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Started by Lady Grey, October 01, 2012, 06:46:14 PM

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Lady Grey

I am looking for male writers that are interested in plot driven stories and not just quick sex. That is what the one shot forum is for folks. It is important to note that I am most interested in stories that are fantasy in nature. They are likely going to take place in a traditional fantasy setting. If it takes place in modern day, it'll be fantasy based or action/adventure. I am willing to make exceptions for the right thread, but it has to be something special. That should cover the basics.

Spell check, it's there for a reason. This is not an option.

Characters I gravitate towards
Men that are rough around the edges and or roguish. It helps if they can engage in witty banter or be playful, but that is not required for every situation. I like males that are dominant or willing to switch in a relationship. If you're already picturing me as your freaky dominatrix, pouring hot wax on your chest and pinching your nipples, please leave this thread now. No offense, but if I'm looking for that, I'll seek it out.

Post length will vary depending upon the story and the level of action taking place. I'm not expecting a novel, but it wouldn't hurt you to write a few paragraphs.

My Ons and Offs <-------Take a look at this and this before dropping me a PM of interest.

Ideas will be below.

Lady Grey

Current ideas

Wingwoman TAKEN
The name needs work but here's the idea. A humble new fellow in town is lovesick and wanting a lady. So he is in luck when a man with all the answers seems to come from nowhere. Sam is smart, friendly, and seems to know how the minds of these girls work. What he doesn't know is that Sam doesn't just know about ladies, he happens to be one. This would very likely be a period piece. Something like the victorian era or the like. If we can add steampunk to the mix somehow, that would be even better. I'm willing to hear your ideas on this and to compromise if we're an awesome match.

The girl who fell from the sky TAKEN
Not sure anyone will pick this up or not. It's rather anime-like to be honest. I was thinking that a mahou shojo or superheroine, could be found wounded and without her memory after a major battle. Perhaps she could be found by a kind stranger that helps her out while she recovers. In the meantime, the effects of her defeat will begin to surface on the news and all around them. It could be fun sort of sweet love story.

Doctor WhoTAKEN
I've been wanting to play a companion to the doctor for a long while now. It would take the right person to play the doctor. We would just have to come up with a solid story arc and then run with it. If it helps I'm most fond of number ten. I'm even willing to do a torchwood rp with the right Jack. I have a terrible crush on him.

Lady Grey

Yes I know people do the potterverse a lot, but here's the thing. I like this to involve non-canon playable characters. I think there's a great deal of fun to be had with forbidden relationships and the like. The idea of an arrogant slytherin entering a relationship with someone muggle born or half blood is always fun. There's a fine line between love and hate. It always makes for an interesting ride. You would be the slytherin. I'm open to other things within the potterverse as well.

Experiment 388
This would be a rather anime-ish thread. An experiment in genetic engineering escapes from it's facility. Created   for stealth and gathering intelligence, it finds itself hidden in the house of a young college or highschool student. At first glance she appears normal, but things become a bit off-putting when she sprouts cat ears and a tail. Things get even harder to handle when she goes into heat.

Lady Grey

Sea Stalker Taken

A mermaid becomes enamored with a human male. Perhaps saving him during a tropical vacation disaster. Perhaps they were quite young then and he has passed the whole incident off as a dream induced from lack of oxygen. He should be a very logical guy, probably the nerdy type. So when a beautiful naked girl appears to him on a late night visit to the beach, he will likely be very shocked. Maybe he needed to be alone after a major break up and there she was. The last thing he is likely to think of is that she might be a mermaid. Infact it would make a good bit of comedy, if he was trying to get his girlfriend to take him back, while she just kept showing up. She will likely be very affectionate and kind, but likely to be misunderstood at first by her would be boyfriend. To make her transformation more permanent, she'll need his love in return and to consummate the relationship.

Shipwrecked TAKEN

A lady traveling by boat finds herself the survivor of a deadly hurricane at sea. What she doesn't know is that  she isn't alone on this island. A roguish young pirate captain has also survived the storm. He offers to help her survive in exchange for her company. Odds are he'll be wanting a bit more than company while they're stranded. This will set the stage for a clashing of personalities and delicious sexual encounters.

Lady Grey

The Moon Kingdom

While I doubt anyone will pick this one up, I'll add it to the list. I'm a Sailor Moon from way back. I'm more of a fan of the manga than the anime. Anyway, this would focus on the relationship between Serenity and Endymion just before their tragic deaths. You would have to have a decent amount of knowledge about the general universe. The story of the manga is often a bit darker than that of the television series. It could go as far as leading up to the point where Sailor moon begins. Lots of sneaking around and possible fluff.

When I don't Remember you

This would take place in an alternate future for the show Adventure time. Five years into the future, the Lich returns and starts a war. The casualties were great, and as a result ice king has been imprisoned within his kingdom, and many of Finn's friends are dead or missing. Another thing that seems to be gone, are bits of everyone's memory. In the midst of ooo being consumed by darkness, two friends meet again but don't remember having known eachother. You'd be Finn and I'd be Marceline.