoting her albums.

All in all, in the following few years she is hardly ever home with her family and even less so with her brother, who seems to change each year she tried to come around for at least one of the family holiday's. Now, at the age of 22, she decides to retire for the time being to be back with her family and to run away from constantly being surrounded by strangers. But most of all to reconnect with her brother, who now takes weeks if not months to reply to any of her messages.

Her brother has changed immensely, has a reasonable respectable job but comes across as arrogant. A slick lady killer with little empathy and just a general cold demeanour towards anyone he doesn't need at the time. What she doesn't realise is when the young man was developing his sexuality, the woman he mostly saw was her in her teenage prime time in skimpy outfits on magazines and at times provocative music videos as the years went by. This bundled with his previous emotions of a loving sibling has turned him into a very disturbed and lost individual.

#3 (Romance, fantasy)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young, future empress ruling over a nation at war sends her most favourite bodyguard on a secretive mission. It's a man who was trained to be her bodyguard 10 years before she was born and has always been in close proximity of her at all times. Though she does not understand it at the time, she is also very much in love with him. Given that this man is the best of the best, she picks him for the mission to assassinate a general of the faction planning to invade her land. This to gain more influence as empress-to-be and show to her people she is a worthy ruler.

Word soon comes out that the mission was a great success, however, there has been no word of return of her bodyguard. Weeks gone by, and she is left in despair, the company she was so used to having now removed from her life and it was assumed he was killed in action. The man who gave her advice, had unquestionable loyalty and always had her back no matter what, now gone.

A month and a half later however, rumours resurface from the troops that a man having an uncanny resemblance to her loved one is living in an enemy village. Someone who looks so similar, the word quickly reaches the noble family and quickly the assumptions are made that he has become a traitor to the land, with plans to assassinate him before he releases even more information about them.

Unable to accept this and incapable to persuade her father and mother, the young empress feels forced to seek him out herself in secrecy. Only, when she eventually finds the man she loves, it appears to be convinced he is but a simple farmer and has no recollection of his past at all.

#4 (Romance/Drama/MxM) **

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
[>My role will be of the bigger bloke!<]Ok, with that out of the way: The story is about two boys in high school, one a petite and rather fragile looking boy with feminine features who has to deal with a lot of bullying because of it. The other, one of his regular bullies, or at least part of the typical clique of jocks and 'cool' people. Typical tall, muscular, broad shoulders and a cocky attitude.

After many weeks and months of undergoing mostly mental bullying, insults about his looks and generally having no social life because of people not wanting to associate with him, something snaps inside the otherwise kind young man and he decides to lash out in a very peculiar way.

With little common sense left and mainly the desire for the sweet taste of revenge, the boy decides to make use of the fact he looks very feminine and frail to his advantage. While popular, the guy part of the group that makes him undergo the mental anguish appears to have no girlfriend as of yet, something that is well known.

So the feminine boy dresses up as a girl, disguises himself as one using the fact he knows what guys find sexy to his advantage with little to no shame. Make up, miniskirts, some careful hair-removal and the lot. He goes all out, the goal of the plan being to successfully seduce the jock, become his girlfriend and then eventually completely and utterly destroying him by revealing the truth. Then using the evidence he would have made during the time together to blackmail him.

It seemed like a flawless plan to his, perhaps delusional and twisted, mind. Though once the things start rolling, he finds out two things. One, the jock really isn't at all outside of school as he is inside, and two, the feeling of 'being his girlfriend' and consequently under his care and love is something he enjoys far more than he ever could have anticipated. 
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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Alright, brushed it up again, I'd like to mention that the story I just added is rather experimental. As I've never done MxM stuff before, though the story makes it perhaps a bit easier for me to ease into it. The slot is open for both M and F alike to fill, I'm not really fuzzed. As is the case with all the other roles.

Offline sansa

I like idea #3 but i was hoping to see that "the rumors were true" or he did not return due to liking her as well or whatever. :)