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May 24, 2018, 02:56:38 PM

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Author Topic: Amidst the void (Sci-Fi/ Seeking F)  (Read 297 times)

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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Amidst the void (Sci-Fi/ Seeking F)
« on: September 28, 2012, 03:10:41 PM »
Bear with me on this one, my love of sci-fi might cause your eyes to bleed. A singular story, first come first serve! PM me if you are interested/wish further discussion/ or anything else that is related. Heck, PM me if you want to have a mundane chat about coffee beans. It'll be sci-fi/horror/thriller-esque oriented in a way, with those internal conflicts I adore so much.

Humanity has taken quite big steps towards space exploration, but are still very young and have yet to have met any other species. Nevertheless, they started to expand their civilisation onto other planets throughout their known universe, creating little colonies, most created simply to spread human kind, others more specified for mining precious materials and other colonies dedicated purely for scientific purposes.

One eccentric, reckless and rogue young scientist decides that he has had enough of the careful protocol humans obey. Through dubious plans he manages to steal a small spacecraft with a primitive stasis chamber he personally modified and plots a course deep into the unknown, his crazy mind figuring that when the auto-pilot eventually comes into contact with a severely more advanced race, they will take care of things from thereon.

When that eventually does happen, it isn't the race itself that discovers him, but a robot created by an advanced race, one looking eerily similar to humans. Though in reality they are more cyborg than they are pure robot, due to having hardly any mechanical traces left in their body, the race they come from considers them robots. Advanced to the point that they can reproduce for easy 'manufacturing'. A leash is put on their behaviour and they very much treated like tools, despite the fact they have long since developed a conscience.

Very unlike humanity, this race has ironically little left of emotion which their creations do possess and all they have left is an abundance of arrogance. A ticking time-bomb of course and an obvious cause to the creation of rebels said to be caused by sympathisers way back. This cyborg was simply a convenient tool aboard a science vessel, which had been afflicted by an unknown alien bacterial life form.

Driven by a complex genetic rule system in her body, she finds herself forced to assist the young man, thinking the vessel he is in is some illegal trading craft, primitive to divert suspicion and the man on board is one of those 'she' serves. Her motive for helping him out? To use him to break free from her these complex bonds holding her down and break free. The plan being to kill him directly after he managed to succeed.

Of course, rather swiftly it becomes apparent the man himself is extremely primitive just like the ship and very unlike those she served. In fact, when he finds out about her nature, his peculiar behaviour becomes even more apparent when all she can observe is excitement from his end.

Already wrote quite a lot, this is mainly the prelude to whatever is to come, which could be just about anything. The idea floating into Star Trek/ Stargate/ Farscape territories, where unknown events and the danger of being discovered by her 'creators' plays a big part. All the while the two of them start to get extremely close to one another creating an extremely 'tabboo' relationship on both their ends.

If you survived this wall of text or actually managed to read it, I thank you for the effort and commend you on your endurance, I do actually write quite a lot on each post, so feel free to take that into consideration when you feel attracted to this particular idea. (As in, I usually try to compress my ideas to make it more bearable, apologies D:)