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Author Topic: A Bit o' League of Legends (and others!) [Crossover, Kinks negotiable]  (Read 729 times)

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Offline DathTopic starter

Dath groaned as she looked upon her new surroundings. She was used to teleporter malfunctions but what she saw in this great hall was beyond what she had normally seen. Many a person from so many different walks of life. One coughed and walked toward her, hand outstretched. "You must be our new Champion, welcome to the League of Legends"

So I'm seeking to put my Night Elf in with League of Legends characters, mainly the females. Mainly a lot of the females. I'm looking to have an RP where Dath hops between the women while not seeing what is wrong with that... or perhaps understanding already. PM me and we'll hack out some details.
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Offline DathTopic starter

Re: A Bit o' League of Legends [F/F, Crossover, Kinks negotiable]
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2012, 04:19:34 pm »
Astranaar was a beautiful town. Was. Past Tense. Right now as it stood there were dead bodies everywhere as the might of the Horde had ripped right through it. Most of the men were killed, the rest put into cages where most of the women were already loaded unconscious or simply incapable of fighting in the first place. Dath's eyes opened slowly as she was hoisted up onto the back of a Tauren having been knocked unconscious by an explosion. She was thrown into a cage on the back of a Horde war truck and immediately taken off to be sold into Slavery either amongst the Horde or in Booty Bay

So for this one kinks are very much negotiable but I'm looking for breaking to be involved. A harsh Master or Mistress but a fair one too. Again, PM me with regards to this RP :3

Offline DathTopic starter

Re: A Bit o' League of Legends (and others!) [Crossover, Kinks negotiable]
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2012, 05:52:12 am »
Dath held onto her swollen pregnant belly and smiled, she was going to be a mother in three months time and she couldn't wait. Her husband had been brilliant throughout this time except for one thing - he refused to have sex with her. She sighed and walked to a set of drawers in the corner of her room and opened the top one. It was filled with all of her sex toys, chief amongst them being a leash and collar. That had been the only other time he had denied her, she had wanted to feel owned and manhandled but he refused and simply kissed her all over until they made love that night.

She had hidden her disappointment back then but remembered it now that her hormones were getting the better of her, she was desperately horny and had begged him to have sex but no, he refused point blank until the child was born. He didn't want to risk hurting it despite the fact his cock was not big enough to even touch her cervix. She sighed and put the collar back into the drawer before heading outside to sit and wait for him to return. Then again, as she lived in Moonglade she might have the odd person to talk to out there."

Seeking an RP where someone Dath knows quite well - a good friend perhaps - from another race (Particularly Draenei or Tauren, maybe even a Futa woman who seduces the horny straight woman into a lesbian relationship) comes and seduces Dath into an affair where she ends up as a sex slave. Or the someone who comes to her is a sexually abusive father who molested her earlier in life and has come back to claim what is his.
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