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Author Topic: High School Of The Dead  (Read 2201 times)

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Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #25 on: October 04, 2012, 11:59:58 PM »
Nozomi’s gaze fixated on the distraught Kaito engaging the zombie horde, blinded by rage as he swings mercilessly at the animated corpses, and all alone as the small group prepared to engulf him. An image of her best friend Akane flashed before her eyes, being devoured by a herd of undead, and a shiver crawled up her spine. The tiny brunette couldn’t take it anymore, she turned to Damon, “I’m sorry, I know he’s dangerous right now, but I can’t let him clear the way all alone.”

She wriggled her slender hand free of the male student’s grasp and sprinted toward the furious fellow baseball player. The girl’s timid features contorted in determination and her dancing eyes went cold. Nomi held her bat out in to her right with both hands, legs bending slightly as she scampered across the pavement and eyes narrowed on her target. Nozomi could see that one of the zombies was dangerously close to Kaito and his back was currently turned; she had to get to it before it had a chance to bite into his flesh and infect him. Luckily, the green eyed schoolgirl made it to the fiend moments before its sharky teeth lowered to her companions shoulder. Her lethal weapon slammed into its stomach, throwing the flesh munching abomination off of its feet and causing it to tumble clumsily to the ground. The speedy ball player then raised her bat high into the air and brought it down hungrily upon the Zombies melon. Warm blood splashed across her face and she smiled contentedly, then twirled about on her heels and slammed her trusty tool into the nearest undead monster’s battered head. As she scanned the remaining enemies Nomi saw their numbers were dwindling quickly, Kaito was viciously tearing them apart at a shocking rate, and soon enough the road to the bus would be clear. Nozomi turned around to face her comrade and commemorate him on a job well done, regretting her decision to come to his aide in that moment.

He decimated another zombie, issuing a fountain of brilliant red, and then Kaito whirled about with his bat poised to attack. Unbeknownst to him it was on a crash course for Nomi’s face. Seeing the incoming weapon Nozomi raised her arms, covering her face and screaming in fear, “KKKKAAAIIIITTTTTOOOO!”

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Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #26 on: October 06, 2012, 05:09:31 AM »
Relieved to see Kaito did not injure Nozomi, Kaneda takes a position next to Kahlan and Damon, preparing to defend the bus against the encroaching horde. "Does anyone know how to drive this thing?" He asks over his shoulder as he readies his makeshift club. "I haven't started learning yet." Unfortunately the undead are upon them before he can get an answer.

Bringing his club down, he along with the others fells zombie after shambling zombie. Deep red covers the bus, the ground, and the students as they defend against the constant onslaught. It seems that with each zombie down, more of the hungry dead arrive to take their place. Kaneda recognizes the bleakness of the situation, and hopes someone can get the bus started before the entire group is overrun...

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Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #27 on: October 06, 2012, 02:38:08 PM »
Kaito was knocking them down like wheat to a scythe. All creatures ahead of him now little more than twitching piles, when he felt a presence behind him. Spinning round ready for another death blow. Stopping when he heard his name screamed.
Hearing his name stripped away the 'red mist' and anger leaving him looking into the wide fearful eyes of Nazomi. He lowered his bat and looked at the corpse lying at her feat. Realisation awning that he would have been bitten had in not been for her.
He turned and started walking towards the bus. Pausing only to say over his shoulder "Nazomi. I'm sorry if I scared you. For what its worth, thank you".

He reached the bus in time to hear Kaneda ask if anyone knew how to drive.
"I can" he replied "but not very well".
"I do know where we can go though."

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Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #28 on: October 06, 2012, 04:18:29 PM »
Damon moved like a demon through the zombie horde that attacked them, proving why he was the voted the best swordsmen in the kendo team. Kahlen, kaneda and Damon made a great team together. when Noz pulled away from him to go help Kaito he nodded and wished her luck, Damon gave a silent prayer that they would all live through this.

when Damon heard Noz cry out he lost his concentration as he quickly turned to see what happend and saw that Kaito  had almost hit Noz in the head but thankfully had stopped just in time, but even as fast as that happend he still couldn't turn back to the horde before on of them grabbed hold of him. just before the thing sank its teeth into him Damon stoved his sword into the things mouth so it bit the sword not him. he struggled for a moment before he was able to shove the zombie away from him and retreated twards the bus with Kahlen and kaneda.

"every one on the buss! some one get this thing moving, head tot he police station best thing we find is help, worse we find guns." Damon said as he practicly shove everyone on the bus, entering last he slamed the door shut and took a breath

Offline ladyofdarkness

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #29 on: October 07, 2012, 02:49:55 AM »
as Kahlen, Damon and Kaneda fought the undead students she heard Nozomi scream. after she cracked a undead student skull open, she turned to see Kaito almost hit Nozomi right in the kisser, and thankful he had stopped just in time, as Kahlen spun around in a circle and hit three undead students right on the side of the head and cracking the skulls in blood sprayed all over she body, after the undead students fall to the ground in a heap, she saw Damon almost get bit by the zombie as Damon shoved the sword in its mouth and broke its jaw, as Damon finshed the zombie off and he started to shove all the living students in the bus. when Damon called for someone to drive Kahlen spoke up and said"i can drive i have a permanent" as she got in the driver seat she started to look for the keys she fond them in the visor. as she said "everyone hold on its going to be a bumpy ride" as she started the bus she couldn't get it to start at first but right in the nick of time it roars to life. as she saw that the front gate was closed she floored it, hitting as many zombies as she could before reaching the gate she braced for impact they crashed through the gate as she asked "where are we going i didn't hear that part"

Offline Sublime

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #30 on: October 08, 2012, 07:22:04 PM »
She released a sigh of relief as Kaito’s blunt instrument stopped inches from her face and lowered, “You’re welcome.”

The next series of events happened in a blur; Damon narrowly missed becoming an animated corpse, the whole group closed in on the bus and they were thrown inside. Nozomi took a seat at the back of the bus, pulling her legs up into her chest and setting her head quietly against her knees. She wanted to cry; for Akane, for Kaito’s girlfriend, for her favourite teachers, and her parents… But she didn’t want to seem weak. So, she closed her eyes for a moment of respite, and cleared her mind of thoughts of the mayhem outside. The engine started, Nozomi had never heard a sweeter noise, and they were off.

“Damon said we should go to the police station,” she called from the back, hearing Kahlan state she didn’t know where to go.

Offline PuckThePlayful

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #31 on: October 09, 2012, 05:01:21 AM »
There was blood everywhere as the horde closed in. People Kaneda once knew, once called friend, teacher; all of that was gone now, the only thing remaining was a hunger in their cold dead eyes. Bringing his club down in blow after shocking blow, his arms began to grow tired from the repeated impacts. He knew the group couldn't last. Is this the end? Then Damon grabbed his shoulder and pulled hard, spinning him towards the bus. "Everyone on the bus!" he shouted, and Kaneda threw himself into the door as Kahlan fired up the engine.

Kaneda didn't hear the voices of the others as they decided where to go, he didn't hear anything but that first scream. He made his way to the back of the bus, only to find Nozomi already curled up in the seat on one side. "Hey." His voice is quiet, almost lifeless as he takes the seat in the opposite isle. He casts his gaze out the window, ignoring the bumps as the bus hits zombie after zombie. Thinking back to speed bumps and potholes, he wished none of this had happened. That he was on the bus riding home, and not running for his life from the hungry dead.

Offline Baalborn87

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #32 on: October 09, 2012, 04:33:09 PM »
"So the Police Station it is then" Kaito thought to himself as he boarded the bus.
He walked along the bus finding the seat he usually took on the way to school next to the seat Kiomi would sit.
He gripped the seat in front of him as the bus lurched to life giving a low grumble like some beast of legend.

As the bus left through the gates he took one last look towards the school. At the last place he would see Kiomi. "It should have been me" He thought to himself as the bus sped down the road, leaving the school to fade into the distance.
"Maby when we get to the station we can find out what the hell happened here" he thought to himself sourly.
"Wait...thats it!" He thought standing up.

"Turn on the radio!" he shouted towards the front

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Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #33 on: October 10, 2012, 03:51:06 PM »
Damon looked over his shoulder at Nozomi and wondered how he could help get everyones spirits up, it would be hard work after what they have been through. then Kaito shouted for them to turn on the radio and Damon quickly turned it on and changed to the news station . . . all was quiet for a moment then they heard what sounded like some one eating, Damon looked at the radio confused then moments later they all heard the sound of a bone being broken followed by more eating and a zombie like moan.

he quickly turned the radio off as the blood drained from his face, they had just heard one of the news people eating the other over live radio."they probably forgot to turn the mic off while they ate lunch, they might not even know whats happened since its spreading so fast." he almost convinced himself since his voice was steady and calm, but Damon knew better he had broken enough undead bones today to know that sound anywhere. "lets just get to the police station, we are close."

Offline ladyofdarkness

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #34 on: October 10, 2012, 10:28:29 PM »
As Kahlen drove, nozomi answered her question, as to where we were going. "alright police station it is thanks Nozomi. we should be there with in 15 minutes if theres no I'm sorry....." as she griped the steering wheel she got teary eyed while remembering her parents and older brother. then kaito suddenly stood up and said to turn on the radio, as Damon came up to turn on the radio, when he did, she herd people eating other people the munching and the bone brokeying with very little sound she flinched and the more she herd the more she wanted to cry, then Damon turned it off, then tried to say they were just having lunch it sounded pretty convicing but unfortunately she knew it was a big fat lie, but she was grateful that he turned it off. she sat there in the drivers seat and remembering about her family almost to the point of crying but she saw the police station but she couldn't say anything no that was wrong she couldn't say anything because if she did she would cry so she stayed quite. she pulled in to the parking lot of the police station and parked turned off the engine and put her head on the steering wheel trying to calm herself it didn't help it did how ever do the opposite she started crying tho she didn't make any noise.

Offline ladyofdarkness

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #35 on: October 10, 2012, 10:47:12 PM »
Sakura was trying to get to the police station, but everything was in chaos. it take awhile to get there, and now there it was she could get help now as she ran to the door she opened it and went inside to see that all the police men were just like the thing that killed her family. she gasped which in turn made all the police turn to face her, she turned to get out of there but they were pushing though the front door that she came in. she ran the only way she could, which was the jail cells. she was trapped with no way out, the only thing she could think of to do was to get in one of the cells. when she was in she closed it and it locked her inside as they pushed against the bars. she went to the very back of the cell sat on the ground and pulled her knees to her chest and cried out in fear knowing she was going to die just like her family.

Offline Baalborn87

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #36 on: December 06, 2012, 04:36:07 AM »
The bus pulled up outside the station gates. The station was a simple affair. A high walled sentinel in lower suburbia.
Kaito walked to the front of the bus, looking out of the door. He noted that the gate wasn't closed. But it wasn't damaged either, bodies littered the courtyard. police, civilians all in various states of been eaten. "Looks like they got overwhelmed before they could close the gate" he said to no one in particular. He looked back at Khalen. "When we get off to secure the yard, pull the bus up across the gate entrance. That should stop any more getting in, and allow us to get back on and get gone in a hurry."
With that he turned back and got off the bus, walking slowly into the yard bat held at the ready. As he walked past what he assumed was a corpse, it stirred and reached out with a claw like hand grabbing his ankle. With a wordless gasp he brought his bat down on its skull, splitting it like an overripe melon. he turned back to the bus. "Looks quiet out here, just be careful of the bodies on the floor." Then he turned back to securing the yard, more cautious of the bodies this time.

Offline seekeroftruth22Topic starter

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #37 on: December 07, 2012, 07:58:36 AM »
Damon had to agree with Kaito about moving the bus infront of the gate "Kahlen, you move the bus ill take Kaneda and Nozomi with me and check the inside of the station" with that the three fighters picked up there weapons and headed out side to there Kaito was

when Damon got close to him he said "once your done securing the courtyard get Kahlen and join us inside alright? we will scream if we need help." it was a bit odd but Damon had grown to trusting this small group with his lifeand he knew that as the slightest scream doth Kaito and Kahlen would rush into the station to help them.

Damon, Kaneda and Nozomi slowly made there way inside the station. it was strangly deserted no body's at all which considering the damage outside there should have been atleast a few body's.

as they keep searching Nozomi hears some moaning of the zombies and taps Damon on the shoulder and leader both guys to where the sound is coming from, slowly peeking through a door the three of them see a bunch of incefted cops trying to get into a locked jail cell, that means some one is alive in here. taking there positions  Nozomi ans Kaneda hold there weapons tight as Damon quickly opens the door. Noz and Kane rush at the zombies with Damon close behind them.

the fight is a bloody mess, after Noz and Kane hit the ranks of the enemy they quickly kill quite a few of them and push the rest back so Damon can open the cell luckly the key is in the lock. once the cell is open Damon sees the person is just a girl about the same age as he is he quickly helps the girl up and says "no time for names head outside theres two people out there that can help you, we will be right behind you." after saying this Kane screamed loudly as a infected came out of a open cell next to him and bite a chunk out of his arm.

with a look of horror Noz stared at Kane and forgot her own defence in mere seconds both brave students are burried under the zombie group, all thats left is the sound of the zombies eating. Damon knew the moment he lost sight on Noz that they where doomed and swore he would come back and keep them from staying as undead monsters but he had to get his new girl to safety first. turning to the girl he quickly but gently pushed the girl out the door him group had come from and then slammed the door shut and shoved a heavy desk infront of it. with those screams it would not be long before Kaito and Kahlen showed up.

Offline ladyofdarkness

Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #38 on: December 09, 2012, 11:42:57 PM »

Kahlan was listening as katio and damon told her to pull the bus in front of the gate. as Kahlan put it in park, then she when to help katio clear the courtyard of the living dead, as Kahlan was killing a few undead cops she herd two terrifying  scarems and started running immediately. as she looked over at katio with a sacred expression and motioned him to hurry and come see what happend or what had happend. as Kahlan was running a undead hand reached out and grabbed her leg, as she slammed in to ground she had momenter pause she wasn't moving for good five seconds. when she came to she realised what was happening,she started kicking the undead cop in the head or shoulder, as it bit the bottom of her combat boot she kicked as hard as she could right at its face breaking its jaw and sending pieces of it skull in to its brain and spraying blood all over her. she gets up as fast as she can with out falling on her face and ran inside to see Damon slam a door closed and shove a desk in front of it "what happend Damon and wheres noz and Kane"as she looks around just to see if she just didn't see them"and who is this" as she takes a moment to cache her breath and look around again in horror wondering what happend to her friends


sakura jumped as these new people came in and started killing those things, one of them came and opened the cell door as she looked at him and those things in horror and suprise. he came over to help her up, then he told her to head for the other two people  outside, right after he told her that the other two were attacked from the side as those two people were being eaten all she could see was her family being eaten living and there screams echoing in her head and the only thing could do was cry. she just stood there she didn't even realise someone shoved her and closed the door behind them. she was just crying as her memory's haunted her. all the emotion she had was pain and sorrow. she looked up as she herd breathing and said in a sorrowful voice"why did you let them die for one life"she paused and them said quickly "I'm sorry i shouldn't have said that they were brave, but wait how did you know someone was here and who are you? I'm sorry when I'm scared i cant stop talking i um nevermind I'll be quiet now" she stopped and take in a breath and out.

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Re: High School Of The Dead
« Reply #39 on: December 14, 2012, 02:13:11 PM »
Kaito looked up as he heard the shrill cries of someone in obvious agony. He looked over at Kahlen as she got up and motioned for him to follow. A hand reached out and brought her down, and he was just about to aid her when she managed to all but remove the cops head from his shoulders with her other boot.
He reached the room at the same time as Kahlen, just as Damen blocked up the door with a desk.
He saw the drawn look and sorrow in Damons eyes as Kahlen asked the question. Then he looked to the other girl, scared and breathless. "She better be worth it." He thought to himself. Then he breathed deeply through his nose and turned to leave stopping in his tracks. "Guys!" he said, lifting his bat and turning sideways slightly. "you might want to see this!". About eight of the creatures were approaching from down the hall. Coming out of corridors that in their haste, they had run straight past.