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Author Topic: Make a Wish (Females Welcome)  (Read 5922 times)

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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Make a Wish (Females Welcome)
« on: October 01, 2012, 12:54:26 AM »
Currently Seeking!: Nothing, but recruitment is generally always open.

OOC and Character Sheet thread

So, I had an idea a while back that I tried to start up, but I feel like I could have put it together better. So I scrapped it when there wasn't much interest and now I want to see if I can get it off the ground. The game will be a 'Harem' game, wherein multiple female characters are brought into the life of a young man and all as potential romantic interests. Of course, because this is a game, it won't follow the traditional Harem Anime format. Instead, while the main character is the focus, the girls get tangled up in their own relationships, and the boy may find himself romantically attached to one, a few, or all of them in some way.

It's important to note, that KC will be the main character, but other relationships should emerge. Some girls might want other girls, and I intend for there to be at least one other male. This is by no means a way for me to play the "Mary Sue", everyone should be interesting and all their stories should be explored and they can have relationships outside of their connection to KC.

Harem anime also has a tradition of having the boy be kind of a 'straight man', while the girls around him are wild, crazy, and when there's a fantasy element, they often tend to be wildly different fantastic archetypes. In this story, the boy will start off as a sheltered character and be drawn into a wild world where he becomes much more than he ever thought he could be before.

So, here's the game's intro:

Casey Kassidy, who often goes by KC, has never been a healthy boy. A rare blood disease caused him to live a sheltered life away from the rest of the world. Raised by his mother (after his father passed from complications which caused the doctor's to test Casey for the disease) in a small apartment where he rarely left his bed, he was happy to watch the world go by outside his window.

Outside, there were people living their lives, working and playing, just as was to be expected. However, this world was changing, and it had its share of secrets. Magic and technology were not what the public believed them to be. Androids existed, and mad scientists, as did witches, ghosts, and angels, but most people were oblivious. Even Casey was not truly aware of the magic that existed around him.

Casey's mother anguished over the state of her son's life. She knew he needed a mother, but she also knew she could give him something more. On Casey's 20th birthday, his mother passed away, giving her life to give her son the chance to live one of his own. Casey's mother bought her son a chance at a new life.

It's now been two months since his mother died, and Casey seems to have stumbled into a bit of luck. Casey now has his own apartment, which he shares with a caretaker. He has also found his health has improved, and while he isn't entirely cured, he can leave his home. Casey's about to learn, though, that the world he watched outside his window is not the world outside his door...

"Rules" and Guidelines

  • This game won't be automatically 'first come, first serve'. I want to be inclusive, but I also don't want to just accept players if they might not get along with others.
  • This game is about story and characters as well as sex. If you don't want to be a part of the story, don't petition me, and if your character just sounds like a horndog made of fetishes, I won't be interested. On the flipside, while not everyone is obligated to get sexual, you had better be comfortable with it being a part of the game, and it'd be good to be interested in it. Let's just be mature about this, and sex can (and absolutely should) be mature (which also doesn't have to mean 'serious business).
    • Seriously, mature doesn't mean you can't have fun... This should be light-hearted, unless a particular moment calls for a bit of seriousness.
    • Sexpots are okay, by the way, as long as the character has character, and the player is here to play that character.
  • The first thing to make me want not to read what you write is poor writing skills. If you don't speak English as your first language, that's fine, I'll cut you some slack. However... (if ur sentancez luk liket his with no punctuashun whatsoever) Then please, let's save everyone the headache. I don't want to reject you, you don't want to get into a fight with me and no one wants to look like a dick. So let's just agree that it's no fun to play together.
  • I tend to move stories along quickly. Slow posters will likely be turned off, I hate to make people wait, including myself. I'll keep it reasonable, and I would never intentionally penalize you for having other obligations, just try to stay involved.
  • I am going to be much more restrictive on allowing males who play females. I'm okay with it, but in the end, guys just tend to play girls pretty poorly.
  • I am going to post this in the [Light-Exotic] section, but if two characters expect they might get a little bit rougher, they can take their scene into the Bondage or NC sections (please avoid making any part of this game fall under 'Extreme'). All threads connected to the game should start with 'Make a Wish' and have a link to the OOC/Character Sheet page in the first post.
  • There are exceptions to every 'rule', and someone who is genial and really tries to make an effort will be welcome much more than someone who isn't.
  • Also, I welcome input, don't feel restricted by the character types listed below. I'm willing to talk about the idea.

Things to Know

  • Casey's gift has many twists and turns. I want to try to keep them a secret, so they might be exciting and intriguing, but I may go ahead and tell some players about some aspects before they appear in the story. The twists may even be predictable, but sometimes it's just fun to be a part of a story with a little intrigue, even if you're too genre savvy to be surprised.
  • Casey's gift is at least threefold, in that it has made him healthy enough to function at least a little; it draws the girls into his life; and it has some side effects, due to drawing him into the supernatural and extraordinary side of the world.
  • The wish does not make girls fall in love with or become sexually attracted to Casey, they are just drawn to be in his life. You decide what they do after that.
  • The world of the story is Earth, but not a specific place or time. Probably the future, but in a 20XX type of way (as in, sometime later in this century). If you list the year, just say 20XX, and assume the characters just know the number. The place is somewhere in a city that speaks English, might be England, might be America, might be in some random part of Europe, but it looks much like the area in the picture above. The city has no name (and will be called by area, like 'we're going into the city' or 'she lives in the suburbs') but never by name. However, you may note your character's ethnicity and background.
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Character Info
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2012, 12:54:40 AM »
This section will describe character ideas for the game. First, I will list Character Roles, Archetypes, and Types. The Roles will represent who the character is in the story, and how they relate to Casey (or another character). The Archetypes will follow certain personality types that are often found in these sorts of stories. The Types will cover what a character is, rather than who a character is, such as witch, robot, catgirl, etc. Some of these will have a glow effect, which represents that they are highly desired or required. I will change the color of an idea if someone is considering it (Red indicates the idea is seriously being considered and Green indicates that the idea has interest, but nothing solid yet), and strike out any that are taken.

After that section, there will be a section of pictures. None of them are required, they just supply some character ideas, that's it. Use one if you like, or supply your own.

Finally, the Character Sheet will be posted at the bottom (once I am done with it). I'd say it's a good idea to talk an idea through before making a sheet. If we work out the kinks of an idea, or you have more than one desire, I think everyone will be happier. It would suck to throw out an idea when you're already latched onto it.

Character Roles

You don't have to take one of these roles, and if you don't really know where you might fit in beyond these roles, I can help with an idea.

  • The Nurse - This character is assigned to Casey's life to take care of him. She lives with him 24 hours a day, and is aware of how to deal with his condition. This role is probably best suited to the gynoid, or possibly ninja character types.
  • The Best Friend - This role is intended for a male, who is Casey's oldest friend, or a new guy in Casey's building who is happy to be his new buddy. He becomes involved with the various girls in Casey's life, and may even have his own secret. (Might be good to get a male with a more extroverted personality, to provide something a bit different to KC's romantic, shy side).
  • The Girl Next Door - The girl in the next apartment over or across the hall. She could be anyone, and she may be actively interested in Casey or just run into him and become a part of his life.
  • The Girl Next Door (Deja Vu?) - The roommate of the girl next door, who is still the girl next door, just... the other one.
  • The 'Rival' - The rival can be many things, but his relationship with KC isn't entirely friendly. This is a guy who might try to steal a girl, and while they might be friends of a sort, they aren't going to be 'borrowing a cup of sugar' from one another, as it were.
  • The Familiar - The familiar is a cat or fox or other small animal that is connected to the witch (or a similar character). She is capable of taking on a human form or hiding as a 'pet', but is capable of human level intelligence. Obviously, this goes with the 'catgirl' type.
  • The Childhood Friend - This girl's known Casey a long time, and maybe they're close or maybe they're not. Maybe she wasn't allowed to get close to him, but she is now. She's been drawn to Casey after all this time, and he's about to learn her secrets.
Character Archetypes

Not every character needs an archetype, but a few of these would be good to have, and this genre is always best when there's a mix of personalities. However, just because someone takes one doesn't mean it stops being available. I may never strikeout some of these unless there are just too many of that type or its very specific.
  • The Androgynous Girl - For the most part, you'd never know she was a girl. She binds her chest (or barely has one), and she isn't overly feminine. However, she isn't necessarily a tomboy, she may not even have a problem being a girl. Hell, she might not even be androgynous on purpose, but what's for sure, is that sometimes her gender is hard to distinguish.
  • The 'Big Sister' - This girl tends to take care of others, maybe even being a bit of a mother figure. She's sweet and kind and loving, but she might even have a tough side.
  • The Bisexual? Girl - The idea for this archetype is that the character is attracted to another girl (or only attracted to girls at least). She isn't interested in guys, but if the girl she likes is looking at another guy... He's kinda cute, right? She may decide she only likes girls, or fall for the guy as well, and explore a side of her she hasn't before.
  • The Daydreamer - This girl's almost ditzy, but not because she's dumb. She really just doesn't care. She might be sweet and kind and loving, but in the end, she doesn't keep her secret well or focus well unless she absolutely must.
  • The 'Emotionless' Girl - Maybe she's the gynoid, trying to learn her feeling, or maybe she's just bee sheltered or lost everything and can't let people in anymore. She probably wants to love, or be loved at least, but it's hard to come out of her shell. She might be the wallflower, or the overly logical sort. In the end, though, maybe someone will start to grow on her.
  • The Innocent One - This girl loves KC, as a sweet and adorable best friend or big brother. Sex? What's that? She's virginal and sweet, but someone will likely introduce her to the concept of love as a romantic or sexual desire (maybe KC by being close to her, or his best friend, or another girl who challenges her or encourages her).
  • The Lady - Maybe she's high class, or just had a very proper upbringing. The lady is a very polite and mannerly character, and is likely a very feminine one as well.
  • The Tomboy - This girl grew up 'playing with the boys'. She's more interested in swords and cars and whatever else 'guys like' rather than girly things. She shouldn't be crude, but she prefers masculine endeavors to feminine ones. She may have a hidden feminine side, but that's not necessary.
  • The Tsundere - The tsundere is a pretty common and pretty specific trope. The tsundere is difficult to describe any more than to say, she isn't what she seems. She has a soft and tender side, and falls for someone (probably KC) hard, but damned if she'd show it. Most likely, she's going to scream at him when he puts himself in danger, because, you know, what if he dies and she has to deal with the funeral and crap... I mean, it's not because she cares or anything... Stupid...
Character Type

By no means is this list exhaustive, give me an idea and we'll see if it fits.

  • The Normal Girl - A normal human girl that has to learn to cope with everything going on around KC. Definitely want to keep the normal girl types down to one.
  • 'The Seemingly Normal Girl' - This character is a normal human girl, except she's not quite. Maybe she's a trained spy or assassin or maybe she's just known about the magical world all along. This may be more of a role depending on how you want to play it.
  • Angel - Maybe a luminescent glowing figure or a winged girl or maybe just a human looking girl with a title and magic. She might be here to watch out for Casey, or maybe just to watch over the world in general.
  • Anthro Girl - A catgirl, or a fox girl, or whatever. She has ears and a tail, maybe claws, but she looks like a human. Maybe she was, or is, a cat, able to change back and forth (or cursed/gifted with human form permanently). She might be the Witch's familiar.
  • Demon - This girl is a demon, but isn't necessarily evil. She may be any sort of strange, otherworldly entity in an evil hierarchy (and might be forced to do bad things, even if she'd rather not).
  • Ghost/Spirit - The remnants of a lost girl. She may be able to possess someone (maybe she's taken a body for her own, a puppet as it were), or maybe she has found a way to manifest in physical form (or maybe all ghosts can do that). She clings to the world, wanting something she lost or never had; or maybe she just doesn't know how to get to the other side.
  • Gynoid - A robot girl, with a humanoid appearance. In this case, anatomically correct. Might have incredible strength or agility or intelligence. Maybe she doesn't know about herself, or maybe she hides it. Maybe she can hack or perform other technological feats.
  • Ninja - A ninja girl, presumably more traditional than 'Naruto' style. Some minor tricks or 'magic' may work, but it's likely (if you understand ninjas) that she dresses in a way that doesn't stand out in a crowd (unlike the way ninja are usually portrayed). She may have gi and masks, and even be a bit of a parody, but she can hide it well around normal people.
  • Witch - A magic using girl (or boy, for wizards), in this world they are able to cast minor spells (like magic tricks). However, if they have totems (like tattoos or trinkets), they are able to activate more complicated abilities.
Possible Pictures (For Inspiration)

Human Girl with a Secret?

Beautiful Androgynous or Tomboy Girl

Seemingly Normal Girl? Ninja Maybe?

Harlequin Girl

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]<Image URL here>[/img][/floatright]
[b]Archetype:[/b] <If applicable, your character doesn't need one>
[b]Role:[/b] <If applicable, though everyone should have some kind of role>



[b]Orientation and Preferences:[/b] <What are your character's sexual tastes, interests, desires, dislikes, etc.>
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Offline Kdyami

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2012, 02:18:29 AM »
I'd be interested in playing the best friend.

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2012, 07:25:51 AM »
"If there's anything I haven't answered above, feel free to ask."

Offline Zhu Que

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2012, 03:04:07 PM »
"I'll join in... Not sure what I'll play, but got a couple ideas...

To save space - this - is the character picture I'll use...

Was thinking something like 'The Seemingly Normal Girl', gynoid was suggested, as was either witch or an angel of sorts...

Not sure what I'd do specifically with her yet, but Pyrk and I jokingly mentioned 'Emotionless gynoid', cause it would be funny and unnerving that she smiles all the time.

I'll wait to see what other people have for their ideas, or if any suggestions about the picture come up."


Offline Latooni Subota

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #5 on: October 01, 2012, 03:35:16 PM »
I have a weird idea, that could be interesting.

When KC was younger, and more prone to the hospital visits, there was an older girl that was hospitalized for an equally life-threatening condition. Maybe a bad heart, and she was waiting for a transplant? She was rough, a little overly active, the type to try and flee the hospital rather than just sit around waiting for help/death.  Still, even though she'd occasionally snap at the other patients, she MAY or MAY NOT have liked KC. Well, it's not like she LIKE LIKE'd him or anything, but she . . uh . . tolerated him. Yeah, that's a good word. Tolerated him some candy and a blanket and . . *cough*

Unfortunately for her, she never got her heart, and passed away. For some reason though, two months ago she was suddenly 'awake', floating upside-down above the hospital. She has no idea what happened after she 'died', but does know that when she floats herself in a certain direction she feels a bit more . . 'alive'. That direction is (you guessed it) towards KC. When far away from him she can do little more than float about awkwardly, but when closer she can make herself visible to people, and even interact with them! It's a very weird situation, but all she knows is that she wants to stay as close as possible to KC so she can 'feel' like she's alive, and not disappear again. I mean, it's not like she likes him or anything! Sure, his sleeping face is sort-of cute . . I MEAN NO!

Sort-of a mix between a Childhood Friend/Hospital Girl, who is a bit of a tsundere ghostgirl. Weird concept, but it just completely popped into my brain. @.@

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #6 on: October 01, 2012, 03:43:59 PM »
"I love it! I have no other words. That was just awesome."

Offline Zhu Que

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2012, 03:44:46 PM »
"Have to agree, laughed really hard while reading it.

Great idea, really."


Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2012, 04:14:08 PM »
"Right, so, Latooni, did you have an idea as to how she might be able to physically interact with KC? Do you want her to have to struggle to do so, or do you want her conflict to be something else?"

Offline Pyrkinas

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #9 on: October 01, 2012, 04:20:22 PM »
Working on a character idea now. So far, the plan is that he's Zhu's brother and will probably be somewhat of an antagonistic rival to KC. I'll post a more detailed version when I have it.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2012, 07:38:52 PM »
Interested.  Not sure which position right now.  Thinking possibly the "witch" nurse or a "tomboy" neighbor. 

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #11 on: October 01, 2012, 07:47:10 PM »
"Hey Aribeth, glad to have ya. Zhu is already building a witch type, but we haven't got a tomboy."

Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #12 on: October 01, 2012, 07:54:00 PM »
Okay, that makes things easy. 

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #13 on: October 01, 2012, 08:11:10 PM »
"I did have someone who was showing interest in the girl next door. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't be another girl next door, or another girl in the building, or maybe even her roommate. I just thought I'd let you know."

"I'm also going to go ahead and mark off the concepts Zhu Que and Pyrkinas are looking at as I just helped them build their characters so I know they'll be approved."

EDIT: "I am constantly updating and adding things, while this evolves. I just don't want to be bumping every 5 minutes to say I changed something. I'll try to note it when I can. I'd suggest looking over the opening posts again if you haven't just now (around 9:20 EST)."

"Also, a cat/foxgirl type familiar for Zhu Que's witch would be a good character. The idea is up in the second post. Since it'd be an easy character to introduce, I'd love to see it. If you do, it'll help if you have chemistry with Zhu Que and talk to her about the idea."
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Offline Roguefairy13

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, may have room for a Guy)
« Reply #14 on: October 01, 2012, 10:04:08 PM »
I was going to reply via pm..but it seems the covo is going on here. I am really interested in the catgirl character.

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, may have room for a Guy)
« Reply #15 on: October 01, 2012, 10:46:01 PM »
"Well, let me know your thoughts on the character, Rogue. I think the best way to handle it is as the witch (Zhu Que)'s familiar, so you should talk to her as well."

Offline Zhu Que

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Females, as well as a Guy or two)
« Reply #16 on: October 02, 2012, 12:21:12 AM »
Name: Prudence Lin
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Type: Witch
Archetype: The Daydreamer

Bio/Description: Prudence was always an outgoing and happy child. There were rarely ever any fights between her and her brother, in fact, the two were (and still are) nearly inseparable. More than most children, Prudence liked to tell stories and share, which was a problem due to her magical secret. Due to this, their mother enchanted their little home to 'fit in' when the need to pick up and leave came up.

Prudence quickly lost count of how many times they had moved and how many friends she'd lost, but it has never brought her spirits down. When everyone else is gone in her life, if her brother is still there, she will always have a reason to be happy.

Skills/Powers: Wizards and witches are capable of using totems and trinkets to cast spells. All witches and wizards can also do minor spells, like magic tricks (making coins disappear) or changing the color of things.

Hairpin (Wings): Prudence can turn her Hairpin into butterfly wings, and as long as she is wearing her boots, can fly with them. If she doesn't have her boots, it will allow her to jump long distances.

Barrette and Earrings (Butterflies): Able to change these items into butterflies, mostly for fun or because she enjoys them.

Belt Buckle and Boots (Acrobatics): Prudence's boots make her lighter and quicker, and her belt buckle makes her more acrobatic and quite flexible. Together she is capable of some impressive acrobatic feats.

Bells (Bellphone): Prudence can ring her bell and think of a person she knows quite well to communicate with them telepathically. They can only respond as long as she keeps the link open, and they can shut her out unless she forces her way in (which takes all her concentration and makes her oblivious of the world around her). She can also think of a phone number and use the bells to call that phone.

The Clock: The clock allows Prudence to speed up her perception, so that the world around her moves more slowly and she can stop and think. This takes a lot of strain and concentration, and she has to cast a spell to activate it, so it doesn't give her better reflexes, it just gives her a chance to take a 'time out' to think something over.

The Key: This key, in Prudence's hands, can unlock any lock that has some kind of key (combinations don't count as keys, but key cards would). On top of this, it can be attuned to any door to allow Prudence to travel to that door. To do so, Prudence needs to touch the key to the door to attune the key to it. From then on, she may open any other door with a spell and walk through it as if it were the door attuned to the key. The 'portal' can be used by anyone, and closes if Prudence closes the door, passes through the portal, or moves to where she cannot see the door.

The Hex Doors: In Prudence's home, there is a hexagonal room with doors on each side. One door enters the room, and each of the other five doors can be attuned permanently to any other door. Prudence need only attune a door to her key, and then place that attunement on one of the five doors. Her key loses the attunement afterward.

Orientation and Preferences: Prudence has no particular preferences, being that she is attracted to things she deems attractive. This does not mean the 'hot guy', though. Interesting is attractive. - Strange eye and hair color. Strange accent/speech pattern/impediment. Strange behavior. Anything out of the ordinary.

While she does not dislike technology, she will always pick magic over technology. Bellphone or cellphone, no competition. Magic key or car/bus/train to where she wants to go, not a hard choice.

There is little she actually dislikes, as she is a strange little witch, but a major thing on that list has to be the magic-ignorant people who laugh when she goes on about magic. THAT is a turn off. Magic is real, okay?
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Female[s], spot open for one Male)
« Reply #17 on: October 02, 2012, 07:02:08 AM »
"The OOC thread is up to show character sheets (KC's character sheet can be found over there). I am now working on setting up the setting and locations (which is in the fourth post of the OOC page)."

"Right now, we have KC; a witch named Prudence, and her brother, KC's rival, Jude; and a demon girl named Echo or Firenze. We also have interest from Latooni Subota for a ghostly childhood romantic interest for KC. We also have interest from AribethAmkiir, SummerNights, Roguefairy13, and SinfulAngel."

"I am looking for someone interested in playing the nurse/caretaker role, though I definitely want good chemistry with that player, as she will live with KC. Same with whoever wishes to play the best friend/buddy role, it would be good to have good chemistry since they're supposed to be good friends. Also, for the best friend character, it might be good to have a bigger personality, someone who might enjoy it a little rough, since KC's more of a romantic."
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Offline Latooni Subota

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Female[s], spot open for one Male)
« Reply #18 on: October 02, 2012, 01:19:42 PM »
Actually, after thinking it over for a day, I am less enthused about the game as I originally thought. Sorry about getting the hype up for my ghost girl. :(

Offline Zhu Que

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Female[s], spot open for one Male)
« Reply #19 on: October 02, 2012, 01:25:36 PM »
"I am looking forward to finding and
working with someone with
the Witch and Familiar pair.


Aww, sorry to hear that Latooni,
we really enjoyed the character idea you came up with."


Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Female[s], spot open for one Male)
« Reply #20 on: October 02, 2012, 02:20:01 PM »
"Well, that's very unfortunate, it was a great idea and well executed."

EDIT: "The 'Cafe' needs a name, Sharon suggested a couple, but I'd like to see a few ideas before I decide."
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Offline BlackestKnight

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Female[s], spot open for one Male)
« Reply #21 on: October 02, 2012, 03:14:44 PM »
I have a character in mind I'm working on for the described role  "Best Friend"
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Offline Kdyami

Re: Make a Wish (Looking for Female[s], spot open for one Male)
« Reply #22 on: October 02, 2012, 03:43:54 PM »
Sorry this took so long

Image forth coming
Name: Kyle(Caliel) Young
Gender: male
Age: Appears 22
Type: If I have to pick one I would say “seemingly normal”
Archetype: Bad Boy Has a commanding presence is charismatic and charming. But also rebelliousness and often blamed for everything that goes wrong. He is a strong leader, fearless, very capable; but is conflicted by his lack of commitment, risk taking, and being unpredictable.
Role: Best Friend
Bio/Description:  Archons are the defenders of the gateways between our world and the world beyond; some call it heaven, feywild, hell, astral, utopia, asgard, or by any other name, there are plane of existence beyond earth.  Some Archons protect their world from outsiders, and some protect outsiders from their world.  Caliel was born of a forbidden love between two Archons.  Caliel’s Mother was the Archon defending a world of angelic creatures matriarchal and believing in the light in all things.  Caliel’s father was the archon of a much darker world, a world of pain and suffering.  When Caliel was born his parents gave him to a barren couple, Ella and William Young in Scotland, the Isle of Bute, in order to hide him from the powers that be on his parent’s worlds.  The couple named him Kyle and accepted him into their clan, Young.  He grew up through the rebellions in Scotland, the wars with England; after England Claims Scotland Kyle began fighting for England. Kyle felt most at home when fighting to defend something or someone. 

Eventually Kyle became tired of war and bloodshed and decided to walk the world.  Kyle did just that.  He travelled all across the world and while on his travels he went under a variety of names; Joaquin Murrieta in Mexico, Ned Kelly in Autrailia, Im Kkeokjeong in Korea, Kayamkulam Kochunni in India, Nezumi Kozo in Japan, and Juraj Janosik while in Poland.  Eventually he tired of traveling as well and he entered a monastery at Petra.  There he waited and tried to re-connect with his parents.  They have made only a handful of contacts, the first few very fleeting and he only made contact long enough for them to give him a letter explaining why they did what they did.  As he practiced he managed to keep the link open longer and longer.  It takes great patience and practice to unlock latent abilities it would seem.  Eventually out of the blue his father showed him an image of a dying man who begged only two words in Caliel’s mind, “Find” and “protect” showing Kyle a picture of his son KC. 

That was enough for Kyle.  He tracked KC to his hometown and watched.  He watched the apartment and even stopped a few would be robbers on occasion.  Until one day he was sitting on the roof of the adjoining building when Caliel’s Mother appeared sitting next to him.  This is Caliel’s fondest memory of his mother, but she was there as a messenger.  She told Kyle that he should follow the dying man’s request.  KC would need his help and it would be good for Kyle to try and walk in the world he had left behind.  She smiled saying that KC’s journey was just getting started. Handing him the key’s to a rooftop apartment in the building overlooking KC’s new apartment.  KC moved in the next day and Kyle went down to help move him in and they have been fast friends ever since.
     Hound Archon: Kyle is part Hound Archon. 

Strength of the Hound: His muscles develop stronger and harder than humans.  Combined with years of physical training Kyle is capable of feats of strength and speed the average Human could only dream of, i.e. moving the new fridge upstairs single handedly, push the car next to his out of the way so he can get to the door, etc. 
Scent of the Hound: Being part Hound Kyle’s sense of smell is more devolved then a human.  He is also more adept at tracking over all types of terrain.

Claws of the Hound: Kyle has more physical traits from his father then his mother.  His canines are larger than the average human’s and he has the ability to force his nails to grow in as thick, sharp, claws at will.  They are not retractable however he must clip, file, cut them off or leave them in place.
    Throne Archon:  Kyle is part Throne Archon.

Memory of the Archon: Kyle is Combat Orientated; he has Caliel’s ancestral memories from two different species of Archon’s not to mention he has fought in numerous wars and countless battles with any even larger array of weapons.  Because of this he recognizes situations much quicker than most people.  He also having fought with nearly every type of weapon he has the ability to pick up most any weapon and with a cursory inspection use the weapon proficiently. 

Light of the Archon: Kyle’s Mother imprinted her son with her memories but also gave him one of her peoples most basic abilities.  The Light of the Archon allows Kyle’s true form, Caliel, to shine threw into the real world. Allowing Kyle to change into Caliel for a short time.
   Orientation and Preferences:

Desires: After spending so long in the desert with no real company except Stone, blood, and tears, he is ready to dive back into life head first.  He is headstrong and likes his life straightforward without much subtlety.  Anything that involves living life to the fullest, grabbing the bull by the horns, saying what you mean and backing it up with everything he has, and letting the consequences fall where they will; Kyle will fight for until his last breath.  The only other thing Kyle

Sexual Taste: Kyle is predominantly pansexual being more interested in people than their gender.  That being said, he like sex carnal, primal, and full of lust. He has no problem taking charge but prefers people who don’t roll over and let him, power struggles are great. When everyone’s done they better be sweaty, blushing, exhausted beyond measure, maybe even bruised. But very happy.

Interests: Kyle loves training and is particularly fond of the new fad he found called parkour. He has also recently found Rock Music and is ecstatic that the angst he has always felt in his heart now has a form of expression.  He is considering buying an instrument and trying to play for himself sometime in the future.

Dislikes: People who are out to harm his new friends in any way.  Pacifists. People who put other people down for being different.

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Kdyami... do you realized on your dislike for Kyle you have Echo's disliked listed too?...

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"This is a very detailed profile, Kdyami, which is kind of unfortunate. I didn't realize you were planning on posting a full profile already, I was just waiting on you to give me a few ideas for what you wanted. I will need to take time to sort this, but I definitely think the themes will need to be changed (the Archon DnD theme is cool, but doesn't really fit the setting). If you're really attached to the idea as a whole, I think you may be disappointed. However, if this is just a very detailed suggestion, we can work it into something if you're flexible."

"This isn't to say I don't like the character, and it could be tweaked to fit the angel idea, I'm just saying it'll need alterations."

"I did say, though, that this would not be first come, first serve, so I'm going to let BlackestKnight have a chance as well. If either of you has an issue with this, let me know. No reason to make this stressful or anything."
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