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April 25, 2018, 01:39:40 PM

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Author Topic: A really dorky idea but could be fun (M looking for F)  (Read 329 times)

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Offline FadereaperTopic starter

A really dorky idea but could be fun (M looking for F)
« on: October 09, 2012, 12:49:29 AM »
Alright I'm gonna admit it is dorky but here is the basic idea, a mature rp based on the concept of Digimon frontier *dodges projectiles from flaming*.  Alright so I've watched the whole series through again cause digimon was my freakin childhood so I love the show to death, and in this season it's the one where the humans actually become the digimon with spirit evolution.  And so I was totally set on making an rp so I made my character but to little avail, most places I've tried this hasn't worked out. 

So here is what I wanted to do story wise-

two students (highschool-college I'm thinking college myself)  are hailed by a voice on their phones and it takes them to a train station where they are dropped in a village and find this whole new world (pause for epic song)
they find that as usual humans are rare and are not welcomed very well by the village they land in, and so a digimon attacks the village threatening to kill all of the inhabitants of the village to help him get stronger and digivolve.  And then both of us find we are chosen to be digi-destined as two digi spirits rise from two temples sacred to the digimon.  In one of them is the digimon human spirit of light (my character will be the legend of light) and the other is yours (your choice) and after that we find there is an evil digimon lord who is causing all this destruction (surprise surprise), and we have to battle through his champions and destroy 4 icons of this dudes power and you know save the world, can add villains to expand if this ends up being too short.  However this is a basic plot I've already made there are other things that could be the plot, more original ideas but if I did find a partner for this I'd like to work out any ideas for a plot to beat my stupid basic one xD.  Yes I know this idea is based of a childish show but I want to accommodate it to a mature setting like this site is based for.  I want someone who can help me organize a story (says the person who can't organize his forum post), work on ideas and help contribute.  However I don't restrict hardly at all on post size, I just want to be able to have something to go on that is all I ask, now if there is anyone as dorky as I am to try this rp please PM me.