a Jynx looking for a little luck

Started by Jynx, May 15, 2008, 10:03:27 PM

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I am looking for an rp partner. Seems almost all my story arcs have all but died off. I want someone wanting a long term story. Perhaps post at least two or three times a week if possible? Just getting tired of starting a story that dies right as it is getting interesting.

Here are a few pairings I tend to like

Master x Slave
Master x Pet
Vampire x Vampire
Human x Vampire
Furry x Furry
Furry x Neko
Furry x Human
Neko x Human
Elf x Human
Elf x Neko
Princess x Captor
Royalty x Servant
Teacher x Student

I also like any RP based from White Wolf, Book of Nod, Queen of the Damned, Shadow Run, Dark Heresy, World of Warcraft or anything renesance or Victorian as well 1800s or futuristic.I am flexible. Please read my on and offs in my sig and pm me if you think you'd be interested. Also feel free to contact me on Yahoo messenger or AIM. ^.^
Silks and ropes get up my hopes
Whips and chains excite me
But to make me moan,
And shake my bones
You only have to bite me.

ons and offs


I might not fit into all those roles well, but I'll PM along which I'd like to join in with you. I think the romance and literacy aspects of your Ons are where I fit in best. :)


I'll send you a pm if you don't mind.  :)


Looks interesting. I'll Pm you so we can discuss one of the pairings.