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April 24, 2018, 05:52:55 AM

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Author Topic: Magic & Sorcery [M/M] Switch character wanted for high fantasy story!  (Read 279 times)

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Offline Observing TriflesTopic starter

This idea is closed. Thanks to those who showed interest. :-)

Magic & Sorcery [Title to be changed when the thread is posted.]

Setting: High fantasy.

Themes: Politics, power struggles, rough sex, forbidden relationship, romance.

My character is a sorcerer of some repute, under contract to a royal family in a lavish kingdom (henceforth referred to as Kingdom A for lack of a better name - names can be worked out in plot discussions). As a royal sorcerer, his main priority is to aid in the protection of the kingdom, often working in conjunction with the royal army, military subdivisions, etc. This sees him traveling extensively as needed, providing the royal army with an extra source of strength and the ability to heal.

Kingdom A and Kingdom B have been on very tense terms since the end of the Great War only two years prior. Kingdom A sends dignitaries to meet with Kingdom B, hoping to ease the tension and bring more security to the continent, as well as increase the trade of goods and precious metals. For protection, and perhaps to intimidate Kingdom B in the process, Kingdom A sends its sorcerer on the mission as well. The sorcerer, though well-taught in politics and foreign relations, remains quiet during these dealings, as it is not his place to speak.

While the kingdoms' respective dignitaries work to establish peace, Kingdom A's sorcerer meets the sorcerer of Kingdom B, one of equal rank and importance. They are of the same age, roughly the same build, height, and skill. Likewise, they both have their egos, which causes them to clash repeatedly. The air between them is almost always tense, mildly combative, and fiercely competitive. Yet, despite the odds working against them, they begin a tempestuous love affair, one they must keep secret for fear of disrupting the talks of peace between their kingdoms.

The possibilities after this point vary greatly. They could be discovered by their superiors and sought for punishment, which would be severe, given that their situation could imply deliberate scandal inflicted by one kingdom to the other. They could run away together, seeking a new kingdom in which to make a home. Really, I'm open to anything.

What I'm looking for: Character details (appearance, personality, etc) for Kingdom B's sorcerer are up to you. However, I'm set on the idea of him being a man of equal power and strength of character as my sorcerer. I'd like him to be a switch; my sorcerer will be a switch as well. In this case, I really don't want a top/bottom arrangement, as they're both fairly dominant personalities, and each will fight for the top until the other gives in.
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