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Author Topic: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]  (Read 3036 times)

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Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« on: September 30, 2012, 04:25:02 pm »

I will ignore 1-2 linger pm's asking me to rp. - Please Think before messaging me; Thank you.
(omg, u like vampires 'n stuff, lets rp! - Just no..)

Greetings everyone! I am looking to build up some new long term 1x1 RP partners. While my personal tastes are wide I have build up general sets of lists to help connect the dots to link up. (If you have an idea for something not listed just let me know!) Being 1x1 Romance is nearly a given for me, however it is not always the focus, I enjoy dark-action packed, gut-tugging dramatic settings as well. After all pure-romantic RPs can get old and dull... Another reason Why plots are very important! And even if you can't think of any-one thing to RP just check out the bottom list that lists some already to go RP plot starters!

Quick Overview Of Me:
  • I'm not a Grammar-Nazi
  • Romance  = ♥
  • Darker Plots = ♥
  • ♥ = Action, Drama, Horror, Thrillers, Mind Twisters, Mysteries
  • ♥♥♥ = Original Ideas.
  • I type my replies to match what is typed (but generally 1-6 Paragraphs depending how much I have to work with)
  • I avoid modern themes (they bored me to death, rarely I play them but only if they are good)
  • Fandoms are not my cup of tea.
  • Fantasy, originality, Mythical, and Cultural themes are my weaknesses
  • I Don't Do Character Sheets, as I am a freelancer styled RP'er (I make all my characters from scratch/on the spot)
What will be required of you:
  • An Open Mind
  • Having general ideas and details when contacting me.
  • Over a paragraph when replying (I'm tired of tiny replies)
  • Attributing to the plot
  • Common scene
(I will ignore 1-2 linger pm's asking me to rp)

Plots Required; Avoiding Pointless Pure-Smut RPs
As much as I enjoy romance in my RPs I actually enjoy the story more. Even a story that may seem focused on romance I'd still like to see the plot go somewhere and find a decent closer. I've seen too many plots so sour from romance being overdone; whether it be myself or other RP'ers that got carried away. - So in a nut shell; No cheap thrills here, if thats all your looking for: please move along.

Character/Gender & Pairings:
  • You can be Male, Female, Any race you like.
  • I myself can play a male, or female or futanari or whatever!
  • As For pairings I am open to anything really. (Not much experience in MxM thou, just a warning)
  • For the record (since some of you people seem to care) I am a female in real life :P
  • Preferences: I'm fairly open minded; in fact my darker characters can be pretty messed up; but doesn't mean I focus on it all the time.
  • If something makes me or yourself weird I'll be sure to red flag it and avoid it heavily. - Other then that I'm fairly mediocre
Graphic violence: The other half of mature.
One thing I like to bring up that is often overlooked but yet is still classified as adult/mature is graphic violence. Whether it be Gore in the form of massive amounts of blood in a vampire roleplay, or something more gruesome as demons feeding off human entrails. Or perhaps just typical violence; someone getting kicked around or a massive beat down. - I am perfectly fine with these; in fact I love to beat up my characters; or even play villains. It's all just action, thriller or horror type stuff in my book. Though if it bothers you just let me know, I've done plenty of exciting yet squeaky clean RPs~

Modern / Slice of life / Futuristic RPs
I find that these Rp's are heavily overdone; and honestly if I really wanted to get my fill of these I can simply turn on my tv. However; On a rare occasion I will do one of these themes however they are usually only used as a starter for a more fantasy-like setting, or at are laced with a fantasy setting. Though there is always that very rare occasion I'll do something close to a non-fantasy Rp; but generally it would be a action-packed thriller sort of theme. - Your free to suggest it, but don't be sad if I turn away these ideas.

I really don't care for Fan-based RPs
While I deeply enjoy many books, movies, games and shows; I honestly feel that some times it's better to leave the original story alone. But one of the bigger reasons why I avoid doing fandoms is due to fanboys/girls; such as if one or both parties are hardcore fans and thus the rp is heavily restricted on what can or can not happen. I enjoy Rp's with freedom as well as Originality so it's easy to say I don't do many if any fan-based RPs. - However this does not mean I do not reject all general ideas that are generated from such things!

Few Fandoms I "may" tolerate at the moment:
  • Okami - Just cus I've never seen any fans.
  • Pokemon - First three generations - No cannons. (Old school, not with all this new BS; Mewtwo will be only cannon I'll allow)
  • Minecraft - (It doesn't have a plot anyways and it's interesting to see what people spark up)
Never in a million years:
  • Harry Potter - (overdone)
  • Hunger Games - (overdone)
  • Naruto - (overdone/not real ninjas)
  • Twilight - (these are not vampires; nymphs at best.)
  • Buffy - (Uh.. no)
  • Star Wars (. . .)
  • My Little Ponies - (Da..fuck?)
Themes I enjoy:
(Themes are 'ideas' and shouldn't be the soul purpose of the plot)
  • Ancient/Edo Japan, China, Indonesia (♥)
  • Arabian (♥)
  • Classic Medieval (Like King Aurthur stuff)
  • Middle Earth Medieval (Mythical Creatures added, not necessarily lord of the rings)
  • High Fantasy Medieval (Wizards, Original World, Races, the works) (♥)
  • Steam Punk (Magic + Steambots) (♥)
  • Atlantis (♥)
  • Mythical (You like mythology? Me too!) (♥)
  • Sci-if (Just be Original! Lay off the modern stuff!)
  • War / Battles
  • Action / Adventure (♥)
  • Romance (♥)
  • Dark Plots - The Darker the better (♥)
  • Other? Amuse me. (♥)

Other Elements:
(Not the main theme/genres but other plot elements: Aka: lets not make an rp based off this... Just no..)
  • Sadist/Masochist (♥)
  • Taboo/Twincest (♥)
  • Master/Slave (Rarely - Must be detailed)
(Themes and Elements are not plots.... It's like a movie maker saying "lets make an horror film" rather then saying "lets make a movie about x and y and make it horror") if that even makes any scene o-o Talk to me with details! Plots always required!

Races I enjoy: (For RP's that require more then just humans)
  • Original Races (♥)
  • Merfolk (♥)
  • Kitsune (♥)
  • Naga (♥)
  • Elves/Drow
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Genie
  • Fairies/nymph
  • Dryad/Ent
  • Sphinx
  • Harpy
  • Spirits/ghosts
  • Angels/Demons (Be original)
  • Anthropomorphic Anything
  • more? Amuse me. (♥)
Side Note About Humans or Single-raced Rps:
When playing in an rp with only one or few races I typically like to have one thing unique about one or both of the characters (something that sets them apart from the rest of the general public) It keeps things interesting within the plots. Whether it is physical or mental, or even magical. (Oracles are a popular one with me)

Pre-Made Story Starters
(These are rp plots I have made in the past and are totally ready to go if your interested in getting started without much planning! These are also good to preview my Rp Skills. - Please note the closer ones to the bottom are much older then the ones at the top)
(Also to note: I don't mind doing these plots more then once or with more then one person; I always find that even though the story starts the same that is never ends the same.)

Genie of the Ring (Click to View)
Quick Plot Overview:
Put in a setting of a Arabic Fantasy world you character discovers a ring that summons a genie that can seemingly grant you unlimited, although small wishes but at a high price. For each wish that the genie grants your character loses their life energy, and they will eventually wish themselfs to death. To top this off any outside forces want control of this ring to use it's power for their own selfish purposes. (Romance can strike with the genie as well as various side characters who are trying to take the ring from the main character, or the main character wishes to woo)

Rp Starter: (Reply to this for the first post)
It was another day at the market, strange thing it was.. A place where one could find anything they liked... As long as they had the money... But beyond this place of bandits and thieves, cheeps and harems; There was beauty, and even a handful of good hearted people and merchants who strive to make this rugged place home.

Some days it was hard to see the beauty, more so on days like this when the crowds where thick and the dangers lurking within them where just as deadly. Displayed at it's best when a middle aged man who stood not even 5 feet away would fall dead with a splatter of blood as a blade crossed his skull. Few would scream or even run... This was just an everyday thing in this dog-eat dog place in the desert.... However it would end far from the everyday...

As the man fell to his death rolling from his fingertips across the ground before finally bumping against your shoe; nothing more then a simple ring. Silver in color with a small blue gem. Not the best out there but none the less worth more then a few gold coins... Picking it up though would quickly attract attention of the men who killed it's previous owner.. Live and let live... You ran, vanishing into the crowds...

This was your home and you would know it well, a few twists and turns and you where easily home free with a new little prize to show for it... But yet there was a nice feeling to this ring... Perhaps you wouldn't be so quick to sell it off... Trying it on however would be the whole of the cake, as the ring at first would be far too big for your hand, but the first attempt to remove it it would shrink and clamp down on your finger!

Was this some kind of ring of trickery? Some foreigner's finger trap? Pulling, tugging and even trying to rub your hand to remove the ring would do little to help remove it... If anything it would make things quiet worse then they already became...

Rubbing the ring activated it and soon pools of silveryblue smoke would circle around you, Echo'ed with the voice of a young woman gasping for air. And when the smoke would clear, a girl would be sitting in front of him, dressed in blue Harems silks, her skin and silvery blue, as her hair dangled in long silver locks. Looking up at him she would stare for a long moment before looking to his hand. "So you are my new master..." She would give a soft smile to him before starting to crawl towards him. "My name is Ai, Genie of the ring, to which now is bonded to your very life."

She would pause looking up at him, her eyes would almost seem innocent, if not sad. "Your wishes are my commands... But hear my warning... for every grain of sand your wish is worth, that much more will be taken from your hourglass of life..." Was this some kind of joke?... Did some crazy slave break out of their master's harem?...

Cheetah Pride, Anthro Africa (Warning: Incest) (Click to View)
Quick Plot Overview:
You and your sibling are the last of your cheetah clan, hunted down by the rising powers of the loin tribe due to a Prophecy that says that one day cheetahs will not only overthrow the Loin tribe of their power, but give the land to the still young man tribes. Faced with being the last of their kind the two siblings seek out to find alleys and a new home so they can repopulate their people and also fight against the rising loin tribes. (Action and gore, but also a incest romance. Not for the faint of heart)

You Choose To Be: (I naturally will pick the opposite of whatever you choose)

Brother Or Sister

Oldest Or Youngest
(Oldest would be the fighter/protector, while the youngest is a virgin and still learning the ropes)

Rp Starter: (Reply to this for the first post)
The time of the 'wise ones' is slowly dwindling away as the era of man slowly starts to grow in the heart of Pride lands. And while many tribes of the 'wise ones' still continue to fight over rule of these great lands, many have vanished leaving only their feral shadows in their wake. But the few that survived and do not break into war have embraced the rising of man.

For many generations the two most powerful clans of the 'wise ones' where might mighty Lion clan, and that of the swift Cheetah clan. However the once two powerful races ruling over the lands parted and struck war; Visions from countless tribes for told that one day the cheetah clan would overrule the pride lands, taking it from the Lions and give it to man.

Many of the clans out-lashed in fear; the man clans where little to fear, but a powerful clan as the cheetahs to take it away from all the clans of the wise, and merely give it to them? Be it the visions of the elders and spirits it was still grounds for war... Countless cheetah clans fell, their alleys turning away from them and the lions slaughtering them without mercy...

For now in this era man is still young scattered in far reaches across the lands; With the lion clan ruling supreme... But as the lion number in the thousands, The cheetah clan has dwindled down to a mere three members.... A elder father on his death bed, and his two living children, one male, one female...

Before the farther of the remaining cheetah clan goes to take his last breaths He is sure to remind his children, More so the oldest; that they are the last and and long as they live and their children live the prophecy of the elder spirits still holds power; and one day they will overthrow the lions who have killed nearly all their clan...

Two siblings; Last of the cheetah clan; one the age of warrior, the other barely coming of age. Together not only will they seek to rebuild their people with the coming of age of the youngest sibling; they seek to full fill the tale of the cheetahs taking down the lion clan.

(Note: Feral Cheetahs, are like monkeys to humans, they are loyal to the anthropic cheetah siblings of the cheetah clan but are different species all together.)

Oracle's Dream  (Warning: Twincest) (Click to View)
Quick Plot Overview:
The original idea of this plot came from an idea of mixing "The Scorpion King", "King Arthur" and "Earthsea". And thus building a "Fantasy Twincest Rp" unlike no other...

Found and taken in by a traveling mage; a set of fraternal yet identical twins (as one is male the other female) are sent to be raised and taught the ways of the world by a well renowned guild of mages due to their high potential for greatness. However it doesn't take the mages long to discover the female twin has the gift of foresight causing the future of the magical society to change dramatically.

While both twins are well studied in the ways of magic by the time they are of age, the male twin is determined to protect his sister as news of her powers become more known in the world and many attempts begin to try and kidnap her or even kill her start taking place... However what he wouldn't plan on was himself becoming one of the many that would try to do her harm... Over time he suddenly starts having vivid dreams of taking his sibling as his lover and wife, however it is said if the oracle would become unfocused, or rather deflowered she would lose her powers, which would send the world into chaos as it already weights heavily on her powers.

Confused he is unsure if these are his true feelings or perhaps a darker force is at hand trying to steal away the mage's ability to see into the future to prevent darkness from taking over... Or if perhaps he is the darkness that is trying to overthrow everyone... All hew does know that he can't share his feelings with anyone for fear he may never see his sister again... While all the while his sister is oblivious to his feelings despite her powers.. until it's nearly too late...

As suggested the plot will spin around the romance with the twins, but possible other characters as well. Struggles may include the entire mage force going out of it's way to kill or sway you in some way (depending if you play female oracle twin, or male warrior twin) - Muilticharactering isn't required but helpful as to make the plot work there will be both good and bad characters.

I prefer someone to play the male twin; however if your a decent rp'er I can be swayed to allow you to play the female twin (the oracle) instead. (Just as long as we get a good plot out of it I'm typically happy. Although I am more likely to have my male character turn evil then fight the forces of evil... XD)

(Starting post is made from the Male twin's point of view)

"They where found wandering one of trading routs outside of the city." An older man would explain as he presented a set of twins to the guild's headmasters. It was one of the first few memories he had since their parents died of illness so long ago... But even then he could remember it like yesterday the sounds of his sister yelling at him, telling him that they needed to leave before they got sick too.. They wondered for months, but yet they managed to avoid bandits and thieves which seemed impossible for young children in the old dark times... At lest it was dark times; until they realized her gift...

However it has been over ten years since that day... So much has happened since they have discovered how we escaped the plague, as well as many bandits that lurked on the trading routs we walked on for so many months... It was far from luck, but rather a divine power; something that had not been seen since the days of old... His sister was blessed with the power of foresight... She had the power to see into the future, and with it the guild was able to push back the darkness that had been swallowing the world... and bring back peace into the lands... Marking them known as the sightful twins... or rather the oracle to whom was born with her own protector...

The passing of time has done so much for them... More so as just a few months ago together he shared with his twin sister yet another birthday; this one however marking them adults among their peers, but while coming of age seemed so simple, it was only then when the 'dreams' started happening... Never had he before thought of his sister in such a way... Or rather anyone.. as if overnight his head was filled with the thoughts of a man in lust, despite the fact he was only recently given the title of a man...

Growing up he always sought out to protect her; even at times turning his back on lessons of magic to take on more unsophisticated means of combat... Even the warriors outside of the guild mocked the young mage student for coming down to learn the ways of the sword; but even then with time he became quite skilled and it wasn't long before his skills where put to use.. By the time he was fourteen he had already had six men dead by his sword from various poor attempts to kidnap or even assassinate his sister. He took pride in it, but even then his mind never thought of her as anything more this his sister untill the dreams started...

At first the dreams seemed harmless enough, flirting, kissing... And while they didn't seem to come every night they grew none the less more advanced and detailed some acts we wasn't even aware existed.. However this left him troubled... It was one thing to be siblings and have such feelings, however what made it more nerve wrecking was what the mages had long warned both him and his sister about long ago... that if she where to ever become 'distracted' or for lack of a better term 'deflowered' she could lose her powers as an oracle and the peace that had been brought into the land would be lost forever...

Needless to say the last man that fell in love with his sister was thrown clear out of the guild, and rumored to be killed. The added taboo of his feelings didn't aid for this as well. For all he knew too it could have been the act of a dark wizard trying to control his thoughts... But yet he knew his sister would know about it and warn the mages... but yet she never did... and with three months of dreams he knows he can not speak to anyone about it.. But he also fears that he may not be able to ignore the dreams for much longer...

(Details such as location, theme, race, and various what nots can be discussed over pm's)
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Offline pyrostinger

Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2012, 11:28:57 pm »
Hey there.  Kinda interested in the Cheetah Pride one.  Any takers for that yet?

Offline Angie

Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2012, 02:53:47 am »
Hmm...I have an idea that involves Dragons, and I like using D&D/Pathfinder Dragons that can assume a human form if needed. Basically, the plot is the dragon (I'll figure out which later) is given a virgin sacrifice every two years by the nearby village in the hopes of appeasing the dragon. However, every "sacrifice" is given back to the village with no memory of what happens. Really, the dragon is simply lonely, and hopes that one day, the village will send the women that the dragon longs for as a sacrifice, who will then stay with the dragon as his/her companion for as long as possible. PM me if you're interested?

Ah, I stand corrected, the books say only Silver Dragons can shapechange, but fuck it, who's counting.
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Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2012, 02:47:13 am »
Added Naruto into my dislikes.

- Still open to a new rp or two as well.

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Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2012, 03:21:40 am »
Open for some new Rp Partners! I'm hoping to find more quality RP'ers - Issues I keep running into are folks replying very few sentences compared to my paragraphs. (It makes me a very sad fire fox! D: )

So I am firing up the hot topic again to see if I get any new bites. (or maybe rekindle some bites I over looked)

Offline Genbu83

Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #5 on: November 17, 2012, 10:35:56 am »
I am fascinated by the fact that you would bring minecraft up as an rp possibility. It is as open of a world as it gets. So as far as a plot goes a couple of possibilities come to mind.

A) a couple settling and building a life in this world.

B) a more traditional survival rp.

C) actually rp'ing in the minecraft game

That's the two cents that cone to mind. Novel idea really.

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Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #6 on: November 18, 2012, 12:46:11 am »
I've played minecraft a few months ago and I really liked it - However I've been a bad girl and I never actually bought my own copy... So online play is pretty impossible unless you know how to set it up where I can play without having a real account I don't see it working =/ - Also another reason why I like forum-based rp is we don't have to be online at the same time to make any progress in the story.

I have always pictured an minecraft RP to feel a lot like a high fantasy "castaway" type of story; throw out into the wilderness of who knows where. Maybe given a pendent or some-kind of magical item that lets the wearer compress objects for easy carrying. (To explain why they can carry tons and tons of stuff on them; also probably better explained in a D & D Terms a "bag of holding"... )

I'd like to see some plot stuff built up around the monsters like the creepers and endermen too.

(Pmed this to you as well)

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Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #7 on: December 10, 2012, 03:25:19 am »
I suppose I will do the unthinkable and give this dusty topic a cleaning...

I am looking for just a few Rp partners; preferably the kind who enjoy plots and longer posts...

Offline Wolfie

Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #8 on: December 10, 2012, 04:09:14 am »
If your looking for a roleplay partner, I'm open to most anything. If you have any ideas you've been really craving just pm me and we'll work out the plot. I post 2-4 paragraphs on average.

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Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #9 on: April 28, 2013, 02:13:30 am »
Figured I'd fire up the old topic for some new rp's! :D

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Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #10 on: June 02, 2013, 09:17:19 pm »
Updated with some new stuff, mostly switching things around... might write up a new rp starter soon too... Been craving merfolk rp's as of late, but also old style japan with demons has been taking my interest as well....

Offline Elfmeister

Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #11 on: June 05, 2013, 08:01:12 pm »
Hey! I'm looking for a good plot-base F/F roleplay. Looking at your likes I'm up for a romance in Steampunk or a mythical setting. I've got some original races you might like. PM me if you're interested in cooking up a plot.

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Re: Original Fantasy Ideas [Plots Required]
« Reply #12 on: August 08, 2013, 12:02:09 am »
My computer had been down... and as such I am in need of new Rp buddies!

I've been really craving the following lately:

Dryads (Plant people)

3 Way Vampire (Not twilight, but with twin vampires with one non-vampire)

Muilti-generational/Breeder Rp (Normally I don't do many pure-lusty Rps But I've been craving one of these lately, ether a slaver who is a breeder, or a tribal/capturing a mate, Demon/monster mix, or a fantasy taboo of some-kind...)

Naga (Snake People)

Sphinx (Cat-like people with wings)

Insect (Spider, and other insect-like races; I have many original ideas for this)