El Maligno's craves looking for M or F i dont care

Started by El Maligno, September 14, 2012, 05:50:37 AM

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El Maligno

Just going to keep this simple and to the point more details to those interested in the actual rp's. I am looking for or interested in having an rp about a sith lord who finds a force sensitive slave or being in the hands of someone lower than him. After he takes this female being he gradually breaks her down even though she is strong, enough to have he call him master. This will be rocky and not at all cheery but as he begins to train her and their adventures press them to rely on each other maybe something blooms between them or they fall under the wrath of the other sith lords.    My next rp is a teen titans rp I would like to play Raven or an OC but with my partner playing as raven. Either way Raven and an existing character or an OC first meet up have that spark end up in bed then deal with everyday superhero lie villans friends and maybe even snoopy parents wondering how a bunch of teens are doing living together. Send me a pm rather than posting on here.