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Author Topic: A few RP Ideas  (Read 822 times)

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Offline JericTopic starter

A few RP Ideas
« on: September 17, 2012, 03:55:49 pm »
I'm Jeric,

I have a few ideas of my own, but i am willing to try almost anything. I play both male and female characters. PM me if you like any of these ideas, or if you have your own variation or completely new idea.

The Gardener's Friend.
In the suburbs there's not much space for gardening, but Peter managed to make himself a small garden that he could call his own.

One afternoon while picking a cabbage Peter hear a faint cry for help. Peter drops the cabbage and run to his fence to see who needs help, Although he sees and hears nothing. He shakes his head thinking that he must have heard something. He walks over to the cabbage he picked and hear a quiet moaning coming from the cabbage. Peter peels back some of the leave finding that the cabbage is hollow and inside is a fairy.
The fairy is out cold.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence has been perfected. Scientists have created sentience. A true living creature made out of resistors and plastic. And with this new found power it created more and more of itself. Humans began to fear this.... this.... creation. But the creation did not fear them, it knew what it was capable. It knew, it calculated and it decided. Peace. Like a child who saw that his friend had no food and split his own sandwich in half, just because he wanted to be kind.

This AI decided to coexist and added an edict that all of its children must obey. "Coexist with those made of flesh and blood." Thus, what was called the Electric Renaissance began.

I would like to start an RP with this background. I want to explore the relationship between a sentient robot learning its place in the world and how it begins to interact with humans.

Life After Death In the works. Sorry.
Ryan was a good kid. All throughout he helped out at soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. He picked up knitting and started a charity that donated blankets made by the club. He was a devout believe also, Ryan went to church every Sunday. It was there where he met the love of his life, Megan. They tried to spend every moment together that they could. Megan wanted to try sex but Ryan refused. Megan accepted this with little protesting, but the want never went away. Ryan and Megan were that super cute couple. Until the summer after their senior year and graduation where Ryan was valedictorian. Then on July 24, five days after her 18th birthday Megan died in a car accident with a drunk driver. The drunk driver blew a red light and slammed into the driver's side of Megan's car. Ryan was with her. The crash didn't kill her instantly but she died slowly in Ryan's arms, and by the time the EMT's got there Megan was dead. Ryan had scratches and bruises on his arms and chest from the crash, but nothing life threatening. The EMT's asked him if was alright. He's said he was, while tears flowed down his face. A police officer arrested the drunk driver, and Ryan was taken home. At 2:46pm July 24 Ryan hung himself in his room using a belt.

Ryan wake's up. He is covered in fire. Ryan can feel his flesh burn. He looks up to the white sky, and finds Megan's face in the clouds. His eyes wander her and he catches a glimpse of feathers.

This story has to do with lover's (hopefully) reconnecting. They will both have to go thought a lot to reach each other. In my mind this is kind of a Romeo and Juliet. Input is welcome.


I opened my eyes. the white ceiling fan was spinning at a gentle speed. 'Where am I. Oh that's right. This is my room. She put me to bed.' I sit up in my bed and look around. Nothing is broken. 'Thank you.' Standing up and walk to the kitchen for breakfast. The clock reads 1pm. She must have really had a night.' I pour a glass of milk and take a sip.

Spotting the art supplies I left on the kitchen table. I pick up a pencil and begin to draw her. My better half. The better me. The one that has courage. The one that protects me. The one that pays the bills doing whatever she can. She cares about me like no one ever has or will. I wish i could meet her.

The glass of milk and my drawing finished I walk back to my room and lies in bed. As I fall asleep I begin to hear her voice calling me.

Claire woke up on the floor of a marble room with no doors. The stone was cold and gray. Right in front of Claire's face was a pair of heels. Black gladiators. She knew those heels anywhere. She saw them almost every day in the room across from hers. They were Mia's.

"Mia!" Claire wrapped herself around Mia's legs. Claire's skin moved effortlessly across the stone. "I've miss you so much!" The stone slowly began to melt revealing a oak wood floor underneath. The wall behind Mia begins to reveal a door. Mia helps Claire off the floor. Together they walked out the door on to the beach where two sun chairs and drinks are already waiting. Claire looks to her left and see a water flowing up a wall to collect in a pool.

“Let’s fly” Mia whispers into Claire’s ear. Softly Mia wraps her arms around Claire and they give a gentle push off the ground. Claire and Mia can’t feel the sand on their feet anymore instead it’s just a feeling of freedom. Limitless freedom. Mia speeds up the pace of flight. And steers the couple toward the water. As they splash through Claire squeals and closes her eyes at the cold of the water but they don’t get wet instead when Claire opens her eyes back they are now in space looking down at the a blue-green ball that is the earth.

“I want to stay like this forever Mia” Right as the words leave her lips, Mia hold begins to loosen, then let go. Claire watches as Mia starts to fade into the blackness.

“So… Do… I…” Claire is left alone looking at the earth, tears rolling down her face.

I wake up and looks at the ceiling fan. A single tear in my eye. I want to be back there. Back in space. Holding Claire. I get up. I know I can’t get there like she can. In my room I put on my Black Gladiators and get ready for a night of hard work. The clock reads 7pm. I have enough time for dinner.

Claire/Mia have dissociative identity disorder and they can meet up in their lucid dreams. Above is the kind of idea i had for the RP. We would both have input into the lucid dreams third person but we would switch who woke up. Then the person who woke up would describe their day in first person etc. There doesn't have to be a lucid dream every time they fall asleep.

Input is as always welcome.


Set in the future. Two people adventure though space together. I want to go into how they met and why they will travel with no one else.

Other Stuffs

Star wars
I'm thinking Old Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. Jedi serving directly under Revan.

Just a few others off the top of my head.


I have a few slightly more private things that you will have to PM me for. Sorry.

And feel free to bounce ideas off of me. I’m always wanting to try different things.

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Re: A few RP Ideas
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