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Author Topic: Unique's unique Ideas  (Read 821 times)

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Unique's unique Ideas
« on: September 27, 2012, 08:12:54 pm »
Hello and welcome to the show!
I am UniqueQ, please call me Unique or Q. I'm not claiming my ideas are super Unique... But please enjoy yourself and look around.
Obviously I am a new player here on E but please dint think me an amateur.

Updated 9-27-12, only four ideas and a list of pairings.

1)Post Length and posting;
* I try and post at least a paragraph sometimes more, sometimes less.
* I will try to answer everyone when I get on
* I try to get on once a day but it might have to be less.
* If I'm not on everyday or respond everytime I'm on don't be offended or message me a million times about it.
* If you don't post at least once a week I wont play with you.
* Partners who give me less then a paragraph when i gave you enough to post more will be reserving what they give me.
* If I start to get bored with the roleplay I will let you know that way we can work it out or drop it.

2) Pairings I REALLY enjoy:
**Your Character this side, mine this.**
* Older men (Only five years tops) and younger girls (17-19)
* Angels and Demons
* Were wolves and Humans
* Human guys with Neko girls
* Solders with Spies
* Bully and Nerd
* Warrior and Female knight
* Kidnapper and Heiress
* Tall man and Tiny woman
* Demon and human girl
* Angel and human girl
* Scientist and mutant

3) Cravings;
My cravings will be posted under here :)


1) Pirates
In the a new era of pirates there are a few all women crews, on the Merciful Mermaid there is a certain tiny girl called Tempy, only the Captian knows that Tempy is Princess Temperest Of the southern Kingdom. One day a man comes aboard having paid a hearty fee to get a trip across the sea to her very own homeland. She doesn't know if who is or if he is a knight, bounty hunter, or a simple man but soon finds herself intrigued with him. He gets close to her and their relationship progresses. After they drop him off they are on their way for a few more years before coming back to that port where they meet again, but he is a changed man and he wants her, wants her bad and when he attacks her the Captian brings him on board for a ship trial that would more then likely end in his death, but after wounding four cabin girls Tempy is charged with his care and things go terribly wrong, or is it right?

2) Princess Spies
The King of a far away kingdom has a special group of spies known as the princess spies, all female and all strong. When he passes away the current leader of the spies makes herself known to the new king, Head prince ________ He calls on her for nonsense reasons just enjoying her looks when one day when he has her in his chambers to talk about something one of her spies brings to her attention a very large man breaks into the room and the leader of the spies springs to action and proves to the prince she is more then a pretty face. Slowly the prince goes insane from his want of the girl and tries to kill her so he wont have these 'nasty' thoughts of a peassent girl only to find the brand of a princess in her arm. Deranged with madness he kills himself and leaves the kingdom in the hands of his step brother, a strong soul and the one who should have sat on the thrown. He doesn't blame the spy and uses her who she should be used but that doesn't keep him from wishing and one rowdy night with a couple buddies he takes what he wants.

Theater Related
1) Haunted
A new theater troop is in town and is setting up shop in a old theater, no one has entered or left in in over a houndred years. It was built in the late 1800's yet when the little group entered it it was like walking into the past; everything shined with fresh polish, the curtains were like new and every candle in the place was la light. Amazed the group instead of wondering how this was possible went along with preparing their show which happened to be an old one written for this theater by its founder which was made famous a few years back on broad way. Little does the troop realize that they have awoken a vengeful spirit that is chasing away all of the spirits and ghosts that were protecting the place and the troop. After months of trying to chase the group away he is going to take it out once and for all on the leader of the group, a young girl who happens to be the new owner of the theater because of her heritage. Who also because of her heritage has a great new threat on her heels.

2)Masked Man
Ever sense she was a little girl Elizabeth swore she had a 'Masked man' Following her but instead of being scared she felt safe, he helped her compete in her first dance competition, he was there when she was in her first play, he was always for her unlike her father, mother, and even her siblings. She loved him even though she had never spoken to him and only caught glimpses out of the corner of her eye. When she got into a one of the best 'Arts' highschools of all time she was so proud and wrote a letter to her masked man and taped it to her window pane and when she woke the next morning it was replaced with one that said, Good Job. Just like that she knew he was real, Every night she wrote him a little note and he always replied with a even shoter note only two or three words but some how she knew he loved her and she knew that she would marry him no matter how old he was. When she graduated and immediatly got a stop in a Ballet troop she reseaved a dozen or so dark purple roses and a note that said I love you. but nothing more. Three years later when she is 22 she sees him agian, this time he wants more then to bbe her protecter.

I would like the masked man to be a Vampier or something with a long lifespane.

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