Jessica's desires (F seeking M, modern and sci-fi)

Started by Jessica‪, September 16, 2012, 01:36:58 PM

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Hey there!

Before I get to the ideas, please don't reply in this thread, contact me by PM.

Keep in mind that I'm a very busy young lady with very little free time to spend in here. Also, please read my roleplay preferences!

And finally, my ideas are negotiable and I welcome new ideas and suggestions, just don't send me a no subject or a one liner request because then I will ignore it.

Modern, incest taboo (Brother x sister)

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Brother meets young sister for the first time, she's about to marry but everything goes to hell the day before the wedding. She's down, gets drunk and ends up sleeping with him (just sleeping, but on the same bed) On the morning after she wakes up still on her wedding dress, sober, in the right mood for sex and quite heartbroken with her brother hard against her and... something forbidden happens, we can decide how much happens. And from there they start to date in secret.

Another idea for this pairing is that she's a teenager(16+) and he asks her out for real, things develop quite naturally between the two, especially with her body full of hormones and the like.

Modern, incest taboo (Brother x sister)

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A young woman for one reason or another gets into prostitution and she ends up liking it a bit too much. In theory I was going for a young woman, no more than 23-24 years old. But as a variant of it I also thought about a young schoolgirl (16+) getting into prostitution because she's horribly bored, or maybe because her brother, who is secretly in love with her, pushes her into that dark world. She would possibly do lots of stupid things like unprotected sex, especially with her first and special customer, who could be her real boyfriend or her brother, and letting him finish all the way inside thus... getting pregnancy scares and the like.

Sci fi: Star wars/Mass Effect (Open for crossover too!)

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Ok I should start by saying that I don't know much about any of the settings. I know bits of this and bits of that, much like any person that likes to watch movies does. Mass effect seems like a very requested setting so I'm open to try something in it. In any case try to be nice and have some patience!

In the first setting I was thinking about playing a lonely young woman, maybe she has force powers or maybe she doesn't at all. The point is: She found a cruiser sized ship, it's pretty much automated and ever since then she has been cruising the stars on her own, like a sneaky, but good hearted, pirate queen. She never ever hurts innocents even though her ship could easily create an endless havoc from orbit to any planet or ship. The problem? She has been feeling horribly lonely and could use a new adventure in her life.

In the second setting, my girl is a skilled infiltrator, she's also a pretty good fighter pilot and currently owns a new prototype that allows her to pierce dreadnoughts with total impunity thanks to its full cloaking. She's also quite lonely but at some point she's strandled in a planet, unable to reach her ship while enemy forces try to capture the enemy bitch. She sends out a distress call and then... hopes for the best!

Finally the crossover setting is all about the character and cruiser from the Star wars idea entering a wormhole, which instantly leads the cruiser from a galaxy far far away to our galaxy, which seems to be used in the Mass Effect universe. In this case I rather play her as a someone that can use the force, and that is quite powerful at it, just for the shock and laughs of her and her ship being a new an over the top asset to whatever galactic conflict that could be going on at the time.

And that's all for now! Below are a few pairings that I find interesting, however, they lack a proper idea to them. If you have one that fits then feel free to let me know! My favorites are in blue and I always play a female character.

Stranger x Stranger
Friend x Friend
Cousin x Cousin
Sister x Brother
Adventurer x Adventurer
Soldier x Soldier
Pilot x Pilot