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Started by Deli, September 22, 2012, 03:55:09 PM

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Halloween is not just for kids to have fun. There is more to Halloween than most people know. Demons live amongst humans. ON Halloween night before midnight each demon must have a sacrifice to give. This way they can gain power and live. Without the sacrifice the demons would die.

Jefferson University holds a group of demons. Most of them are history majors. It was an easy way to get their sacrifice. Being every October they have a Renaissance fair. Which was a good way to get their victims.

Phil was the president this year. Meaning he was to become one of the strongest of his age group.  Also become the leader of them as well under the Jefferson College.

Cassie was a new girl at the University. She just joined the History Club not knowing the danger she was about to be in.

Phil had his eyes on her since she first joined. IT was time for this demon to play his charm. Phil always acted like sweet guy. Someone that anyone could get along with. It was his way to get any girl to fall for him and he was ready to use the charm on her.

What he didn’t know is that Cassie would actually fall for him and he would fall for the girl as well.
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