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June 18, 2018, 01:12:40 AM

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Author Topic: A few idea's to whet the appitite. (all comers are welcome)  (Read 333 times)

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Offline Jarod1Topic starter

A few idea's to whet the appitite. (all comers are welcome)
« on: September 26, 2012, 04:43:12 PM »
It has been awhile.  I am looking to start a game or two.  First I'll tell you a little bit of what I'm looking for.  I enjoy playing sub characters.  I don't get to do it often, but I enjoy it when I do.  I also enjoy playing characters of the opposite gender, though would love to do a game as a male sub of some sort.  In terms of settings I enjoy fantasy, the past settings.  I have some ideas below, but if you have something else in mind storywise I would love to hear from you.  I as very intrested in master / slave senario's playing the slave, male or female.

The Princess Slave

My Character: Princess Ariana Monroe

Your Character: My master (you can choose the kind of character you want to be)

Elements: master / slave, Dom / Sub, perhaps some bsmd, some non-con, perhaps even impregnation though we can discuss.

Ariana Monroe was the pride and joy of her father the king.  She was not however the only child of this particular monarch.  She had three sibling sisters, and they all hated her for the attention she received from their father.  Though they never showed their enmity towards her openly, they we’re always subtly doing thing to make Ariana’s life more difficult.  One day after it was announced by their father that Ariana would take the throne after he passed, Ariana’s sisters devised a plot to get her out of the picture.  They arranged a kidnapping, which was successful, and Princess Ariana was sold into slavery in neighboring kingdom.

The story will begin with my character on the market, stripped to my skin along with many others, awaiting someone to purchase her.  From the the story is up in the air.  It depends on who you want to be.  Will you be her knight in shinning armor, or will you use the young princess as your own personal whore.

Star Wars: The new Apprentice

My character: Jedi apprentice

Your character: Jedi master

Elements: pretty light stuff.  I want romance if anything from this one

This is the tale of a Jedi master and his/her new apprentice.  It is a time of great darkness, and unrest in  the galaxy. The Jedi have been driven into hiding, what few remain.  Our story begins with me being discovered  with the new apprentice being found by the Jedi who recognized the the potential in the young adult human.  (The details beyond that are sketchy)

Element:  I’m looking for action, adventure, and also a lot of character development.  There will be some sex in it, but I don’t want it to be all about sex, or even mostly about sex.  I want it to be about the experience.

My character will be the apprentice a wild young man, or woman depending on your character.  I have no problem playing either gender.    You will be the Jedi master who trains me.

The Hunt

My character: The shape shifter

Your character: The Hunter

Elements: Non con, battle of wills, bondage, slave training

This is a simple concept, but one that I find very enjoyable.  It is a story of a hunter and prey, a world.  It is a world where the slave trade is still prevalent, the more exotic the better.  Some are used for labor, or as house keepers.  The more exotic kept as pets for the pleasure of their master, or mistress.  I will play a young shape shifter, an individual who can morph between a human and wolf, or perhaps a jungle cat.  You will play a hunter who has been tasked to capture and tame me, or exotic ones like me.

What I’m looking for:  I expect a lot of non-con in this story, and dom / sub training.  I am also looking for the thrill of the hunt, as you hunt me, and I hunt you back, with eventual capture, and slave training.  The details beyond that can be discussed later.

The Arranged Marriage

My character: The wolf prince

your character: The vampire princess

Elements:  could be some  non con

The Vampires, and Wolves have always been enemies, and both sides have taken serious losses and destruction.  To end the war between the two races, the Council of Races has put forth a proposal.  The princess of the vampires, and the prince of the the Wolves we’re to be married to one another and conceive a child with one another.  The catch being that this must happen within 6 months with the council and the parents of each of them keeping them on lock down to make sure that they wouldn’t try to break the marriage and re-ignite the war.  Will these two enemies be able to find love with each other or will they kill each other in the attempt.

What I’m looking for:  There could be some non-con in this story.  In the beginning these two will really hate each other.  Both will be stubborn and things could come to blows between them.  The details are up in the air, but we can discuss them.

Detective in Danger

My role: the detective

your role: the criminal

Element:  Non con, bondage, perhaps some drug play,

There is a dangerous criminal on the loose.  One who fancies himself a hunter.  He lurks in plain sight, studying his prey getting close to them, and then capturing them for his personal pleasure.  Women have been disappearing off the streets, with no signs of them ever being seen again.  Once he is done breaking them down, and training them for their new life, he sends them to a foreign slave market, to be sold to the highest bidder.  Now there is news of a brilliant and incredibly observant woman detective in on the case who is getting closer to him.  He realizes he must have her get her out of the way.  And so he plots to make her, the next victim. 

What I’m looking for:  I want to play the female detective.  I’m looking to see how clever you are at luring me in and capturing me.  There will be a battle of wills, and I do not know how it will end.

My sister the Slut

my character: The sister

Your character:  The Brother

Elements  Blackmail, non-con, perhaps a little group action depending, bondage.

This is a story of siblings brother and sister.  Despite the fact that they are siblings the two have never really gotten along, always teasing each other, and fighting and competing with each other for attention.  As they grew old however thing began to change.  When they are seventeen and there  parents away for the weekend, the brother witnesses his sister having sex with her boyfriend and records it on his phone.  He becomes turned on by it and longs to know what it feels like to have sex with her.

The brother waits till the following day, and confronts his sister a smug look on his face.  He tells her that he has a movie of her and her boyfriend, and tell her that if she doesn’t want their parents to know she’ll do whatever he says.

The Switch

My Character : The man who is turned to a woman

Your character: You can decide who you want your character to be, but he should be alot like the man who is being punished. 

He was a man who treated the women around him as little more than objects for his pleasure, whatever his whim at the time might be.  One day the man chose the wrong woman to treat this way.  She was witch, or a soceress, or something, something filled with power and wrath.  One who would not sit still as he disrespected her.  She cast upon him spell that would change him forever more into what he always looked down upon.  She turned him into a woman, as punishment.  A beautiful woman to be sure, but a woman non the less.  It was now his turn to be treated the way he had always treated the women in his life.

The last woman on earth

My Character: one of the few women left after a plague decimates the population

Your character: not sure its open for discussion

Elements: Forced impregnation, lots of sex, and perhaps even a story of fighting for freedom.  Willing to discuss lots of idea’s for this one.

This title tells you a little bit about the story.  A devastating disease runs through the female population killing nearly 3 out of every 4 before the outbreak is finally contained.  With such a terrible blow to the population, women have become an endangered species and new laws are put in place world wide to help the situation, with devastating effect on the rights of women.  From the age of 16 up to the age when they are no longer fertile, are rounded up and put in sterile facilities where they will be "safe" however there is more to it than than.   In these facilities they are  forced to breed  to help rebuild the population.  After each pregnancy, the cycle starts again.

Royal Slave

My character:  Elven Prince or princess depending on my partners character

Your character:  A human who buys my character on the slave market

Element:  wide open to discussion

The story: In the elven community, my character was royalty.  The next in line to rule the elves.  However it was something that my character never wanted.  Adventure, and excitement was what I wanted.  So I decided in the dead of night to orchastrat an escape.  It worked to perfection and my character was on the way to adventure.  However what awaited her was not what they expected.  She was captured a few days out by a band of humans who traded in slaves.  The real story begins from here.

Your wish is my command

Story:  pretty simple.  Your character finds an old beat up looking lamp.  When you rub it to clean it off and read the tiny writing on it, a genie me appears.  There are alot of ways we could go with this, so if you are interested pm me and we can discuss a story, setting and you master or mistress depending.

Master / slave