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Started by Diocletian, May 19, 2008, 06:16:40 PM

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Hey there!  I'm itching to join an RP so I've got a few ideas I thought I'd run by you all to see if there is any interest.

1) Mistress/Slave: I'd love to explore my sub side.  This scene can be fantasy, where I'm the slave to a mistress or queen who wants to use me as she pleases, possibly as a human slave to a drow or plain elf owner.  I haven't exactly thought through any specific scene for this one, I just want to be a slave!

2) Batman Villains: I've not hidden my love for Two-Face and Harley Quinn.  If I were to have someone who wanted me to play Two-Face or if someone wanted to play Harley Quinn, that would be great!  Generally something like this would be a villain/villain pairing, with the two plotting something against Gotham City before they get sexually entangled.  Poison Ivy would work well in this, especially if we go based on Batman: The Animated Series, where she dated Harvey.  If someone wants to play an original character, this can get into non-con, but generally I would rather this be consentual.

3) Anime-Inspired: Something that revolves around Japanese high-school life, that often dips into the supernatural.  Kids that go to school during the day and fight evil demons at night.  Very Persona 3 inspired.  Other inspirations have come from Sailor Moon or the much less known Real Bout High School.

There are other things, and I'll update as I think of them.  Thanks for any replies!