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Author Topic: From the Mind of an Angel (F looking for M) updated 8/6  (Read 1971 times)

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From the Mind of an Angel (F looking for M) updated 8/6
« on: September 26, 2012, 03:45:51 AM »
So I have been having a few dirty thoughts pop into my head lately and so I decided to try and make them RPs since a few of them I find very interesting. I am only available to RP by PM or Thread so if you have an interest in any of these PM me please.

some of these are designed to get to the Smut pretty fast but yes I would like a story to develop from these at some point. Also these plots are picture inspired so I have placed the picture with the Idea.

Ok so this one doesn't have a picture and is also a rough basic plot.
basically this young woman (Probably in her 20's) has been abducted by the same alien several times throughout her life and one night she is abducted once again only this time instead of doing some weird experiment on her he either mind controls her into having sex with him or actually down right rapes her. (Whichever is fine with me) she wakes up in her bed after the incident to find out that she has in a way imprinted to the alien and now awaits for him to return and fuck her again (If he chooses to do so)

Or another possible way.....

instead of being abducted by one alien she finds herself abducted by a band of in a way alien space pirates and sold on an alien slave market (or the pirate captain can keep her too). of course the imprinting is going to happen, but in this plot she will probably try to resist it.

Garden of Eden (Post Apocalyptic, Zombie Apocalypse, also kind of Sex based)

Basic Synopsis:No one knows what started the war, however the nuclear bombs left the world a complete and utter waste land. The radiation killed all the green. Humans managed to survive but are severely mutated by the events. Every human is now infected with what is known as the Eden Virus. Any man who is infected with this Virus has one of two things happen to him. One, if his body rejects the virus he slowly dwindles into a cannibalistic creature commonly referred to as a "Snacker." (basically a Zombie just not technically dead.) If he manages to survive the virus, he achieves powers only a little short of a god. However there is a downside to this, he has an uncontrollable urge that causes him serious pain if he does not release his seed from within his body every so often. (Masturbation relieves it for a couple hours, and Sex can relieve it for a couple days) He also must find a woman to sustain him.

For a woman the mutation is similar. If her body rejects the virus she dies. If she becomes mutated(which most don't) her breast enlarge and produce a different type of breast milk that will sustain a mutated male. her downside is that she releases a pheromone that lures any male to her vicinity. (Which includes the Snackers we will get to that in the next paragraph)

If a Snacker were to consume a mutated female. The creature gains the god like power of a mutated male but still remains his cannibalistic ways. (basically making him extremely dangerous and hard to kill.

Plot: Basically my plan is to have someone play a mutated man on his search to find his woman.(My Character) The longer he has been without her the worse his sex drive is (meaning the urges come more frequently) and his power is slowly draining. When he finds her and drinks from her he becomes bonded to the female and only she can sustain him from then on forward. However the bond does not stop other males from coming after her or Snackers from trying to attack her either and the pheromone is still produced so he basically becomes really over protective and has to defend his right to her.
(if your interested I am open to making this some sort of brother/sister incest story but that makes some minor changes to the plot)
PM me for questions and Interest!

Amazon warrior idea
I have had a new craving to play an Amazon warrior who has been captured by a Roman Army who was sent to destroy the village. They succeed but upon looking at her they see she has great beauty. So instead of killing her they capture her. this could be a gangbang kind of thing or it could simply be a one on one where the captain takes interest and decides to keep her for himself. She obviously won't go down without a fight I mean she is an Amazon warrior.

A gift of the wolves
ok so recently I have been recently geeting into the Anthro/Furry thing and would love to do an rp along the lines of this little comic I read.
A Gift of the Wolves

Now there were two ways we could go with this. One like in the comic she can be a gift to the ruling alpha as a way to gain protection for their pack. Or two she can be from a Warring pack and given to him as a peace offering. with that second one if you want we could through in some plot twist like maybe she is actually an assassin from her pack or something. you can pick on that one. 

Well like I said Earlier if you are interested PM ME!!!!!

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Truly interested in being the school teacher and her lover .

Offline RainyHigh

Is Extra Credit still open? And is it fine if a female were to play the male role of the teacher?

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Removed the Taken Rp's and added Garden Of Eden

Offline wiccaangel311Topic starter

So Garden of Eden is Reopened since my original person interested doesn't seem to be interested anymore

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Re: From the Mind of an Angel (F looking for M) updated 8/2
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2013, 12:14:57 PM »
added Amazon Idea

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Re: From the Mind of an Angel (F looking for M) updated 8/6
« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2013, 04:42:08 PM »
added new idea