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Author Topic: Varron Academy - Corporal Punishment [interest check]  (Read 486 times)

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Varron Academy - Corporal Punishment [interest check]
« on: October 09, 2012, 01:49:02 am »
So this is an idea that I have had tumbling around in my head for a while now.  While I will be a "GM" to help guide the role play and the writers participating, it will be free-form.  I don't have a lot of free time to spend running the game so I would like others to volunteer to help run it, keep it clean, smooth and running would be great.  This idea is somewhat based off a short, internet, animated series called Xin created by Life.1.  If you don't know it that's's not well known, just giving credit.  Some elements can be comparable to Scott Pilgrim, Sky High or even X-men, so if you like any of those then you might like this idea.

This idea takes place in a modern world, possibly a bit more futuristic with a slight fantasy/supernatural twist. In this world, humans can reach levels higher than the limitations we have as normal humans, such as superhuman strength, speed, and stamina.  Some individuals do have special powers and abilities though not as large of a variety as X-Men or anything like that.  Physical appearance do not tend to change or "mutate" with these powers.  It's more subtle, there are no world or city destroying powers here, no human nukes.  Quite a lot of people are able to tap into superhuman abilities to make for more epic fighting and what not.  There are still a few humans that would be viewed as "normal", as in like how we are in real life.  These abilities vary from person to person, everyone has their own limitations and unique skills.  Such as being able to snap bones in and out of place or even conjure fire around their fist.  The fighting that occurs in Scott Pilgrim can be a good example of such abilities, they contain fighting capabilities beyond that of normal humans but not to an insane level as some of the heroes in the Marvel Universe.

With so many individuals developing and wielding such abilities, many gangs have sprung up all over along with a rise violence.  There are those that are responsible and mind their own business or conform to society, and others that even join the police force to combat those who are irresponsible and get mixed up in unlawful activities.  It has of course spread to teenagers and schools, creating a problem for schools and educators all around with these trouble makers.  There are constant fights in school, even gang wars and teachers are hurt all the time by unruly teenagers.  The dropout and expulsion rate is at an all time high (in the United States, where this is set).

Varron Academy has just opened it's doors, a new institution that is the first of it's kind.  The government is giving them a trial period in which they will be allowed to experiment with their new teaching methods and discipline system.  They have done away with kicking students out of school and have established corporal punishment, meaning the teachers/staff can exact almost any punishment they see fit on a student to correct them and get them in line by using their own strengths, abilities and fighting capabilities to combat the unruly students.  However, since students are unable to actually be kicked out of school or go to jail for any actions other than the extreme such as mutilation/murder, they fight back against the teachers and it creates a power struggle.  While some students behave from the beginning, others are forced to behave through example.  There are those that take advantage of the rules against throwing them out of the school and cause as much mischief and chaos as possible amongst their fellow alumni and the staff at Varron Academy.

The goal of the teachers and staff of the Varron Academy is to discipline the students and break them to show that this method works and then they will expand across the nation.  Some students that have already been broken or are cut a deal to join the teachers to help bring down some of the other students that are presenting problems.  There are several groups of rebellious students that have some common goals, each fighting for power as there are many gangs involved in the academy and throughout the surrounding city.  This is a world that has gone past guns and relies more on hand to hand combat, natural powers and abilities, or perhaps even melee weapons that enhance the brawling.  There are also those who are rather neutral or don't side with any.  So you would decide your character's goal, who they side with or who they don't, are they in a gang or not, or in a different group for a different purpose.

Aside from just the cultural differences caused by the fighting abilities, there are many other changes to society that could be seen as "different".  Such as fashion, I could see there being a more "punk" theme.  Also physical education could be more abundant and important in a world that contains such individuals with these special abilities.  The academy could be fully equipped with a gym for working out and sparring as well maybe some fun games/activities/contests involving their powers and abilities...similar to Sky High or X-Men.    It could be important to teach them control and discipline in the hopes that they use their powers responsibly.  Sex could be more casual.  I think it would be fun if the students at the academy engaged in parties that were not just your typical drinking games or whatever, but also sex games...such as which couple can do this or that the better as some sort of sexual competition.  Also perhaps sex in public could be ignored for the most part as long as it is not disruptive.  Of course in such a setting it does suggest non-consensual elements as well, such as a teacher or faculty member "disciplining" a troublesome student or students overpowering and forcing themselves upon each other.

The sexual elements involved depends on whoever is in the thread or included in the sexual activity as it often does here on E, including non-con elements.  Whatever you plan to do just make sure it's okay with your writing partner(s).  This goes with other things besides sex though, such as death.  You should not kill a character off unless it's okay with the person writing as that character.  Other than that just stick to the main rules of free-form role play, such as no god modding and just be kind and considerate.  It's meant to be a fun role play, just set in this typical setting and world, based around the Varron Academy.  Those interested and involved would create characters involved with Varron Academy.  This would include students, teachers and other staff, maybe school board members or investors in the academy and their methods.  Side characters can be created, or temporary characters that may not be stationed at Varron Academy but have some sort of outside connection.  Such as a parent of a student, a police force dealing with a student gang or riot, etc.  Same goes with throwing in a few NPCs here and there for fun as long as it does not affect the school or plot significantly.

Character Sheet

Name:  first and last name, and possibly any nicknames

Age: Students can range from 16 to 18/19, or up to the age of 21 if they have been held back previously for fighting or for other reasons

Gender: Male or Female...or you could be herm/futa, whatever you want or prefer.

Sexuality: Hetero, Homo, Bi, etc

Character Type:
Student - As a student your character could be a wide variety of things, it's really up to you, you could be the head of some club/group, maybe captain of some sport team, etc
Teacher(0/8) - As a teacher you have to decide what subject/class you teach as well, we don't want any teachers teaching the same thing so it will be regulated.  This can include non-academic classes as well.
Student Dean (0/1) - The student dean is in charge of the overall discipline at the school, stepping in to break up and end fights between students, a position for someone who is strong and not afraid to get physical.
Counselor (0/2) - Faculty in charge of trying to "talk" to troubled students, to approach them from a level more than physical.
Principal (0/1) - The one in charge of the school and all the operations, working with the school board and the staff of Varron Academy in order to try and achieve their goal.
Nurse (0/2) - Not your typical school nurse, these are the nurses you would find in a hospital with advance medical you can imagine with all the fights and physical outbreaks, a nurse can come in handy and she needs to know more than how to deal with a headache or sick stomach.
Security Guard (0/4) - Hired guards to watch the school campus, to deal with fights and gang-related situations as well as make sure students are not cutting class or trying to leave campus during school time.
School Board Representative (0/1) - The person behind the idea of corporal punishment that created the concept behind Varron academy and applied it.
other types are allowed as well, you just have to explain and get them approved.

Objective: Basically describe here where your character stands with Corporal Punishment and the way things are being run, which side are they on, what are their goals, are they in a gang, etc.

Fighting Skills/Abilities:  Give us an idea of their fighting skills and maybe any special powers or abilities they might have, remember to keep them rather subtle and toned down, more superhuman-like than superhero-like, don't want anything too over powered

Description:  Give us a brief summary of what they look like, pictures work as well, be sure to include noticeable and unique features as well such as tattoos, scars, hair style, maybe clothing style, etc.

Personality:  Just give us a brief description of their personality, maybe a few key words that give us an idea of what they are like, you can also express likes and dislikes, maybe even sexual elements here

History: A summary of their history that makes them who they are today and has brought them to this point in time

Code: [Select]




[b]Character Type:[/b]


[b]Fighting Skills/Abilities:[/b]




If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or just want to show your interest then please post here.  I would like to see at least a handful of people interested and maybe find someone to help me piece it together as a cooperative GM before we kick things off.
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Offline Siereis

Re: Varron Academy - Corporal Punishment [interest check]
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2012, 07:11:26 am »
Gonna go ahead and say I am interested as well as bump this post again.   I'll post a character idea a little later.

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Varron Academy - Corporal Punishment [interest check]
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2012, 01:05:00 pm »
Alright great, I will probably flesh out a template for characters later today.  The thing that will need to be regulated most of course will be these special powers/abilities.

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Re: Varron Academy - Corporal Punishment [interest check]
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2012, 03:23:55 pm »
Updated, added character sheet and information to the first post...still looking for more people that are interested.  Feel free to ask any questions, make comments or suggestions.

Offline Armand

Re: Varron Academy - Corporal Punishment [interest check]
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2012, 01:02:08 am »
I'll be joining shortly, nice idea.