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Author Topic: KaylaM's ideas and interest thread (F for M)  (Read 7903 times)

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KaylaM's ideas and interest thread (F for M)
« on: September 15, 2012, 09:20:43 AM »
Update: Open for new RPs. Superbig cravings

So I have a few ideas floating around, and thought that I’d throw them out there, seeing if anyone else is interested. I’ll say now that these are, for the most part, M/F “light” ideas, with me playing the F side of things. I’d also invite prospective players to check out my Ons, Offs and RP preferences to know what I’m looking for and what to expect. I respond best to PMs and rarely check the thread itself. I will advise now that I do only play by post on E.

With that out of the way, onto the ideas:

Current Cravings/Wants:

*Currently craving: Battletech, Fallout, Military Sci-Fi

Oddball Craving:

*An emotionally damaged Cyborg girl who needs a good hug in a low-smut game; possibly post-apocalyptic or military themed

Entirely Original Ideas:

Post-Apocalyptic: No really solid ideas, but I’ve had a vague yearning for something post-apocalayptic for some time. This could go any number of different ways. It could be a Mad Max-esque post apocalypse full of insane maniacs in junk cars; it could be generations removed as people rebuild over the ashes of the old. Or it could be something less “radioactive ruins” and more “empty world”, where there’s just an absence of people around. (Super-Virus? They just vanished?). No Zombies, please.Update: Off the list once more.

Warrior Woman (or whatever): Pretty straightforward; I would be playing a powerful warrior woman/barbarian heroine/et cetera in a low-fantasy, sword and sorcery world (think Robert E. Howard’s Conan stuff here). Whether wandering or seeking treasure or a paid mercenary or just out to have a fight for the sake of it, the idea would be that they meet another character who they form an alliance with - and maybe more. Potential Variation: The Warrior Woman is a warlord of some sort, at the head of a mighty army/barbarian horde/whatever. Note: This is one that I haven't had much luck with and has been off the list for some time.

Cyberpunk: Your basic Cybperpunk dystopia, one where cybernetically-enhanced hired guns fight in the shadows of looming megacorps in decaying urban hellholes. Two agents are hired for a job, both experienced hands at this sort of thing. They may be complete strangers, or have known each other before; either way, as they get in deeper in their newest job, they find themselves becoming more involved with each other. In this case, I'd be looking to play some sort of cybernetically enhanced mercenary, a mix of human and machine

Superheroes: An original Superhero world, though one that’s relatively straightforward and “traditional” in style. Two heroes fight Bad Guys in the Big City, forming a crime-fighting partnership and having adventures and such. The two could develop a relationship in their costumed identities, or maybe meet in their secret IDs and develop an unknowing attraction to each other. Either way, they end up dealing with their relationship while trying to save the world from Bad Stuff! Looking for four-colour fun here; bright costumes, spandex, masks and capes, colourful baddies and the like. No fixed character concepts here, so feel free to go wild and make stuff up. Note: I haven'y had much luck with this one so far, but I'm open to ideas.

Cyborg: This is something that’s less fixed on a story or setting and more on a character concept. For some time now, I’ve been having a hankering to play a cyborg character, one who’s obviously no longer fully human. A good chunk of their body (whole limbs and other bits) have been replaced with mechanical parts, leaving them stronger, tougher and more powerful then before. However, they also are struggling to retain their humanity, not wanting to become a machine. One possible angle for this would be the character as a “super soldier”, a part of a military unit made up of other similarly augmented humans. Could also go for something transhumanist with a bit of work.

Military Sci-Fi: Like the above, this is rather open; it could be any number of different things, but the gist of it would be playing soldiers in some sort of Sci-Fi setting. They could be some sort of cyborg, or Power Armour or members of a special unit, or even just ordinary troopers. Regardless, this would be in a world of high technology, spaceflight, alien worlds and so much more. The story could be about members of the same team, or ones who have to work together under unusual circumstances.

The Simulation: The idea here is something that seems mundane and first; people living in a normal, modern-day city. However, the truth is much darker; they are minds inside a computer simulation of reality, ones that have become fully aware of their situation. It’s made worse by the fact that the simulation is also visibly breaking down around them, full of coding errors and anomalous programs and all sorts of things going wrong. They’re trapped in this system, but they don’t know if there’s a way out or even a ‘real world’ to get back to, all they know is that their world might be about to end.

Vague/less defined ideas:

Chicks Dig Giant Robots: This isn’t a specific idea either, but more of a broad concept. I’m a fan of the Giant Robot genre, albeit more from a Western point of view rather then giant robot anime. I’d be interested in trying a mecha-themed RP of some sort, though I have no specific ideas beyond leaning towards the more ‘military’ end of the genre with an emphasis on realism (or, at least, as much as it can apply to the genre). Certainly I’m open to general ideas, suggestions and thoughts. Retired due to fatalisim

”Close partnership”: A variation on, well, any of the ideas above would be to turn it into a M/M/F relationship, with a trio of characters who become mutually involved with each other. This could a woman and two bi men in a fully mutual relationship Off the list

Fandom Ideas:

Battletech: Despite this being a RPG universe, I’m looking for a freeform, system-less RP here. I’m not looking to get bogged down in huge written battles; leaving things abstract is fine with me. So I’m also not going to be asking for character sheets, but certainly a little bit of sense and restraint – think appropriate abilities, and 'Mechs that make sense for the time and setting.

I am open to ideas with the universe, though I do prefer the Jihad and Dark Ages time periods. I'm especially interested in the current (3145) era, and it's broad range of conflicts and diverse characters. I generally prefer to play "small unit" characters and settings that have a lot more freedom for movement and independence and the like, as well as making it more plot-friendly. Current Big Craving

Shadowrun:  Taken! A game/setting I’ve loved for years, but never until recently had a chance to actually play in. It’s definitely fun and more then a little crazy, and something I’d like to give a try sometime. I admit now that I’m not that solid on the setting, but I have a general broad grasp of it and most of the ideas behind it. Mostly I’m open to ideas and character types, but mostly I’d be looking to play Runners working together as a team or partnership or whatever. In general, I prefer to play direct combatants, however. Again, even though this is an RPG universe, I’d prefer to play as freeform

Fallout: I admit now I'm only a newcomer to the Fallout universe (and franchise); I've been really enjoying Fallout 4 and have been wanting to explore the universe some more through RP. I admit that I don't know as much about it as some, but I am willing to learn and do the research. As with my other ideas, I don't have specific plots or settings or characters in mind (Although it would be original characters within the universe) but I have plenty of ideas and am open to them as well. New Craving

Star Wars:I’ve been a fan of the Star Wars universe for yonks, especially in a lot of the “funkier” aspects of the expanded universe (and by that, yes, I mean Marvel Star Wars). I am interested in a one-on-one RP in the universe, but I don’t have any specific plots or ideas in mind, so feel free to shoot one by me. I'm open to most eras (Save for Legacy) but most prefer the Movie and Old Republic eras

I've had a real hankering to play a Sith or Dark Jedi character of late, but I also like "light" Jedi, Bounty Hunters, smugglers and other ideas. Just please no Mandalorians. Or Twi'leks. Or Twi'lek Mandalorians. At present, I don't have any real ideas for a story - though I'm open to suggestions. One idea that does present itself is for a story dealing with delving into ancient Sith/Dark Side mysteries and relics; adventure archaeology of a sort. Off the list. Fatalisim again.
Macross/Robotech: Pretty broadly open to ideas and concepts within either of the two settings here (mainly lumped together for the sake of simplicity), but I generally like the idea of soldiers serving together within the same unit or team, or some other similarly shared situation. Despite the themes of both settings, I'm not that into the "human falls in love with an alien" trope myself, but at the same time, I'm open to ideas.

Just be sure to keep your Robotech and Macross terminology separate. Yes, it is a pet peeve. Yes, I am pedantic.
Off the list.
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Re: KaylaM's ideas and interest thread (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2012, 09:21:21 AM »
The following are “ideas I’d like to play” that have no specific plot or character attached, but are looks I’d like to use for character inspiration. Note that some of these may be pre-existing characters (I dunno if they are), but I'm more of looking for a look/feel/etc of the character. These are also by no means exclusive! I'm constantly looking for new looks/concepts

So why is this tattooed babe in a derelict building?

Waking up to that - Good or bad? (Taken/in use)

Hot and scary (And there is a definte pattern forming here...)

She looks like she could kick some serious posterior.


(No actual interest in Mass Effect; just a cool character look)

Not just does she look pretty angry and defiant, but if you note the arm, she's also some sort of cyborg. Plot ideas!

They're some sort of high-tech pilot and apparently female, but what lies under that mask?

If you know the Battletech universe well, you'll know that those aren't tattoos.

This is enough to make me break my self-imposed fantasy exile

NSFW Nudity
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Re: KaylaM's ideas and interest thread (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2016, 10:30:07 AM »
Update: New fandom craving