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Author Topic: Someone to watch over her (Spoken for)  (Read 578 times)

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Someone to watch over her (Spoken for)
« on: September 28, 2012, 12:32:35 AM »
Down at the slave trad market you saw all kinds of people. The ones that knew what they wanted and got it, the first timers, complete pervs, the once timers, yet you almost never saw someone nibbling and biting on their bottom lip looking small and vulnerable and like they would like to be anywhere in the world but where they were at.

Walking around the half breed girl standing around 5'4 nibbled on her bottom lip, her reddish orange ears almost completely flat against her head, hair only  a couple shades darker then her ears was pulled back into a low ponytail, with stray hair falling into and around her face. Bright green eyes looking around holding a little fear but mostly she just wanted to flee and run as fast as she could away from this place. But no her dad had dragged her down to the market to get her a 'toy' saying it was about time she had one and it could double as a body guard.
Her dad was one of the richest men in the world, and well being his daughter Mallory got a lot of attention. Over half of it was because she was half anthro fox, either people thought it was disgraceful and disgusting that her dad had kept her or people thought it was awesome. Putting her face on magazines, being a guest on talk shows and everything in between. 

The nineteen year old didn't like being in the spot light good or bad. She just wanted to try and live a normal life, without people giving her dirty looks, trying to use her or just wanted to be her friend for what they knew about her.

Letting out a breath Mallory bit down harder on her bottom lip as she walked slowly around hugging herself, her tail wrapped around her left leg. She wished the ground would swallow her, walking around looking at others chained up and in rags. How were they any different then herself or even her dad? They weren't that was the problem, they had lives too, a mind heart and everything else same as the people that were selling and buying them. If Mallory had grown up different she could very well be one of those girls chained up. Ducking her head she hurried past a large part of the market just wanting to go home and never come back. Her dad was somewhere looking over some new slaves  like it wasn't a big deal or anything and to him it wasn't.

Finely Mallory stopped and looked around pulling down her shirt before hugging herself again and nibbled on her bottom lip. The vixen was on the shyer side, the quite one that really didn't say anything. She didn't trust easily nor did she open up to just anyone but who could blame her? After death threats, mean and nasty letters phone calls and she'd even been kidnapped once before when she was younger. The girl liked to stay out of the way of others, a wall flower...Thats what she was a wall flower.
Looking around again Mallory was doing her best to avoid the looks from slaves and people alike.

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Re: Someone to watch over her (Spoken for)
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2012, 12:56:55 AM »
Midnight was tied up to a post at the slave market like a piece of meat for sale, oh how far he had fallen! once the proud leader of wild anthro pack that had stuck to the old ways of living in the wild and learning how to fight and hunt the way they where meant to live. some 'civilized' slave traders had attacked there den and killed most of his people and had wounded him badly, that was almost a month ago now.

as he was sitting here any time one of the buyers came near him he would growl and try to kick them so far it had worked to keep himself where he was and not working for these pigs who so easily sold there brothers and sisters into slavery.

that's was when a young  Kitsune  walked near him while chewing her bottom lip and had her tail around her leg, she looked cute but very scared, as if she did not want to be here and he could relate to that  "hey Kitsune calm yourself pup, one as young as you should not know such fear or nerves. since i am tied and can in no way harm you why don't you tell me what is on your mind pup?" her being shy and avoiding people eyes made him think she was younger then 19 since he himself was only 20 turning 21 in a few weeks. strangely he wondered why one of these people would act like she was as if she thought slavery was wrong/

(his looks)