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May 27, 2018, 03:15:37 AM

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Author Topic: Live To Kill, Kill To Live (Open)  (Read 418 times)

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Live To Kill, Kill To Live (Open)
« on: September 28, 2012, 12:12:02 AM »

                                     The year is 2020, nothing has really changed. Car's don't fly, people can't be zapped from one place to another, world peace and hunger is still a issue.
                                       The only thing that has changed in a zombi apocalypse really happened, the one thing people never thought would happened happened. The out break happened so suddenly
                                                                           No one was prepared for it,more zombies happened in that one singe outbreak then probably any other time.
                                              After that, the army is better at protecting people from zombies. Places that are unlivable and dangerous are marked off, called red zones. No one goes
                                                    to those areas unless they had a death wish or a reason. The few people that did go into red zones, were stupid, rough around the edges, tough,
                                                          most of the time adrenalin junkies and just plain out of their minds. They were a new breed of humans, putting their lives on the line 
                                                                    To salvage things out of the cities, towns and areas infested with zombies. Sometimes if the price was right they'd take a side job.
                                                                            Getting something personal for a person, something they didn't have time to grab before they were forced out of their home.
                                                                                                                              Who were these crazy people?
                                                                                                                                      Zombie Hunters.

Driving down the highway a beat up looking blue ford purred as it went along, it may look beat up and old but it ran like a charm and could with stand going to the red zones, crashing into things and speeding off quickly. It was around two in the morning, so the roads were pretty much empty besides a semi or a lone car with a singer driver in it looking tired and wanting to get some sleep. Yawning the girl driving the truck reached over and turned the radio up more wincing a little from the sharp pain in her ribs getting her to grumble again. "Who the hell puts in marble stairs then marble pillars  next to them?" She complained to herself and pushed black hair against from her face. She had just gotten done with a side job, the only reason she went so deep into a red zone was that it paid good, like really good. Half a million in fact, so Denver took the job, it was simple enough, go to this guys house and get some of his personal things that he didn't have time to get.

Looking at the huge ass house in front of her Denver let out a low whistle "Now this is a house" She mumbled before walking up the steps to the front door, the man told her the door would be locked and had given her a key. Pulling it out of her pocket she unlocked the door and pushed it open, shoving the key back into her pocket she pulled her nine-millimeter out of its holster against her left hip. Holding it up with one hand she closed the door with her foot as quietly as she could until she head it click closed. Now all she had to do, was make sure there was nothing in the house besides her. Well she didn't hear anything but it was a rather large house, letting out a breath and grumbling a little Denver started doing a sweep through out the house, that alone took her about fifteen minuets, she had found several different things that she salvage, but that would come later, after she got what the guy wanted. "Up stairs.." She mumbled still keeping her gun in one hand as she walked to the stairs and started jogging up them. The machete clanked a little against her right leg while the shove strapped to her back moved a little, all the tools of a zombie hunter. You had to be resourceful in order to stay alive, those were just Denver's weapons of choice. "Alright...Down the hall, second door to the right" Pausing she listened but didn't hear anything or smell anything, so she walked down the hall and slowly opened the door, sweeping the room before letting out a breath. "This may just be easy" Spotting the large chest sitting against one wall, she walked over and opened it, on her knees she rummaged through it looking for the pictures and the idioms he wanted.

Grumbling under her breath Denver finely found everything he wanted and stuffed them into her messenger bag, before closing the chest and getting to her feet. Looking around the room again she frowned slightly thinking, might as well look through out the rest of the room right? Going over to the desk she started opening drawers and looking through them, looking for anything she could salvage and sell later on, or something she could use herself. Denver was so caught up in looking through out the room, she didn't hear or smell the group of zombies coming down the hall. IT wasn't until the first one shuffled into the room making a low gurgling sound that she looked up and jumped. "Crap! Oh great Denver! " She snapped at herself before grabbing her gun and shooting the walking dead right in the heart, it made a groaning sound before falling to the ground dead again, this time it wasn't going to get up. "Shit out may others are here?" Stuffed what she had into the messenger bag Denver raised her gun and braced herself for more, and she got just that, a second one came at her, faster then the first, Denver jumped to the side putting two bullets into his chest before, reaching back and grabbing her shovel, smashing it into the head of the third that was in the doorway.  "Time to leave" Rushing out the door she let out a small scream of surprise when a fourth came at her, smashing her shovel into it;s head Denver didn't stop moving, the undead's blood splattered all over her, but she didn't care. She was almost to the stairs when a fifth zombie came at her making a gurgling screaming sound, and dived at her. Everything would have gone fine if Denver hadn't lost her footing while she swung at it it, she smashed in it's head but ended up falling down the stairs herself, only to smack into the marble pillars next to the stairs.

Groaning Denver got to her feet looked around before running out the door to her truck, yanked open the driver side door, tossed her shovel and gun into the other seat and jumped in slamming the door and starting up the truck quickly. She wasn't sure how many other zombies were around now. The truck roared to life and Denver slammed it into reverse, and drove out of the driveway before spinning around slamming it into drive and going down the road.

Letting out a breath Denver shook her head lgihtly wincing from the pain in her ribs. That one stupid job had left her with a couple cracked bruised ribs, a bruised left knee, a fat lip, black eye and bruised cheek and she was sore as hell all over. She just wanted to find a hotel, shower and go to sleep for the next week. She had been driving for almost all night now and it was almost six in the morning, her stomach growled reminding her she needed to eat as well. Yawning she pulled off the interstate at the next turn off to a town, drove until she say the lights of  Dennys and pulled into the parking lot. Food and coffee then she would shower and sleep for a week, parking the truck Denver moved her shovel into the back seat and slid her gun under the drivers seat, before taking the machete and putting it in the back as well. Opening the door Denver got out with a groan, and closed it, shoving the keys into the pocket of her dirty ripped jeans, she glanced at herself in the review mirror and chuckled. She looked like death rolled over, in the blue and green flannel shirt splattered with dried blood and who knows what with the black tank top under it not looking much better, ink black hair with red streaks in it was a wild mess, and  the bruised on her face didn't help much.

Rolling her eyes she carefully pulled her hair back into a messy bun and walked into Dennys. She gave a lopsided smile to the waiter, fallowed him to a booth and slide in wincing from the sharp pain everywhere. "A pot of coffee and...." Denver scanned the menu before ordering a breakfast platter and a bag of ice. With a smile she watched him walk off before groaning to herselfm folded her arms across the table and gingerly placed her head on her arms keeping her bruised side up and closed her eyes waiting for her coffee and the bag of ice.

Her bio ↓
The Zombie Hunter
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My I.D.:

<First Name~ Denver
<Middle Name~ Grace
<Last Name~ Thomson
<Full Name~ Denver Grace Thomson
<Nickname~ Den
Randy Thomson-Dead
Mattie Thomson-Dead

<Sex~ Female
<Eyes~ Stormy Gray
<Markings~ Freckles splashed across her nose and cheeks, a scar going down her arm, a heart with wings tattoo on her right shoulder blade
<Hair~ Ink Black with Red streaks through it
<Personality~ Sweet, Funny, Blunt, She loves to live life dangerously, Brave,Sly, wants to find true love, Feisty, Dont under estimate this girl, Crazy. Gets into trouble,
<Quote~ "zombies are the only thing you get to kill twice"
<Height~ 5'3

* * * * * * *
* * * * *
* * *


<Uncommon Traits~
carrys around a shovel and a nine millimeter
Quick on her feet
Can calm people down
Never gives up
Her mouth gets her into trouble all the time
Her never giving up, can get her into trouble
Temper flares quickly some times
she pushes herself to much at times
Her friends

Annoying people
the list goes on
No one right now
you'll have to ask.....we couldn't get it from her

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