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Started by Nimander, October 03, 2012, 01:53:14 AM

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Hello and welcome to my Solo's thread. I hope that you have a nice time here.

I'll start off with a bit of information on myself. I've been writing in role plays for some time, since about 2006, from IM to forums. Most of it was on MSN Groups until that shut down, and then it's been boards, though none quite like this one.

I work second shift, so please understand that during the middle of the day I will not be able to reply. I will only be able to post after I wake up, or after I get home from work.

I am only doing M (where I play the male) x Female (though I don't care what the gender of the person opposite of me is).

Alright, last thing. Please PM me if you would like to start up a game, I would like to keep the thread clean. Thank you in advance.

Currently: Available for 1 long-term story, or 2 short term/one shot stories

Posting: I will be trying to get my partners posted to once every few days.
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O/O's: Check it out, it's not very long: Here

Game settings

I play a verity of game settings, so I'll show my favorites below:
Generic / Original

  • Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Modern with High Fantasy elements
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Sci-Fi (More futuristic than modern)

  • .Hack (Both //Sign and//G.U)
  • Inuyasha
  • Fate// Universe (Particularly /Stay Night and /Zero, basically the Nasu-verse Holy Grail Wars shtick)

Games / Comics
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • World of Warcraft

General Pairings
Note: This color would be me, if applicable
Prince | Princess
Warrior | Mage
Monster / Alien | Human
Werewolf | Human

Many others, just ask if it is not there

Places I Play in
For now, just the forums. Life is too hectic to try emails, and pm's don't really appeal to me.

    High Fantasy Setting
    Futuristic Sci-Fi
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Title: Twisting Times
Setting: Fantasy
Summery: Whether due to a curse or their own longing, two would-be lovers from two opposite kingdoms always end their battles looking down or up at each other, neither one's army able to defeat the other's. Time and time again, until the end of time, they both swore, that they would win against the other without using dirty tricks. And so the two have been locked away with their warriors in a tomb, sealed away from the world, an eternal conflict against each other. What would happen if one were to suddenly win over the other's army? Or could the two be eternal lovers, so long as they stayed locked in combat?

Direction: Up in the air, but the idea intrigues me.
Theme: Action, Fantasy, could turn dark
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Current Cravings,  no Plot

Kingdom Hearts. I'm really interested in this, but I would prefer not to play as Riku or Sora, but an OC that can't wield a Keyblade, likely just at first and until much later in the story. Just to give him less of a Gary Stu feel. Of course, if you really want me to have one, I can bend a bit there. All characters will be, at their youngest, 18. I don't like age play, so within 2-4 years.
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Story Prompts

These have no story fleshed out, just a base idea. Message me if any of these get your attention.

  • Players of a newly released expansion of a Virtual Reality MMORPG get stuck in the game- perhaps its a girlfriend and boyfriend, maybe they don't even know each other. A death game is tagged into it, you die in-game, you die in real life. However, this game is so addictive that many players actually don't want to leave, while others do.
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Open for another 1-2 games.
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Light updates.

As above, 1 long term game or 2 one shot games. Please be aware I am currently posting slowly due to work schedule (this may change next week).
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