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Started by GrinningHound, May 19, 2008, 03:57:14 AM

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So, I'm really craving to explore my submissive side some more....I'm finding I like it.

The basic premise is that I would like to RP a character who is a slave to a group of girls that live together, and they treat him like a toy and a pet and use him for entertainment.

The exact circumstances are not set in stone, and can be tailored to fit any desires my partner writer may have. 

A fantasy bent would be nice, maybe the girls are all attending a magical academy, and have tried to summon an imp to serve as a butler of sorts around the house they share, but instead they get a boy with a weak demon heritage in his bloodline?  That would open us up to all sorts of possibilities, whatever you like!  Monsters, tentacles, gender change spells....

Of course, we'll talk about some sort of story line and outside conflict that would go on, to keep things interesting.

I'm looking to experiment with non con, bondage, exhibition, maybe some humiliation....getting ganged up on....some futa.....

I'm very open and love to please, so anything you like is probably game.

I am looking for a dominant Lady who would like to play as the girls of the house.  The girls will all be different of course, some can be as mean or as nice as you like them.

If I get enough interest, having two or three people to play the girls would be nice.  I DO play with guys, but I'd like at least one actual Lady on the other end. ;D