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May 21, 2018, 07:47:27 PM

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Author Topic: Waiting for Approval - Intrest checks  (Read 292 times)

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Offline Endless EchoTopic starter

Waiting for Approval - Intrest checks
« on: September 25, 2012, 11:58:10 PM »
While waiting for Approval I thought it might be a good idea to share some of my interests. Most of the time I play 1x1 RPs so a lot of what I post will be referencing that. I do not know if I will start a Non-Adult Rp just yet; since I like to take time with my Rp's and have pure freedom, also my Rp's generally last a really long time. - Please note when I use the word mature, I am not just using it under the terms of sexual Rp's I use it to describe gory, violent Rp's as well; please keep that in mind. Another thing I will point out is if I do actually do an rp with mature content, there will almost always be a story and a plot/theme; I don't do cheap thrills.

But back to the point of this topic.... I am new! So I am looking to throw ideas back and forth to various people. I am willing to do a PG rp, but note that it will have to be really good to hold my attention.

Quick Overview Of Me:
  • I'm not a Grammar-Nazi
  • Romance is a must!
  • Mature Themes (PLOT REQUIRED)
  • I Specialize in Dark Rp's (But not always)
  • I type my replies to match what is typed (but generally 1-6 Paragraphs depending how much I have to work with)
  • I HATE modern themes (they bore me to death, rarely I play them but only if they are good and heavily laced with Fantasy)
  • I do NOT do unoriginal/fandom Rp's (They get messy, more so if one or both rp'ers are hardcore fans... Rarely I might bite for one if it's good or bite for a remake of one, aka similar but not head-set on the original - I enjoy my freedom)
  • Fantasy, originality, Mythical, and Cultural themes are my weaknesses

(Mermaids, Medieval, Steampunk, Asian, Arabian, etc)
  • I Don't Do Character Sheets, as I am a freelancer styled RP'er (I make all my characters from scratch/on the spot)

What will be required of you:
  • An Open Mind
  • At lest 1 Paragraph when replying
  • Attributing to the plot
  • Common scene

Character/Gender & romantic Pairings:
  • You can be Male, Female, Any race you like.
  • I myself can play a male, or female or futanari or whatever!
  • As For pairings I am open to FxM, FxF and MxM.
  • For the record (since some of you people seem to care) I am a female in real life :P

(I know I am not allowed to post mature Rp's yet but I figured I'd mention this bit)
What Does Mature mean to me?:
  • Blood
  • Guts
  • Gore
  • Sexually Explicate Content (PLOT REQUIRED)

Themes I enjoy:
  • Edo Japan (♥)
  • Chinese dynasty (♥)
  • Ancient Indonesian (♥)
  • Arabian (♥)
  • Classic Medieval (Like King Aurthur stuff)
  • Middle Earth Medieval (Mythical Creatures added, not necessarily lord of the rings)
  • High Fantasy Medieval (Wizards, Original World, Races, the works) (♥)
  • Steam Punk (Magic + Steambots) (♥)
  • Atlantis (♥)
  • Mythical (You like mythology? Me too!) (♥)
  • Spirits/ghosts
  • Angels/Demons (Be original)
  • War / Battles
  • Sci-if (Just be Original! Lay off the modern stuff!)
  • Action / Adventure
  • Master / Slave (PLOT REQUIRED)
  • Dark Plots - The Darker the better (PLOT REQUIRED) (♥) (♥) (♥)
  • Other? Amuse me. (♥)

Races I enjoy: (For RP's that require more then just humans)
  • Orginal Races (♥)
  • Merfolk (♥)
  • Kitsune (♥)
  • Naga (♥)
  • Elves/Drow
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Genies
  • Fairies/nymph
  • Dryad/Ent
  • Sphinx
  • Harpy
  • Anthropomorphic Anything
  • more? Amuse me. (♥)

Side Note About Humans or Single-raced Rps:
When playing in an rp with only one or few races I typically like to have one thing unique about one or both of the characters (something that sets them apart from the rest of the general public) It keeps things interesting within the plots. Whether it is physical or mental, or even magical. (Oracles are a popular one with me)

  • Modern / Futuristic (Note: I may make exceptions)
  • Normal / Slice of life / Typical drama (Reality Junk)
  • Unoriginal Content
  • Fandoms / Fan fiction
  • Grammar Nazis
  • Bullshit (Weather you be talking it, or it be the actual substance)

Offline The Last Standing

Re: Waiting for Approval - Intrest checks
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2012, 01:02:01 AM »
Hey Echo!

This kind of stuff sounds right up my alley. Dark is terrific, though I am not a fan of BDSM. I've been in the Unapproved stage for quite some time, so I was wondering if you would be willing to start something up in the Non-Adult sandbox for the time being. I'd love to keep it going to something deeper if I am accepted here.

As for settings, I prefer a touch of magic or historical inaccuracy. I realize you don't like modern or futuristic situations, but have you considered cyberpunk, or futuristic noire settings like that of Blade Runner?

Look forward to rping with you.