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Author Topic: Feel Good Inc. (Fandom - Music Based)(M/F & M/M)[MUL]  (Read 966 times)

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Feel Good Inc. (Fandom - Music Based)(M/F & M/M)[MUL]
« on: September 23, 2012, 12:57:30 PM »
Why the bloody hell is the door jammed?! (M/F - Need F)

Need: Groupie
Age: Anything that doesn't get me thrown in jail, eh?
Gender: Female. This is not up for discussion. Don't give a damn what you were born as, but you better have a pair of tits on that chest and a trench between those legs.
Daily Requirements: Worship me. Kiss the ground I walk on. Throw shoes at the one I deem 'Faceache', rewards will be given if a face shot is achieved.
Weekly Requirements: Scaring children. Shoplifting of useless, unneeded objects.
Monthly Requirements: Ritual chicken sacrifices to the Dark One.
Personality Requirements: Submissive. Must be able to tolerate an unstable environment, chain smoking, foul language, possibly some drugs, and the likely hood of being shot by gang members.

Will be working for: Genius, mastermind, demonic bassist for the greatest band in the universe and in all creation. Occasionally gasses and kidnaps people for their own good. Highly egotistical. Frequent and violent outbursts. Alcoholic and former speed addict. Forgets to shower, shave, and brush hair often. Proud Satanist and unhappily Anablephobia (that's the fear of looking up. You uneducated hillbillies).

Location: Head to 212 Wobbly St. I'm the handsome one with the six inch tongue and green skin. Ignore the Faceache with the black eyes, he's just some fucker I let run around my house. If that doesn't help you, then just ask for Murdoc.

I shall be taking applications all week. Written applications are nice, but I'm looking for something a little more 'proving'. Just show up and we'll figure out a way for your to prove your credentials.

Faceache seems to think putting a picture might help get more replies, so here you go: Me in all my glory....maybe that sodding fuck was just screwing with me...You all did want to see my photo, didn't you? Fucking moron, I'm going to give him another black eye for this. Sodding fuck is going to get it right between the eyes with a baseball bat this time...

So yeah, basically Michi wants to play as Murdoc from the Gorillaz. The entire band has a fictional life to live and an interesting story to tell. Murdoc's life is filled with music, drugs, abuse, demons, and alcohol. He doesn't seem to be scared of anything and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. When things don't go as he demands them, he tends to take several paths. One being to hump it. Another being to beat it senseless. And another being to kidnap people and force them to do what he wanted them to in the first place.

Murdoc is a terrible womanizer. He will bed anything that breaths, but he does prefer a certain type of company when it comes to someone being around him constantly. 2D is his punching bag. Noodle is, in his mind, a genius and so he respects her. Russell, well, he's the best drummer in the world, so he has no choice but to keep the man close. So the female character who takes on the part of the 'Groupie' would need to be someone Murdoc would deem worth keeping around.

I was thinking of going along with the canon storyline for the Gorillaz. Having the girl enter in at the beginning (the Clint Eastwood video) and be Murdoc's Number 1 girl, even though he never admits it.

While I would prefer my partner to at least like the music of the band, I don't expect anyone to know the whole storyline for the band. The story would start with Murdoc getting the bright idea that advertising for groupies is the best course of action for meeting women. She would be the one to witness Murdoc's transformation from simply being an alcoholic, band creator to semi-demonic monster. Everything from drinking to kidnapping band members and creating an ocean hideout.

The game will likely go into the Bondage section.

Murdoc is a very music oriented person, so a lot of the game would surround the music aspect of his life and their time 'together'. This won't be romantic. Part of it could be a little bit, but not very much.

Anyway, PM me or Post here with interest or for more detail.

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Re: Feel Good Inc. (Fandom - Music Based)(M/F & M/M)[MUL]
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 03:20:19 PM »
Where the bloody hell 'ave you been?! (M/F or M/M)

Need: A Roommate
Age: Any so long as you don't hit me.
Gender: Doesn't really matter.
Requirements: Talk to me without calling me a bum, hillbilly, Faceache, Two-Dents. Listen to me without throwin' a shoe at my head. Don't drug, gas, or kidnap me. Doesn't drink too much.
Personality Requirements: Sumone the quieter side. Sumone who has a place I can move into right away.

Will be Friends with: I've been described as 'unintelligent'. I guess that's true. I've hit my head quite a few times. Lost a few teeth because of it. I have bad eye sight too. Girls are usually put off by my eyes. It's not my fault though. My friend knocked them both black about ten or so years ago. I don't 'member what the doctor said it was. Summfink about a pool ball or summfink...Anyway, I'm missin' my two front teeth, so I talk a bit funny. I like to sing though and I'm told I sing pretty well. At least I should since me mate was willin' ta kidnap me and all to make me sing.

I ain't damanged. I promise. I just need sumone...uh...not talk to sumtimes.

Oh, I'm also told I have big hands and long fingers. Don't know why Murdoc told me to put that in this ad. Summfink about "gettin' chickies". I dun know what that means though.

Location: Head to 212 Wobbly St. I'm the one with the weird eyes. Just ask for 2D or Two-Dents. If a man with green skin and a long tongue answers, don't say anyfink. Just run. Turn around fast and run as far as you can and never come back.

Hey, whot is that thing? It looks like a little picture. Did Murdoc do that? How do I get dat off? Oh bloody...might as well leave it.

Hey, take a look at this Faceache with no front teeth! What a twat!

Dammit, Murdoc...

Same as my Murdoc idea up above, extensive knowledge of the Gorillaz storyline and universe is not necessary. Knowing it would be better, but I don't mind so long as you are at least familiar with the band or concept. Honestly, it's easy to google the story. Basically, 2D is a somewhat tormented soul. He grew up knowing he wasn't very smart. He had an accident falling out of a tree that caused all his hair to fall out and it grew back a dark blue color. Later on, Murdoc hit him with the bumper of a car and caused one of his eyes to eight-ball. While in a coma and under the care of Murdoc, he was thrown through a car windshield and was knocked out of his coma. His other eye eight-balled and he lost his two front teeth.

Murdoc beats on him and calls him names a lot. Any relationship 2D attempts to create is usually ruined by the demonic bassist. He even caught his first girlfriend having sex with Murdoc in a bathroom after a show one night.

All 2D wants is someone outside the band to talk with. To be close with that has no connection with the band. Someone that won't get him caught up in guns, drugs, fighting, kidnapping, and general chaos. I want to play the game out picking up after their last song [noembed]DoYaThing[/noembed]. Basically, the band has gotten back together and is living in a run down flat. 2D is at the end of his rope and seems to take delight in throwing out the eviction notice before Murdoc can see it. He sort of hopes to find a new roommate and a safer place to live before Murdoc finds out.

PM me or Post here for more details or with interest.

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