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Author Topic: Come play with me! - F for M - [Open]  (Read 536 times)

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Come play with me! - F for M - [Open]
« on: September 22, 2012, 12:46:04 AM »
*UPDATE: 06/03/13* Hello! I am once again taking applications for new roleplays I have refined some of my old plot lines and have added a few more as well. You can find all my plots and more about roleplaying with my in my O/O Thread. Please check it out and send me a PM so we can get the ball rolling!

Please Teach Me Taken
Romance, Force, Inexperienced Partner
He is hot, charming, popular, and an honor student. All the girls in school want him and he know it. He could easily get any or all of them if he wanted to, but there is only one girl he's really interested in. She is a shy, glasses wearing nerd. Pretty stereotypical except that she's really not that smart. After, trying for months to get her to hang out with him, eventually he offers to tutor her when he noticed she was failing her classes and she reluctantly agrees. What she doesn't know is that he plans on teaching her more than just school work.

If You Are My Love Taken
Forced Incest, Teasing, Age Gap
She was only twelve years old when her older brother left to join the Army at 18. She always thought he was the coolest, nicest, funniest and most handsome guy she had ever met growing up. However, he always brushed her off. Who could blame him? She's just a little kid. Even though, he never wanted to play with her or let her tag along with him and his friends, she still loved him. It wasn't until he came back home six years later that he started paying attention to her . . . maybe a little too much. Was it maybe her fully grown breasts and sexy curves? No, that can't be it. He's her brother!

I Have You Now Taken
Humiliation, Abuse, Rape,
A social outcast. He didn't have very many friends and that was perfectly alright with him. All his classmates were noisy and fucking stupid anyway, especially that dork, Nolan, who was constantly inviting him to hang out with him and is friends. It was as if he thought all the less popular kids should stick together. He didn't need them, plus he already had after school plans. Every day after school, he sneaked into the mostly unused girls bathroom on the 3rd floor, and masturbated. He picked a different girl every day and violated them in his mind. It was okay because the girls he targeted were all dumb sluts who deserved it in one way or another. One day, he met a girl who changed all of that. She was beautiful, smart and funny. Even though, she was popular she was nice to everyone, even the outcasts like him. He made an effort to see her as much as he could and talked to her for hours. They became good friends and pretty soon, he realized that he had fallen in love with her. He didn't want to violate her, since he saw her as innocent and pure, but no matter how hard he tried to resist, he couldn't help jacking off just thinking of her. Eventually, she was the only girl he ever thought of and finally decided he had to ask her to be his girlfriend on the last day of school. You can imagine his surprise when she happily announces that she just started going out with Nolan.

Years later, He is a respected, wealthy, and handsome business man. Quite the ladies man too. Life couldn't get any better. That is until the company hires a new intern. She hadn't changed a bit and is still as kind as ever. However instead of making his heart flutter, that sweet and innocent smile of hers only made him sick. It seems fate had given him a chance for revenge. He's still extremely bitter about being betrayed by the only girl he had ever loved and uses his power as her boss to torture, humiliate, and harass her. 
Inspired by a manga called Onani Master Kurosawa (Masturbation Master Kurosawa)

Alex in Wonderland Taken
Fantasy, Femdom, Harem, Romance
A certain boy likes to waste away his days reading science fiction novels, gazing up at the clouds, and sleeping in the meadow. He loves being lazy and avoids any and all responsibility. Basically he is spoiled, naive and childish with the tendency to whine when things don't go his way and thinks that his parents money will solve all his problems.However, it does not sit well his parents who dream of seeing their son become a successful business man married to a good wife. When it seems as though he will never own up to his duties on his own, they arrange a marriage for him. His fiance? A strict young noblewomen determined to whip him into shape . . . literally. His days become an endless mission of slipping out of his fiance's clutches, unfortunately most of his efforts end in failure. One day, while running away from he comes across a large rabbit hole and hides inside. He soon realizes that the rabbit hole is bigger than it seems. Eventually he looses his footing and falls down into Wonderland where he meets the Princess of Diamonds.

Through Pain Taken
S&M, Bondage, Romance
A fugitive serial killer and a nurse. They met at the psychiatric hospital he was admitted to after having murdered six women the previous year. Everyone saw him as a cruel monster, but not her. She was the only one who took the time to understand him for what he really was. That is a sick human being who needed help and over the years she never once neglected visiting him. During that time, they fall in love, but with him being diagnosed as a sadist, they could never be alone without a guard and restraints. All he wanted to do was touch her . . . at least once. One night, there was a riot. Hundreds of patients ran wild and he took that opportunity to escape, but not without seeing her one last time. However, he soon learned that simply seeing her wasn't enough. He wanted to touch her, hold her, suffocate her . . . With his medication wearing off, he couldn't help himself and stole her away so that they could finally be alone together. Unfortunately, without his medications he is forced into a daily struggle of trying to resist harming his love. He's a sadist, but is in no way proud of it and hates that part of himself.

Together Forever
Stalking, Kidnap, Rape, Obsessive Love, Hypnosis
A certain young doctor had recently married the love of his life. His world is shattered when his wife is killed in a tragic car accident just mere months after their wedding. Heartbroken from his loss, he goes into a state of depression and buries himself in his work, cutting ties with friends and family in the process. One day, while looking through his late wife's death report again, he notices that she was an organ donor and discovers that someone had received her heart. He decides he wanted to know who that person and finds she is still admitted to the hospital. Upon meeting her, he is surprised how beautiful she is and how much she looks like his late wife. They connect right away and talk everyday for hours until the day she leaves the hospital. From that day onward he becomes obsessed and follows her around claiming that he is in love with her. Believing wholeheartedly that they belonged together, he doesn't take no for an answer and prepares to do whatever it takes to make her his.
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Re: Come play with me! - F for M - [Open]
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Give and Take Until There is Nothing Left

Be Here To Love Me

Boys to Men

-found in my O/O thread-