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Started by Lyseni, September 16, 2012, 08:05:46 PM

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I'm a little puzzled. I noticed yesterday that a roleplay I have going over PMs was missing every post except for the latest one I had just received. My message count is the same as it was before, but I can't find the previous posts from the past couple of weeks. ??? I'm sure I didn't accidentally delete them... is there something about viewing it as a conversation that automatically hides older posts once it has reached a certain point? My partner is still able to see all the posts. I don't know, I'm lost. .__.

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Do you have message pruning turned on to remove messages older than (x) amount of days?

Have you by any chance moved the messages into another Label?
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Or have you changed the conversation format of you inbox?


I think I checked the message pruning to see if I hit something in there, and it's been set to 14 days but I didn't hit the delete button. I still have messages in my inbox from years ago, so I don't think that's it. I don't have any labels set up. I've also tried cycling through the different formats for viewing messages in the inbox, but just that one "thread" so to speak has vanished. I only have the message my partner sent yesterday in response. D:

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I know that showing your PMs in conversation format keeps them together and the other shows each separately in its own time stamp order.  Are the messages gone completely or have the moved?  Have you be able to check to see if they are in other places?

Also, if you delete one message from a conversation it deletes the conversation.  Could you have done that by accident?


It seems that they're all gone completely - like they just vanished. I just checked my sent folder and they're all missing from there too, but not any other messages I've sent. The only deleting I've done was probably a week before this happened, but those were messages with another person entirely.

Actually, those messages that I tried to delete reappeared in my inbox shortly after, I believe. Eek! I don't know what's going on.  :o