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Author Topic: Welcome to Warchief's Harem (harem game interest check) (freeform?)  (Read 717 times)

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Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

As title hints at this is harem game focused on around single warchief who owns said harem. In the harem is all variants of women; vanilla, exotic races (elves, dark elves, furries, argonians, hermaphrodites, futas etc).

Background wise the warchief in question owns one half of the world and other half has formed resistance which keeps his troops busy but has zero chance to actually overwhelm him as said alliances are not working together expect in defense. Warchief has conquered several countries by burning them to ash and then repopulate them but as many countries he has spared from this fate by making a divine/magic sealed contract which dictates said country's servitude or how they function in his empire. But all contracts have one add;

-Every ten years you must offer a beautiful maiden pure in body to added to my harem.

Now this part allows country choose whichever woman or woman looking beautiful virgin to warchief. May it be royalty, beggar, shopkeeper's daughter or local heroine even. So long demand is met in time in ten years and with most least effort. Some cases it has been used as form of punishment to some women to suffer lifetime slavery as harem slave to warchief.

However there is more to it than it appears. Over the span of 25 years the warchief has got large harem of women which have by themselves formed a community in warchief's castle. A community where pecking order is decided who is most skilled in carnal arts, teasing, seduction and plotting. Murder and maiming is forbidden by death by warchief but everything else is fair play. Top of that warchief does not forbid his harem girls satisfy their lusts with his personal bodyguards nor captain of the guard or any staff in the castle.

True, harem girls are slaves and so they do not have any property what to trade or sell nor allowed practice their former professions. But they can seduce captain of bodyguards to arrange a gangbang to one harem girls meant entertain warchief next night and exhaust her and so cleverly take her place in said role. Why such contest over attentions of warchief? Because top girl of the harem is given same rights like legal queen of warchief. Said woman has option stay with side of warchief until another woman wins her position, or walk out free from the slavery and few have done so. Also many occasions warchief who is pleased on performance of harem girl offers her a boon; able get something or get something doned or get extra privilege as reward being good harem girl. But same go harem girl can loose privilege or item in question if they disappoint warchief.

Some harem girls desire no freedom but they want some luxury stuff or fullfill their former goals, or even revenge, to people who send them there. Seduce member of military council and arrange him send assassins to king who send former heroine to slavery. Seduce mercenary adventurer in service of warchief and gain through him a rare spellbook to learn new spells, perhaps a spell which impresses warchief in bed?

Overall in this game is focused on people who surround warchief, in most main active role being the harem girls and their power struggle or keep the status quo. As bottom girls are relentlessly abused and used by harem girls who have gained influence, even if said influence comes from using their charms and skills in pleasing men or warchief.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=5](Characther Image link here)[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Position:[/b] (Harem Girl/Guard/Captain of Guard/Mercenary etc)
[b]Sexual Preferences:[/b] (Dominant/submissive, straight, bi, etc. Can also include kinks.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Brief written description in addition to picture)
[b]Personality:[/b] (How they act, quirks)
[b]Why they got chosen to be tribute to warchief (harem girls only):[/b] (How they got ended up to be tribute to warchief and brief info about background overall)
[b]How I serve warchief (non-harem girl):[/b] (How they serve warchief and why they are located most of time in castle and overall background info)

Now, general gist of this game I based on freeform but if folks want it go system based folks are free to suggest systems. I myself have 3.5 DnD books, Exalted (2th edition), Praedor (not sure is it known outside Finland) and anime/manga game rules known as BESM. Of course if we go to system there is going to be oppoturnity and chances to use the dice rolling but it's meant to be light. Also considering nature of the game there is going to be heavy sexual element to the game. Also warchief is not almighty even if he is powerful; some player may plan plot assassinate him and take his place as ultimate gambit. Including harem girls which are not bound by sorcery to obey him altough they are heavily guarded and disarmed of all armor and weapons and if possessing high magical skill; they get magical abilities locked offense wise against warchief.

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Welcome to Warchief's Harem (harem game interest check) (freeform?)
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2012, 03:18:41 AM »

Offline Toa

Re: Welcome to Warchief's Harem (harem game interest check) (freeform?)
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2012, 12:49:22 AM »

Name: Delon
Age: 23
Position:Harem Guard
Sexual Preferences: straight guy, soon to be castrated for his new job
Appearance: tall, blond and blue eyed from the countries of the north,
Personality: eager to serve the warchief, Delon volunteered as a harem guard. He is willing to undergo castration to show his loyalty to the warchief. He hopes that he will be rewarded with power and wealth
How I serve warchief : harem guard and advisor to the warchief, serves in the harem which requires him to be a eunuch