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Author Topic: Death and his Dark Fairy (Looking for Lit Dom M or F willing to play a M)  (Read 712 times)

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So I got this picture as a gift for my boyfriend and fell in love with it the moment  I saw it. I love this fairy and wish to play her as a character. I don't have this idea flushed out completely, but I can't wait to get her up and running. So here goes nothing :)

I was hoping to do something were either she falls is love with death, or becomes his servant or a mix of both. I am not sure how they would meet other possibly like she is in the picture bent over a lake. Maybe she a innocent loving fair, and death some how seduces her. Though, she could a a powerful dark fairy that death takes a liking to, and comes to her, with an offer she can't refuse. If you are interested in playing death lets chat for a while and see what we can flush out together :)

btw please PM i most likely wont see a reply here thanks :)

So here is an update, and a bit of flushing out/ first post. I hope it will help everyone to understand my idea a little more. Please even if this isn't quite what you were open for I am more then willing to adjust things. Would even possibly do death as a female. This story as gotten to the point that I just really must do something with it asap. Enjoy ^^

The sun was setting on this never ending day. All she wanted was the kiss of the moons rays on her newly dried wings. Today was the yearly wing ceremony, and she had just been gifted with her beautiful purple blue wings. Her wings were like no others, they were so dark, but so vibrant and they felt so right. It had been to many long years, for hard work for her to earned this gorgeous wings. All the other wings that were were pinks, light blues, greens, a few pale oranges and yellow, even a couple rare reds. Though all those whispers and gasps of shocks rung threw her mind, as she remember standing in the middle of home tree. No wings had been seen like her's before, no one knew what that meant. A fairy's wings were a sign of the powers that they were born with, and would master in the years to come.

There she sat her feet dangling from the branch she had found to dry her wings. She could hear the others whispering about her and her odd wings. It was time for them all to go back to their homes for the night, no first year fairy was allowed to fly during the night. Night flying was dangerous even for the mature fairies, only a set few were allowed to fly freely during the night. Though right now Isabella didn't care. The moon had always spoken to her, called for her to walk among its rays and she had many a night. Though tonight it didn't just whisper it beckoned to her, yelled at her to dance among its rays in the sky. It had always been her dream to do just that, to finally feel the kiss of the wind while flying threw the skies.
Watching all the others fly off as the sun finally set, she sat and waited a little longer. Till the darkness enveloped the trees around her. Today was suppose to be a glorious day, but all her friends had abandon her, left her to sit alone, unsure of those wings that called her back home. As much as it hurt be a lone, she didn't blame them either. The unknown was scary, she had no idea what was going to come long with these wings. All the other colours had ideas as to what powers would manifest, but her she would have to explore on her own with no help.

Looking around and seeing no one else she jumped off the branch starting to fall towards the earth. All the others had tested there wings before taking off but she was bold and care free, she knew they would hold up. Isabella had faith in her abilities, and took of towards the clouds, breaking threw the forest canape with easy a bright smile on her gorgeous pink lips. The chill of the night air felt amazing against her new wings, all her senses were on high alert as she found the widen open sky.

Everything looked so different at night, and even more so while flying. This was like a dream come true for Izzy, all the hurt that had come from the commotion this afternoon started to melt as she  continued to first flight through the dark skies. This was home now, and would always be, she didn't care about the fairy laws, anymore. She was different, something special something never seen before, something that would never be seen again.  Giggling she darted to and fro, doing back flips and front flips, as she continued on, explore father and father into the night.

The glory of her first flight starting to fade slight she spotted a large lake, a place she had never seen before. Stopping she hovered high above the water's surface, looking around she couldn't see anything that looked familiar at all. She no realized she was lost, and not totally sure how to get home. Though right now she wouldn't worry about that, she would find her way back when the sun rose move the mountains. For now she wanted to explore, and explore she would do. Driving down she smiled lightly as she flew over the lake's face, as her fingers danced threw the cool water, as she went. This place looked safe enough, she would stop here for the night and rest till morning.  Then she would worry about finding her way home.

As the shore came close she slowed and walked onto the damp ground towards the large rock that  rested on the shore, but reached out into the waters depths. Sitting with her legs crossed she smiled, and watched all the night creatures roam around the lake, this place brought her join and happiness. She hoped that she would be able to find this place again once she found her way home, she would have to do her best to remember how she got here. The moons kissing rays danced lovingly along the glass surface of the water, it made her wish she could do the same. Though she was more then happy to watch. Though there was something else there, just under the surface something, she would have never expected or never would have believe was really. Though her whole world was about to change, those dark wings on her back were just the being of the things to come.
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Re: Death and his Dark Fairy (Looking for Lit Dom M or F willing to play a M)
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Updated with possible first post of this story I wish to start. If you wish to do this or something with this fairy please pm me and likes start painting this world together. ^^