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Author Topic: A night Out (Ezekiel & Cherri)  (Read 1043 times)

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A night Out (Ezekiel & Cherri)
« on: May 18, 2008, 02:33:19 PM »
The dark customized limo rolled up behind 'The Kling Klang' Klub, it's engine purring quietly, tinted windows hiding it's passenger within.  Loud music blared, filling the night with chaos, as several clubs competed for dominance in this section of the factory city, acid jazz and disco pouring out of their doors.  The sky was filled with dark clouds, blotting the moon and the stars out.  Not that they could be seen normally, masked by the Glare of neon lights that called out to the workers and drones of the city. 

Behind the pub, it was dark.  Vague figures could be seen hidden in the shadows, lost souls, drunk on wine and ale.  Soft light spilled out of the rear door and an ally way lead to the street behind and the main entrance.  Kling Klang's beckoned.  Known for it's less savory entertainments, it was a place one went to forget the boredom of the day.  Strippers and gambling, good times and better Ale.  Those are what awaited it's Patrons.  Everyone was welcome at Kling Klangs. 

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Re: A night Out (Ezekiel & Cherri)
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2008, 04:05:07 PM »
Kain was pleased with himself, and tingling inside like a little boy - for the first time in many MANY years a chance to go out on the town and have some fun. By Technarious he almost forgot how alcohol tasted. Kain was a young seemingly 16 year old boy, the tattoo under his left eye depicted XII... the 12th clone of himself, or should he say the 12th body he grew or himself, e felt extremely old at times, but then again also happy - the world he created... the federation he established, the first prosperous Communist Sector. Kain looked around himself... he was wearing a Fur colar coat, and a walking cane in his hands, he was semi-leanign on ti as he sat on the red leather seats of the Limo, the Brown rug at his feat contrasted with his brown eyes, the experiences of over 700 years plunged in to a mind of a 16 year old...
Kain shrugged and took out another "Mentos" and started chewing it franticly huffing his hand and sniffing to check if he really did have a fresh breath now. The Newspaper laying next to him from yesterday's events looked motivating - Kubiraq the planet under fascist rule for over one thousand years joined the Mid-east Socialist sector, and Sirius 5 established a communist govarment after only 300 years of Socialism, that would be a record even Zeta-Centauri didn't have such a score, Kain smiled to himself - such good efforts indeed he still remembered the celebrities due to Marx's birthday 8 days ago, my the parades wore stunning and even the children made a cardboard one, the Martches the choirs it all pleased his mind, the feeling of self-satisfaction and warm thought of doing good to the world slowly manifested in his body and ventured to all the extremenies.
Yes a good night to celebrate, then suddenly the Holocrone rang, Kain cursed a few times before answering seeing it ruined such a good dose of daydreaming, he twisted the tip of the Pyramid and it opened showing the old face of von Grimbanks, the man always had weak health that was his 21st clone.
" Comrade Springfield are you absolutely sure about this? We have to start the preparation for the festivities of the Revolution next month and I don't think-"
" Comrade Grimbanks we wore already going over this. I need a break or els I'm going to die of boredom! Iv been in office for 7 centuries don't you think that can get dull a bit after that time??"
" Well you can always just use your next clone. And I know what you mean but this is for the sake of the people, how can you neglect your duties for personal pleasure? Thats way too Borgouise..."
" Grimbanks I Gave the people of this planet my entire life, 11 of them to be exact, don't you think its time I be just a little bit selfish? We wore more honest in doing our work than any Politician in any sector of any galaxy of any time... I'm sure the people won't get so frustrated if I take one night off..."
" Well then I'll just warn you there is a press comferance tomorrow, another debate with the opposition nothing too hard, they always run out of arguments, but if you show up with a hangover that won't be too good..."
" Whatever comrade, I know my boundaries and my head - Good night."
The Holocrone made a clicking noise, and Kain sat in the Limo noticing how reality is rushing and crushing him again - the press comferane indeed was one of many millions he had in all 12 of his lifespans, but if they let the opposition reach 1st base, not here in the heart of the republic... doubts haunted his minds again - was this the right thing to do?
No - he was the leader of the galactic proletariat, he would not back down form the decysions made, he is not a slave to his work, he is not going to blunder the only chance he has! As his flaming thoughts started evoluping his mind the " Socialist World Republic" by Ernest Busch, which gave him a more strong stand on his position. But as soon as the Limo door closed and the jazz disco and neonic lights attacked him he felt like a small man, the clothing he wore weren't worse in any way - they wore just different, Kain was wearing a red T-shirt with a small Hammer and Sickle on his chest that was yellow, his pants wore wide a bit tattered jeans, and a pair of Work-boots, his head was decorated by the greatst artifact imported straight from Earth just before it absolute eradication - the hat of Vladimir Ilych Uljanow, the very same hat he was giving flaming speeches on the Red square at Moscow. But all that didn't matter it was just clothing... Kain watched the door for a minute or two, cleared his throat and gulped loudly, and soon after he opened the door and stepped in.

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Re: A night Out (Ezekiel & Cherri)
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2008, 04:34:56 PM »
(small suggestion, Ezekiel - if you could break up your paragraphs with a space, it would be easier to read - we call it the Wall of Text syndrome here :) ) 

Inside, the washed and unwashed masses mingled.  To the practiced eye, there was a certain amount of order within, but to those unaccustomed to the place, it might be a little unnverving.  Off duty factory worker pressed together, moving in little clumps, while scantuly clad waitresses navigated the floor.  Most were human, although here and there one could spot the tell tale pointed ear peeking out of platinum tresses or the thick beard of a dwarf, arms corded with muscle.  The music was canned, playing out over the sound system, a wash of drum and saxaphone and trumpet and bass, soothing in it's way.  In here, the pumping beat of the disco across the street was muted.   

Laughter and curses filled the air, accompanied my the odd belch of someone who had drained more then their share of drink.  Upon Kain's left, a stage held sway, the edges lit by neon ropes, spot lights shining down from the ceiling to pin point half nude girls who may or may not have had real physical presence.  After all, Holograms were cheaper then human labor and rarely caused trouble. 

To his right, a long bar crossed the floor.  Bellies pressed against it as patrons drank their troubles and joys away, and harried bar tenders tried to keep up with the orders of ales and exotic liquours that assailed them.  The patronage was mostly male, although here and there, women were in evidence as well.  These, however, did not look to be working class girls.  At least, not factory workers.

As Kain stood in the door way, one seperated herself from the crowd, sauntering over to him, her hips swaying.  She was small in stature, the top of her head barely reaching to his chin.  She tilted her head, her pointed chin lifting, as she met his eyes brazenly.  Hers were violet.  Dark hair, black and shining, fell past her shoulders, and holo hoops sparkled upon her ears, changing color rapidly, timed to the beat of the music.  She wore a short dress that clung to her like a second skin.

"Good evening, Comrade." she said, her voice soft and feminine.  "Welcome to the Kling Klang Klub.  You're new here, are you not?" she smiled, her teeth glowing white in the purple neon lights that lit the room.  "My name is Sasha.  If you care to buy me a drink, we might chat for a while." 

Offline Ezekiel

Re: A night Out (Ezekiel & Cherri)
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2008, 04:49:35 PM »
" Why yes thank you thatw ould be lovely... I mean groove yeah... groove..." Kain scolded himself in his thughts looks like his teenage sense of normal language was hard to control over the polite and ethymologicaly well build phrases of office language. He took a seat ath th first table that wasn't covered with something els than a ashtray, he withou hesitation took out a pack of  Kubairaq cigars, he watched the big brown nicotine sticks and hided them again, he slowly got up and came back after about 5 minutes, with a package of what the sign said " Mocne" with a "Soft" sign under it indicating there filtered*.

Kain fixed his hat and sat down at the table awaiting the return of the "exotic" to say the least barmaid, he watched the enviroment so simple yet so full of life and motion, he watched as the usual well organized crowds of worker gave in to there true personalities of a common capitalist worker - drinking booze, smoking ogling women, and using the word " f*ck" as some sort of phrase cuter, or a think supporter.
Part of them siting, part of them standing, part of the on the tables part of the under them - either way everything indicated the party was going good.

* ((Mocne in Polish means "Strong" true story i saw a package of " Mocne Soft" in a corner-shop which indeed means " Strong Soft" made he giggle real hard xD ))