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Author Topic: Misstress Nights School of The Erotic {Interest check.}  (Read 1013 times)

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Offline UniqueQTopic starter

Misstress Nights School of The Erotic {Interest check.}
« on: September 29, 2012, 02:53:02 PM »
Welcome home my lovely staff! And Welcome New students! 

Now a note to my staff,Yes it is that time of year again. School is starting and its time to teach, of course there will be new probable ms, new fights, and of course the timid, unsure along with the bossy and unwelcoming. Remember its your job to teach them pleasure. Even if it means to teach them to control, submit, to love being tied up, or many other things.

And my students, Listen to your mentor, teacher, and lover. They know best trust me, trust them. All your fantasies will come true. If you cause trouble they will punish you but if you do good you will reseve the sweetest of rewards.

This is a school based on getting the adults ranging from 18 to 30 who have either had revoltingly boring sex lives or none at all. Some how you received notice of Misstress Nights and decided to send in a application, you were accepted. Now its time for the fun to begin.

Basic character sheet:
(Picture must have a description as well including height, weight, clothes preference, Etc. If you don't have a picture just a description is fine.)
What your there to learn/teach: (Submit, Dominate, Bondage, Etc.)

My character(s):

Name: Misstress Night
Appearance: Misstress Night normally wears dark colored Lace and silk lingerie along with corsets and long skirts. On her face at all times is a massquared mass of black and dark read lace. She is a delicate looking woman, long legged, standing at 5;6 and weighs 100 pounds. She has a delicate bone structure and has shoulder length layred blond hair. Her eyes are mis matched, one a dark green the other a pale jade.
Mistress Nights Image
Role: The misstress of the school.
What your there to learn/teach: I teach all and everything, I am to learn what I can and play like no other. I am Your misstress.
Personality: Doesn't say much about herself but is always ready with some insightful saying or with helpful advise. She is truly like a mother figure, a sexy mother figure, for all that go to her school.
History: Maybe you will find out later but not much is really known about her past.

Offline Kdyami

Re: Misstress Nights School of The Erotic {Interest check.}
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2012, 07:14:44 PM »
Character Name: Kyle Young

Appearance: Kyle firmly believes casualness.  While he respects those who use "Costumes" in their scenes for the dedication and intricacy of their scene.  He has a wardrobe full of clothes simply for those occasions, however he will always be more at home in a simple pair of jeans and a casual shirt.
Gender: Male
Nationality: Born in Scotland, but moved to America when he was 2 and was raised there
Weight: 220lbs  99Kg
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair colour: Light Brown/dark blonde
Height: 6’ 3”  190cm
Role: Teacher
Age: 24

What your there to learn/teach: (Submit, Dominate, Bondage, Etc.) Kyle has a love of casual dominance, that is to say using nothing but what you have on you.  This leads to some pretty outside the box thinking. Kyle's other love is Edge Play, that is anything that could physically harm the other person if done wrong.  Mundane things like suspension, wax, heavy impact play, to knives needles, fire, and things in between.  Kyle is also very keen on rope bondage, while no expert he has a firm grasp of basic and intermediate ties and is always willing to teach and demonstrate anything he can.

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual.  Is more interested in the people then their gender

Dominance: Dominant, but has been known to switch for the right person.

Experience level: 4/5 – Does it all the time while at the mansion and occasionally outside.

Personality: Kyle is here to help others, who are like him, learn about the lifestyle he has come to love.  He has a thirst for knowledge and feels this is the best place to learn from people in the lifestyle and people just starting, even people who are outside of it; all of these perspectives fascinate Kyle. He is dedicated to teaching all the attendees everything he can.  He enjoys interacting with the students inside and outside of a scene, getting to know them personally allows him to connect better during a scene and help him push people to the limits and discover things about themselves they didn’t know before.  Kyle also has a sadistic side that he tempers often but often shows itself in sarcastic humor. Always ready to help and answer any questions you may have.

History: Kyle originally attended the school when he graduated High School, knowing very little about the lifestyle and  only being experienced with it online.  Having stayed his first visit and being “put through his paces” by Mistress Night and her staff he came back less than a month later with a bigger bag for a longer stay determined to learn everything he could from them.  Now 6 years later Kyle has a room at the school where he lives a good portion of the year and has settled into his role as a dominant.  He is just coming back to the school from taking a month off to finish inking the tattoos he deigned one for graduating high school on his right bicep  and the second on his back that he designed when he became an official instructor last year.
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Offline peterhere

Re: Misstress Nights School of The Erotic {Interest check.}
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2012, 04:56:50 PM »
Name: Peter Storm
Appearance: Brown middlelong hair lingering over ice blue eyes. A fairly well kept body due to consistent training in martial arts since childhood. Classic style would be a well description of his wardrobe. He often wears dark colored jeans with neat, yet modern fashion.

Role: Student

Age: 19

What your there to learn/teach:
 Peter joined the school to explore his sexuality. Having studied hard his whole life, he's yet to have a girlfriend. Other than an exploring night with a prostitute, he has no sexual experience what so ever. With the lust to learn and explore, he applied for the school with excellent grades. Also he bears a strong curiosity to bondage.

 Peter grew up in a strict christian home. Continuously being urged forward to get better grades to be able to get a well paying job. Now, after graduating with top grades, he figured that his heart lusts for something else. Curiosity caused him to apply for the school.

Personality: He has a very subtle personality. Renowned for thinking before speaking, and choosing his words carefully. He's the kind of character you often wouldn't recognize in a large crowd. When it comes to sexually, he's never been the initiative taker. Something that lead to him going through school without a girlfriend. A match for him, would be someone to be dominant in the form of taking initiative.

Dominance: Submissive, but is curious for anything.

Experience level: 1/5