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Author Topic: Gekido's Looking for MxM and Trap roleplays  (Read 922 times)

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Offline GekidoTopic starter

Gekido's Looking for MxM and Trap roleplays
« on: October 08, 2012, 03:31:53 AM »
I know this is different from my other roleplay request. However in here I am searching for something specific. If I am doing it wrong gods and goddess are welcomed to delete my other posts. Here we gooo

My name is Gekido, recently I started rping MxM and trap roleplays and I loved it. I have enough muse in me to actually be good at this :P. However I do have some rules to this though. I will always play as Submissive, romance can happen sure but in D/s relationships I want to rp submissive over anything else. Respects my limits which are : Gore ,Vore, Bestiality, Scat, and anything too extreme. I love humiliation, bondage, Blackmail, CBT, forced cross dressing (or trap) between other stuff. I would like to try this out and see exactly how good I am on this. I can Dom too however I am just looking to be Submissive or a good romance or story plot. I don't mind which gender you are at all but I would demand that you at least can describe posts well enough. I also love incest which can prove to be something that you could use. Without further holding back, the plots.

    A trap refers to a male character that is dressed up as a female; this often leads to yaoi. In most cases the male character has very feminine characteristics and could be confused for a female.


School Domination
Trap, Humiliation, Domination, perhaps Romance

Your character is a well known school crossdresser, he always has been open about what he is and is often seen wearing skirts and woman's clothing. My character is the new guy at school, his looks often confuse him for a female. Your character set his eyes on mine, he wants to turn my char into what she is, a cross dresser. However my char is not gay and would never cross dress without being forced to do it. Now your character has some investigating to do, it turns out that the reason why he moved from his old school was that he got involved with a teacher, before it went on further and got the teacher fired they agreed to have him move schools. Now with this information your char has all that he needs to slowly turn him into a girly boy. Using that information he would use the teachers future as a balance to blackmail my char.

Work Manipulation
MxM, Humiliation, Forced Bisexualism, Bondage, Blackmail

Your character is my characters boss, ever since my character started working there your char has always had a thing for him. However he knew that MC wasn't gay and that he in fact had a girlfriend and a steady love life. However when he stole a couple of millions of dollars from the companies money and was traced back to him your char had everything he needed in order to get him. He would first break him, make him want and need sex with men. After he did he would sell him out to people in order for him to pay back everything he owned which would take him most of his life. Knowing that if he was taken to the police he would never be out he reluctantly accepted and began his time serving his new master.

New Discovery
MxM, Romance, Kinky, Plot driven

MC is friends with YC, he knows that YC is openly gay and has no problem with it. However YC slowly is beginning to fall in love with MC. MC isn't strong, however when you were getting beat up by a gang of bullies MC went out to help you even though he got beat up worst than you did. That confirmed it all for YC, he would confess to MC and beg him to give YC a opportunity. Due to the fact that MC never had a solid relationship he agrees to give you one chance, he was also curious as to how it would feel to have sex with a man. After the first night MC also fell in love with YC, romance ensures. 

Offline Wedge

Re: Gekido's Looking for MxM and Trap roleplays
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2012, 03:41:53 AM »
Interested in Work Manipulation. PM'd.

Offline Visna

Re: Gekido's Looking for MxM and Trap roleplays
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2012, 04:12:20 PM »
Interested as well. If you're still looking, PM me.

Offline GekidoTopic starter

Re: Gekido's Looking for MxM and Trap roleplays
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2012, 04:30:40 PM »
Girls Secret
Blackmail, Humiliation, NC, Cross dressing, Chastity belt

There is a new girl at school, the girl is beautiful and is perfect at everything from sports to grades. However she seems to be very shy when it comes to any males. Your character is a school bully, he tries always to bully my character only to be met by resistance and even her kicking his ass. One day he finds her secret, she is a man and is always with a chastity belt to not allow erections. Turns out that his mother treats her as a girl and often abuses him and locks him away with the chastity belt however he has a key that he stole from her. When you discover this your character begins blackmailing mine into doing whatever he wants starting up by taking his chastity belt key and owning him by owning that.

Offline GekidoTopic starter

Re: Gekido's Looking for MxM and Trap roleplays
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2012, 04:43:20 PM »
Online Meeting
MxM, Bondage, BDSM, Slavery, Humiliation, CBT, Anal

There is a site that rumors say is magical. The site will make any person follow any command you give them for the rest of their lives. YC is a bully and your character is gay. He likes MC which is just a normal high school boy. He finds the site and puts MC name on it. YC thinks its all a joke. The next day however YC finds mine and orders him something that he would never do when MC looses control of his body and does it even while he is nearly screaming yc knows that the site worked. Mc’s body has to obey yc’s, his body will obey everything yc says even though his mind is another matter. Yc decide to use this and break mc’s will making him your slave.

Offline GekidoTopic starter

Re: Gekido's Looking for MxM and Trap roleplays
« Reply #5 on: November 06, 2012, 09:23:11 PM »
Maid Service
Bdsm, Humiliation, Submission, Forced Feminization, Forced Bisexualism

Brian has been looking for a job, so far he haven't found anything and is truly desperate. The owner of the apartment he lives in wants payment on the week or else Brian would be homeless. He looked everywhere and anywhere and was loosing hope, when he looked on the paper for an add for a servant. He knew how to cook and knew how to clean very well. He rushed over to where it was and was surprised to see a mansion. Talking to the owner he said that the add was for a maid however that if Brian was okay with dress as a maid he would be given the job.

What he didn't know however that the contract also gave the owner of the mansion full control over Brian's freedom. In a time where sexual slavery was legal with documents he got himself into a trouble he might not get a way out of. He wasn't gay by any means and now he had to endure men having sex with him.

- You could be a woman that forced him to have sex with men also.
- You can go as extreme as you want, even body modifications.
- Humiliation is a big plus for me.