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May 17, 2022, 12:59:10 pm

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Author Topic: Vampire the Masquerade ~ One Shots and Erotica  (Read 992 times)

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Vampire the Masquerade ~ One Shots and Erotica
« on: September 14, 2012, 12:05:26 am »
Hi everyone!

Vampire: the Masquerade is a game system and narrative setting within the World of Darkness. The World of Darkness is a whole bunch of other books and stuff that I never read, but all goes together in this crazy, gothic game-world underworld. Vampire is the flagship of all that! But wait, it turns out that that is all I want here.

I want to play some only-like-a-maximum-of-two-players games of Vampire: the Masquerade! I don't really feel like writing vanilla vampire stories outside of this context and system. I mean, don't take that wrong. I love vampires! I'm so much into vampires at this moment that I'm asking players to climb into the Vampire-reserved section of my brain and get lost among all the other Kindred who inhabit it, and lots more imaginary mortals living beyond in ignorance of them. So if that's you, please read for a little longer~

Personal Experience
I'm a novice roleplayer who hasn't actually done much GM work in the past. I'm not a hardcore roleplayer by any means, so please none of that here either. I mean, I would love it if you had some experience, sure, but if you are going to harass me for my mistakes during this, I won't be involved long. I personally know next to nothing about the actual Vampire: the Masquerade histories and stuff. I'll be mostly making it up. If you're going to complain to me about that, please try to be more relaxed. I feel like doing this, which is hardly a static concept. I like relaxed literary environments when the emphasis is on awesome story-telling, not awesome player-characters. Roleplaying is like acting in some ways, I guess, but this isn't really like tabletop. These stories are told entirely as narrative, so I'd prefer to approach ideas as authors, rather than as players.

I like romance and intrigue, which is why I like Vampire! I'm all about things having many faces and many skins, so my games tend to be layered. The downside of that is I get a little discouraged when things I think are important are missed, but I'll get over it. I also like the abnormal. Things that are beyond the curtain are what World of Darkness is all about. I just mean odd characters and the like. Boring characters are ordinary and tell boring stories. The best stories occur where something snaps or changes, when something isn't normal anymore.

Finally, I obviously suck at writing and am not going to be trucking with people who take everything too seriously. My posting time will usually be erratic. I'm a busy person and I'm not always in the mood for writing. Especially in games like this where I can't help but complicate everything, I hope you can be patient with me.

Who I'm Looking For

You don't need to have played Vampire before necessarily. I'm willing to help people learn if someone wants to. I know some helpful resources and things that are all online. I'll only be using the Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition and no other sourcebooks are required. You do need to read that one though. If you can't.. er, find a "copy," then responding will be a waste of everyone's time. The game is actually really simple to learn. I honestly probably can't help you too much however.

Otherwise, I'd like a player who knows the system.It would be nice to just start. I don't feel like lengthy settup this time. I want to write now! That's a good sign, don't you think?

Game: Erotica
Okay, so the people at Vampire the Masquerade don't really seem to like pandering to people who like vampires for their sex-appeal. Well, screw that. The Kindred in this game will be extra sexy! I mean, sex WILL NOT be the primary focus of this game, but I'm going to avoid thinking of the Kindred as walking dead people. They're more like, immortal memory images who only barely touch this world, like living photographs. In that sense, the beast represents your detachment from the image you inhabit. You know? Your immortal shell isn't a corpse, it's a marionette fashioned in the likeness of your former life.

So please, don't be a Nosferatu either...

Apart from that, the game will have all the intrigue and cruelty that's so important to the genre. And doesn't that just make the sex better!

Game Concepts:
I'm not expecting there to even be many people interested, so I haven't developed a real plot yet. I can't help but have ideas already anyway though. If there's something you would like, or you were maybe hoping for, please tell me all about it!

Actually, after thinking, I'm going to wait for interest and ponder ideas before listing them here. The list is subject to grow if there are actually people interested.

I dunno >_>