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Author Topic: An Angel and The Demon (Diocletian and Sherona)  (Read 1000 times)

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An Angel and The Demon (Diocletian and Sherona)
« on: May 17, 2008, 10:54:07 PM »
The library was musky and dark, the warmth of the air unnatural as even the few residents were. It was apparent that the library was rarely used, and when done so only by the most eclectic of patrons. The voices in the room are dim, some sported horns, others wings, marking this a spot of neutrality between the sides.

This, of course, means that there is a strained truce between the hosts of Him and the followers of the Prince of Light. As such the winged beings kept to one side generally, and the horned ones to the other. This was a place of learning, and each faction knew the other's only business here was to learn about the other, to size up their weakness.

Geneve was a winged one, the humans call her Angel, but she simply referred to herself as one of many. She sits in a low backed chair, the brilliant blue tipped white wings flowing down her back, curling slightly in the wake of the heat. Her blonde hair fell in perfect ringlets, and her blue eyes were wide as she looks from one side to the other. She was here unannounced, wtih no reason other then she was curious about the Horned ones, and her curiosity shows by the way she keeps an eye on each that crosses her vision.

Offline Diocletian

Re: An Angel and The Demon (Diocletian and Sherona)
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2008, 11:43:58 PM »
Various of the horned people milled about the musty old library, now a hub of neutrality of the opposing forces.  Vitar sat at a long table, with a large open book before him in order to give the false pretense of pursuing some sort of... academic goal.  Not that what he was truly there for wasn't academic; it was in a different manner.  His red eyes framed his face, with two yellow horns protruding from his brow.  Between and on either side of each horn his hair shone a dark black, combed back and cut short.

Many of his kin came to his odd meeting place with the expressed purpose of learning about their foes.  After all, the War was coming between the followers of Him and the followers of the Prince of Light.  It was only a matter of time, and any idea the... fellows had of their opponents was beneficial.  However, Vitar came simply due to his mischievous mind; he had never seen one of these "Angels."

He rarely associated with his kind, preferring some of the other creatures: fey for example.  His people, the demons as humans called them, were simply too militant.  The humans' curiosity was much preferable to the constant talks of war.

His eyes continued to sweep the room.  So far the angels had yet to impress.  From this side of the room they all looked like humans with wings.  Honestly, he was too afraid to go further, or to get any closer.  Most of the time they were spoken of as violent and evil; ironic, no?  Vitar readied himself to leave, preparing to stand before a female angel caught his eye.  Beautiful with blonde hair and blue-tipped wings, she entered without a word.  While examining her, his small red eyes met with her wide blue ones, and he was unable to move.  He was captivated by her.

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Re: An Angel and The Demon (Diocletian and Sherona)
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2008, 12:13:14 AM »
White robes rustle slightly as she turns, feeling as if eyes were upon her. Her wings flutter slightly, instinctively moving to curl about herself, until her gaze fell upon he who spied upon her. For a moment she could not move, so strange was it that the red eyes of the demon did not fill her heart with disgust or dread.

One brow lifts, her chin follows until her demeanor was one of proud courage, though inside her heart started to beat faster, and her damned wings kept trying to close around her betraying her emotions.

Perhaps it was to prove to herself that she was not afraid, perhaps to prove toherself that she was not curious at all about the demon who looked so boldly at her. Or perhaps it was somethng else all together, but whatever it was did not change the fact that it was a bad idea.

Geneve started towards him rather then away, crossing that invisible line that seemed to divide the two factions. Several Angels stopped what the wre doing to openly stare, but none tried to stop her. It was, after all a place of neutrality..there weer no laws here to prevent her from passing...only tradition.

She continued to glide across the floor, the heat in the room seeming to rise as she passed demons, with barely a flinch. None would dare try and touch her in this place, though they might have loved to have gotten their hands upon her outside of such bounds. Through it all she kept her gaze upon the demon with the yellowed horns, and when she neared she threw her wings back to lay flat to her back, a gesture of ease and comfort rather then suspicion and protection. She does not speak...simply stares.

Offline Diocletian

Re: An Angel and The Demon (Diocletian and Sherona)
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2008, 02:06:12 AM »
It was rare anyone ever crossed the middle ground that split the two groups.  There was no line, no border, just an equator, an invisible line that nobody crossed out of tradition.  However, this beautiful creature did so now.  Vitar's eyes were locked with hers, his forked tongue nearly glued to the roof of his mouth as he watched her move towards him.  He was half-standing, half-sitting as she approached so he straightened completely, rising to his feet to meet her.

The other demons around the room sneered at her, some looking lustfully at the pure being, while others looked like they simply wanted her dead.  Vitar ignored all of them, feeling nothing but disgust for their glares.  He noticed the proud look on her face, but she did not seem haughty.  Instead she seemed calm and relaxed.  His face reflected his respect of the woman, with a kind look written on his features.  They looked at one another for several moments.  When the silence became too much to bear he finally spoke.  His voice was mature, yet laced with a kind of youthfulness that was not distracting.

"I'm Vitar.  You are?"