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Author Topic: The Eighth Winter  (Read 1807 times)

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The Eighth Winter
« on: September 12, 2012, 12:01:11 pm »
Presenting "The Eighth Winter"

This request thread is designed to attract anyone with a heart for the darker side of the human mind. This is a nightmare world of immersion that I want to write. If you would, Imagine that Bethesda just came out with a game called "The Eighth Winter" that plays like Fallout 3 or Elder Scrolls, that's what's going on here. If anyone decides to do this, they will be alone in a world FULL of my NPC's. Naturally this could work as a small group game (but it would take a lot of work that others haven't been willing to do in the past, and I'd like to go a different route this time). This time, I want one player at a time in their own completely unique version of the world. (maybe two if it makes it easier!) anyway. I love this world, and I'm willing to share it. please come on inside and have a look around.

The Encyclopedia

The Eighth Winter of Anders(4-9-12):
It is the Age Without Time. Our ancestors are not counting on the details of our accomplishments. We only live by the chance that someday, our tenacity will reign supreme. We live in a world now, with vampires, and demon-kind alike. So, the Order of The Sages has informed us, continue to inform us, and operate as our only source of truth in the darkness. Whether you find yourself as a slayer, a witch, a martial artist, a priest, a wise-man, a rogue, a mechanic, etc. You have become a major player of These prophetic times. The Jikundi Truun camp will protect us this winter, as far as we hope, our life's will percevieer. It will be cold, for the Scorpio sun is rising again.

An Interest Thread


Ok! So before, you just dive in to discover everything! You should know that no one person is expected to know all of this stuff. So, only read what you want to read. And by all means, don't read. Just ask me questions. I answer PM's.

I am your DM, Photo. I control a lot of characters in this game, but they are all flavor. I'm putting the weight of the story on you, the participant. There is still a LOT of room in this gigantic game. In many attempts to simplify this interest thread. I'm at it again, with the cliff-note version! I hope you feel compelled to create a character. At the end of every roman numeral. There is a large collection of spoiler bars that explain more about the previous topic. The idea here, is to make this whole introduction process as painless as possible.

An introduction to the world
It is A.W. The Age Without time. there are no nations, and the people who still live and breathe have no real concept of what a nation is. Humans live in small villages with each other, a struggling species willing to break the laws of nature to survive. The leaders of our race are known as 'The Order of the Sages'. We are protected by them, in many ways that we are never meant to understand. Anders is on the northern banks of a wide and raging river. Within the seven walls of Anders, five seperate villages lay anxiously in hiding. Built on top of ruins, Anders uses the old wooden and concrete structures to house and shelter their kind. There is only one way into the town, and that's through the southern gate, over the river. There are some holes in the walls to the northeast and northwest corners, but the dense forest there protects the city even better than the walls are capable of doing.

Among the five camps are the Gate camp, the street camp, the tower camp, and the wall camp, each named after rather simple attributes that these camps lay adjacent to. the southern gate, the ancient main street to the northeast, their watch tower arranged just northwest of the gate camp, and the grand southwestern wall.

The fifth and final camp of Anders is known as the Jikundi Truun, a secret martial arts organization with limited admissions. Seven winters ago, the people of Anders collected to name the 'Ji Tru' warriors as protects from the evil that lurks in every direction. Only the Order of the Sages have certainty, but over 500 years ago, the demon world rose up from the mouths of hell to swallow our realm. Led by the increasingly powerful Vampire population, hundreds of vicious demon races appeared as if from the place of legends. "Our world was not prepared," say the sages. "It has been a very long war, and it does not matter how long we've been fighting it. For, this is the Age Without. We have our lives to survive, our ancestors are relying on our determination, not our accomplishments."

So as the vampire scourge continues to kill off our people one by one, we have three lines of defense here in Anders, the first being God, the second being the Order of the Sages and their snot nosed slayers that often do more harm than good. Finally, our last defense in Anders is the all mighty Jikundi Truun, the ultimate weapon against against the forces of evil.

I. Types of Characters. - This is a great place to start.
   A - A member of the Jikundi Truun - A martial arts clan/ magic mansion of education
      1. A martial artist
      2. A magic user
   B - A Demon slayer - Self explanatory. Your birthright is to pursue and destroy the forces of darkness
      1. A recon Slayer - stays in the shadows, gathers intel on powerful cells of demon activity
      2. An assault Slayer - Fire and Brimstone, throw yourself into the fire type.
          a. Man - traditionally out of control and impossible to train, subversive, ill-tempered etc.
          b. Woman - Even tempered, smart, and inceredibly intuitive. Female slayers live for a lot longer.
   C - The Anders' Guard - The liscensed and trained protectors of Anders, kind of like anti-demon-medieval-swat-teams.
   D - A Sage of the Order - a group of men and women responsible for the safety of human-kind. There is no government or time, only the Order.
   E - A Rogue Demon Hunter - You work for no one. And likely, you are not fated to follow in the Slayers footsteps.
   F - A Mechanic - The world needs people that can put things together. No factories. Cars, Guns, ovens, lights, these are all privately run businesses.
   G - Any other thing your heart desires - Be an amputee with incredibly eyesight and no hair on her body at all... If you can make a good story, I'm all ears.
Character Choices


A Note: be as creative as possible, just remember that this is AW, and that demons ARE evil. Humans can sway one way or the other, but a vampire character is not going to save a bunch of schoolchildren from a fire, reason one: there are no schools, reason two: s/he would eat them first. But seriously, the more creative you are, the bigger the world becomes, and that's what this game is about, I'll likely be working with every writer personally to optimize the narrative of our tale. Also, since this story takes place in the future, literally every name is completely legitimate, combine cultures, or just make up your own culture.

Visual Age (almost exclusively a vamp thing):
Actual Age:
Appearance (picture or description or both):
Affiliation (Jikundi/Truun/Sage/Slayer/rogue/demon/other):

Back story (write a novella for this if you want):

Jikundi Truun clan

Founded by two men, Reni Jikundi, and Albert Truun. Jikundi was a slayer of epic proportions, and still lives to this day, operating the camp with Albert's students and his own. Reni has lived through 75 winters now, the Ji Tru's eighth one will be his 76th. He mastered the movement of the physical body and started to take on students more than two decades ago. His star student was Cristop Alessy, a young man with something incredibly special in the corner of his eye. Albert Truun was a warlock with the significant specialty in energy manipulation. Truun had chi like powers, forcing inanimate objects to move with the flick of a wrist and a few soft words. In addition, he also controlled electricity and other unseen forces. For a long time, him and Reni had nothing to do with each other. Sparing the ten pages that it takes to tell the origin story, I'll skip over this section with one sentence:

A very evil woman was about to destroy Anders, a human.

Albert Truun used the defining spell of the Ji Tru clan's power. He infused Cristop Allesy with a magical essence. this spell turned Cristop into a walking thunderstorm, quite literally, his punches and kicks became powered with electricity and with enough practice he could even charge energy in the form of a projectile. In addition, Cristop was learned in the ancient knowledge of physics. It was this understanding of nature's laws that gave him the freedom to incorporate his new gift into his martial arts. Cutting much of this out again, there were and still are two backdraws to the 'infusion spell.' The caster of the spell loses a significant amount of h/er natural wiccan gift, and the recipient of the spell can never turn his lightening off, it takes extreme concentration not to damage (or kill) friends and allies. Cristop's entire personality changed, he became silent and dark. Like a god, he inspired the town of Anders to make The Ji Tru clan their official guardians.

In the Northwest corner of Anders' walls, two camps were built on either side of the altar that Cristop had placed himself during the infusion. The northern camp was intended to house witches and warlocks, the southern camp was meant to train further students of Jikundi

From the tiny walls of the tower camp, one may embark to the northwest through the treacherous woods. For even within Anders' walls, demons still roam in the dead space between camps. In the picture above, the old roads have given way to the footpaths of demons and human alike. In the picture below, the Jikundi office welcomes all visitors, but does not admit every lost soul looking to be trained. The instructors are few, and the ranks are dangerous, if one is not trained properly, s/he WILL become a threat, and not a guardian to Anders.

Once inside, the world of the Jikundi is of discipline, growth, focus, and power. The colors are a dull shade of golden yellow, and their symbols are etched into the clothing with dark blue ink. The young men and women that train within the walls share rooms and dine together. There are four structures inside of the Jikundi training grounds, and a number of tents that operate as a barracks for the youngsters in training. On the other side of the ritual ground, the wiccan students have begin to build a stone mansion. their books need to be kept safe, and stone is known to inspire the depths of the soul to come out and play. Students from one clan are expected to socialize with students from the other. And of course, when the situation calls for it, The master of the Truun cult must offer Jikundi a witch/warlock to be used for infusion. The individual, as stated before, loses some of their powers, but it is considered an honor to perform the infusion at any time.

Students gain rank in the Jikundi clan, but not in the Truun mansion. The warrior can only learn one thing at a time, focus is of utmost importance to Jikundi.
Jikundi Martial Arts
The Process of Gaining Rank

All students begin as Scholars, over time and training, Jikundi eventually promotes the individual to a Sentry. Then, further training, and the student is a Knight. finally, before death comes for some Jikundi warriors, they become Masters, and candidates to take over the clan when Jikundi dies

The Four Styles of Jikundi
Sokudi (so-koo-dye) The philosophy behind this style is quickness, agility, and fast strikes that result in instant death. The ideal weapon for a Sokudi warrior is a short sword, or a very thin javelin.
Alunka (al-oon-kay) The philosophy for this style is to keep completely still. the enemy will always be forced to launch the attack. An Alunka warrior is direct and sudden. their weapons are heavy, but their movement is balanced.
Joriad (Jo-Ree-Ad) These individuals wear extremely heavy armor, and they carry obtusely large weapons. commonly called the fourth level of Anders defenses, the Joriad do not step backwards, and they're movements are designed to keep the enemy at a distance
Depti (Dep-Tye) the tacticians and archers. these warriors are taught to move quickly through the spread of the battle field and disappear. They must be precise and silent. They all know how to climb, run, jump and fall from great distances.

All of the previous styles can be learned by any student, there are four levels to each style, once the fourth level is reached, Jikundi recommends the student to completely switch h/er focus.

Other Studies
As well as the fighting styles, a student can achieve four levels in all of the following studies.

-The study of physics left over from Cristop's contribution seven winters before.
-The study of the dark arts, even without an infusion spell, the Jikundi warrior can learn from the witches across the way; how to energize their strikes, and enchant their weapons with electric charges.
-The study of ritual magic. Although lacking in practical purpose, the study here creates maturity in the student, and often makes them more aware of the world around them, a remarkably useful tool on the battlefield. In a pinch, a ritual magic user can provide extra sensory powers to h/er allies, the most common use of this practice is to boost the warriors, and to enhance the relationship between Jikundi clan members and Truun witches
Truun Magic user
The Sages have concluded that Angels are just great men and women of the past. God has never constructed a warrior to protect his creations. Therefor, Angel's are not contained in the kingdom of heaven to save the human race, they are there in order to inspire our greatness. Magic exists in every possible form it can be imagined. The secrets of the craft were released by the Sages, but not all of it. Some covens have withheld information in order to protect themselves, out in the world, assuming the Order's position as protectors to their own people.

So, The Jikundi Truun have two training regiments: One is called Black Arts. the other is called Ritual Magic

These are the two kinds of magic that we're dealing with here. The two variety's assist each other, but they exist in large part by themselves as well. And in order to be truly powerful it is important to train in both of these aspects, or ascertain some kind of gift for one, the other, or both.

Black Arts/ Dark Arts/ Hand Magic - These powers are manifested on command. The caster can prepare spells in advance, and devastate their obstacles. This includes fire throwing, wards or shields, telekinesis, aura projection or body energy blasts, lightening bolts, etc. One can make their power stronger by using Ritual magic, but the actual act of most battle ready magics are restricted to this variety. The real strength of the magic is entirely dependent on the user(s). If multiple witches use the same spell together, their force will be stronger, naturally. Again, ritual magic and practice in the dark arts may increase the strength of an individual witch. But, it is not guaranteed, most are born with the gifts that they receive.

Ritual Magic/ Camp Magic - This form of magic is performed in private places so that no one can disturb the process. These spells take a long time to produce, and often aren't involved with directly harming anything. this includes summoning of demons, enchanting space with protective shields, cursing some one or some thing, altering ones own appearance or personality, focusing power into people or instruments of magic, portal creation, etc. In general, the more the merrier when it comes to ritual magic: Four candles works, but why not four hundred. One person can do it, but seven people chanting in the corner would create a large force of energy to use. If you need to burn a picture, a match can do the job, but a bon fire will intensify the spell. Further, people without any natural ability with the dark arts, can use ritual magic without any trouble, and even introduce the magic into the body. Ritual magic is the gateway magic.

And another brief note that means a great deal about the magic: there is pretty much no exception, magic is dark energy being used to manifest human desire. It is evil, if one can use it with dignity and honor, they are held in high regard. this is partially why the Truun house is so well respected.

Priests: There is no holy church, and most chapel's in the world are very basic huts with blessings and candles to keep the walls purified. Where ever a bible may lay, typically ten or twenty priests grow by the decade. any bible seems to create them, the religion doesn't seem to matter. They all work together display either crosses or stars that both represent the power of god. This is technically hand magic, and ritual magic used together to create the force of faith. It has a mysterious nature to it. The power of God often does.
Slayer Information
From birth, a slayer is exceptional in almost every way. They learn to speak quickly, athletically gifted, intuitive, and witty. Their body chemistry is perfect, and finally, they are gifted with superhuman strength and reflexes. A slayer may be either a man or a woman, but it is common among them to believe that the female's are far superior to the males, who happen to get themselves killed a lot.

There are two kinds of slayers, assault and recon. The assault breed tend to live in large settlements like Anders in order to protect it's citizens. The recon breed live in small encampments with their Sages out in the sticks with the demons and vampires. They follow demons like ghosts in the daylight or night, and plot the enemy movements to prevent up-rises and stampedes that have been known to turn whole camps into rubble and ash.
The Anders' Guard

this rough group of swordsman and pike-wielders are about 200 in number, constantly patrolling the walls, streets, safe houses, and trails inside the gate of Anders. They are trained by Slayers, but they answer only to the people of Anders. a member of the Anders' Guard is only there because s/he wants to be. No one is ever sentenced to duty, or forced to work off debts. It is a privilege to protect the only place one could call home in 100 square miles of Hell.

The Order of The Sages
The Order of the Sages have been said to exist through the entirety of human history, back to our days in the 'garden of eden' and before. The have been wise-men and wise-women that guide our erratic population away from destruction. the are known to be extreme intellectuals, and since AW has been, they have made themselves public, still some out in the world do not believe in their existance. Anders on the other hand, has a base inside of the Gate Camp. The Order of the Sages are responsible for preparing, and housing the slayers of our time.

the Order of the Sages have been the self-declared leaders since the complete collapse of society, which occurred over 200 years ago. There are a very small number of remaining legends that are still circulating through the wall's of Anders. However, the short life span of the population and the extremely limited information provided for children put all of the stories to question. Of course, it is likely that one of them has to be correct.

The most popular story is about caged monsters that escaped their holds and ravaged the entire planet. For the people responsible for these evil beings had nothing to do with the Sages, they were likely the leaders of the prior age. It was obvious that these kings did not support The Order of the Sages, because if these monsters were in captivity at any time, then The Order would have surely demanded their execution. the Sages then, in this story, are ancient wisdom seekers that fought the demons and badmen in the cast shadows of the empires. The Sages trained their Slayer's in secret, and waited for opportunities to present themselves before ever deciding to act.

Another story is as such: The Order has always ruled the world, and this war with the demons is as old as the hills. Believers of this claim that ruins are only there due to failed defensive battles, that the demon's are slowly winning the war. For, the old cities in the wake of the demon onslaught are enormous and blatantly extravagant. Now people live in caves and decaying wooden houses. Now, the great machines of the past have been lost to time, and modern humans use sticks and knifes to protect themselves from evil. The greater people have magics, and intelligible gadgets to improve their odds of success. The world is a grim place in this belief. Demon's are likely men with great power, and they will rule the world one day for their own good. It appears that that day is coming. Slayer's are not powerful enough, they never have been.

Another: The Order of The Sages created the demons, and are now brainwashing the public to believe an excessive amount of lies.

Naturally, any story that you can think up is comparable to these three examples, but these three view points do suggest a pattern for the following

The different views held by the people of Anders when considering The Order Of The Sages: the supporters, the opposition, and the nomads. Supporters typically display their beliefs and often wear patches that signify a representation to their closest Order. (example: A sword that has a tree as a hilt with the number 283 embroidered into the emblem. The image of the tree/sword as an identifier and the number physical representation of the associated house. Supporter's are known to fight with the Sages and the Slayers as militia men against the demons in the forest(s). The Opposition are quiet and blend in with the crowds as a rule. They are rarely known to start civil wars with the Sages, but bar-fights are a regular occurrence. A person associated with the opposition could be pure of heart or truly evil. The nomands are an extreme, they have burnt bridges with The Order, and claim that true peace and victory will never be reached by such archaic visionary's. Nomads do cause conflict with the Sages, and typically harbor great sources of power in order to survive. There is a rumor of a great wiccan village in the woods south of Anders. Beyond the 'great ancient city' to the west and into the sea, there is an island ruled by The Order of the Sages. the island is heavily fortified by leftover infrastructure from the past age, and seven different houses of The Order of The Sages work together to keep the population safe (14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 110, 115, and 143). Many years ago, a small group of nomads left this defensive position and trekked into the woods. Everyone figured them for dead, but their rumor lives on. They were known to travel southeast through the rolling hills of the Anders forest. (The Anders Forest stretches for miles in every direction.)

As a note, the Anders settlement (the five camps within the walls of the city that our story takes place in) has two houses of The Order of The Sages, house 205, and house 409. One of them is located in the gate camp, and the other is located in the tower camp
A Rogue Demon Hunter

The idea of this character is that some one, some HUMAN, with no birthright or special abilities, takes it upon h/er self to protect the world from demons. This is an incredibly difficult way of life. For, if you are bad at it, the demon's overpower you, and you die. And, if you are particularly good at it, the demons figure it out, hunt you, and you die. When it comes down to it though, everyone's life-span is pretty short in Anders, a Rogue Demon Hunter is Respected as much as the Anders' Guard, sometimes. The Rogue is held in higher regard, embodying the civilian heroes of old.
Mechanic information
There are ancient machines from the 'Age before', when there was time and electricity flowed through every city. There are mechanics all over the world that have managed to decipher the ancient texts and create monstrous machines capable of almost anything the human mind can imagine. Naturally, mass production has given away to rust and ignored machinery. the demons run the world now, and it means nothing to anyone if a piece of metal replaceable parts or not. All mechanic tools must work. the only person who can repair something for you is likely the person that originally put it together.

So, all this information points toward a bigger picture. II:

II. The Context. - This section will breifly outline the world that this game is placed in
   A - Anders - It's a collection of camps inside of seven seperated walls. Think of it as HQ for the whole game. Everyone wants it, the humans, and the demons.
       1. The Gate Camp - At the southern tip of Anders, The walls are cut in half by a river. the Gate camp contains this river and the Gate just south of it.
       2. the Tower Camp - Recently decimated. this Camp once had a large watch-tower standing in the center of it.
       3. The Wall Camp - Smaller than most of the other camps, it is guarded by a gigantic 45 ft. wall
       4. The Street Camp - Surrounded by grave yards, and closest to the breached wall to the North. This camp is fun to live in because of the business, but dangerous because of everything else.
       5. The Jikundi Truun camp - Has been previously mentioned
   B - Outside of Anders - Is nothing but a gigantic hellish forest. Of course in every direction, there are towns, but it is a deathwish to leave the walls of Anders without a small army.
   C - Time the years are no longer being recorded. The Order of the Sages have declared that survival is more crucial than history. They believe, that without the chain of morals, and family on a man's belt. He is more likely to protect his loved ones, and keep the human race trucking forward
   D - Where are we on the planet? - The dialoects suggest America. But the climate change over the last few hundred years have made All of America a much colder place.
The Context
The eighth winter is a world contained inside of the possible future. It's a dark occult game with epic size and almost no limits at all. Long ago, people were afraid to walk into the woods, night or day, it didn't matter. There were story-monsters that kept residents in their homes; Vampires, lycan, demonbred, evil men, hell hounds, etc. The world that I am offering to you, lovely elliquiy gamers, reignites that fear by taking the human population of the planet into an endangered quantity. The demons are taking over the planet, and a global struggle between humans and the forces of darkness has been raging for centuries. The center of our game will be in the hotbed villages of 'Anders' (a fictional town). All of the guilds and players of this unholy war are present in the small town, and depending on the interest, this game can feature as much as 6-15 different writers (rp-ers)
Anders' surrounding area

The Town of Anders

The Gate Camp

1- The Gate
2- Main Street
3- Sage House 205 (The Dead Arrow)
4- Anders' Guard Barracks 1
5- Anders' Guard Barracks 2
6- Rings' Boarding house (cheap bed)
7- General Mechanic (electronic repairs / prototypes)
8- General store (daily needs, some food)
9- Green Grocer (store fore several farms and gardens in area)
10- Anders' Guard Jailhouse (evil people are kept here, no demons)
11- The Wharf ('restaurants' - 'gift shops' - some general needs - otherwise useless merchant wares)
12- The River ferry 1
13- The River ferry 2
14- Anders' Guard Barracks 3
15- Center City Grocery (everything the heart desires, massive crowds)
16- Men and Women's clothing (designed with style in mind, many other places in town to buy leathers)
17- Carpentry and Upholstery
18- Deviating Mechanic (all prototype, typically large items. Has constructed one automobile)
19- Cawl Fornis' Hotel (gigantic building, upscale rooms, expensive)
20- Anders' Guard Prison (dangerous men are kept here and some demons)

The Tower Camp

1- The Fallen Tower (ground zero. A mysterious force has destroyed this Tower)
2- Anna Bell Coriander's home
3- The Farms (functions as a free green grocer)
4- Anders' Guard Barracks 4
5- Sage House 409
6- Ander's Guard Armory

The Wall Camp

1- Childrens' homes (anyone under the age of fifteen is encouraged to stay in this proximity
2- Anders' Guard watch tower 1
3- Anders' Guard watch tower 2
4- General Market 1 (mostly what one would need, much shortage in this camp though)
5- Anders' Guard Barracks 6
6- General Market 2 ( same description as the other G. Market)
7- The Wall

The Street Camp

1- The Wares (clothing, accessorie, entertainment, and toys can be purchased here)
2- The Stores (food, and most general needs can be purchased here)
3- The Tavern (the only real tavern in the street camp, this gets a lot of business)
4- The Brothel (works with the tavern. The smallest in Anders, but the only one worth coming to)
5- The Northern Hole (the demon jail. High security. actually serves as a ward to other demons from the NE)

The Jikundi Truun camp

- 1 (coordinates I-6) Original ritual ground for Infusion. The birthplace of the clan
- 2 (coordinates G-7) Reni Jikundi's private home
- 3 (coordinates L-8) The Truun Mansion
- 4 (coordinates E-8) barracks for Sentry's, Scholars
- 5 (coordinates E-6) personal cabins for knights and masters
- 6 (coordinates D-6 / D-7) Two courtyards for group training
- 7 (coordinates D-5) open commons area with small pond
- 8 (coordinates E-5) kitchen and cafeteria
- 9 (coordinates F-5) Garden (mostly edible plants)
- 10 (coordinates F-8) Garden (mostly flowers)
- 11 (coordinates L-6) The current Truun tent city

Magic and Angelic behavior
The Sages have concluded that Angels are just great men and women of the past. God has never constructed a warrior to protect his creations. Therefor, Angel's are not contained in the kingdom of heaven to save the human race, they are there in order to inspire our greatness. Magic exists in every possible form it can be imagined. The secrets of the craft were released by the Sages, but not all of it. Some covens have withheld information in order to protect themselves, out in the world, assuming the Order's position as protectors to their own people.

fuck Anne Rice, fuck Joss Whedon (loosely based on his though), fuck stephanie meyer, and Bram Stoker. The vampires of this world are vile creatures. They can slide through the ranks of men undiscovered, but their demonic souls are bitter and without an ounce of mercy. A vampire does not age, it is a solid being in the middle of an ever changing natural environment. This stillness is said to cause an instant psychosis trigger. The moment a man wakes up from death as a vampire, his loved ones can watch the humanity drain out of his eyes, so the stories go. The Sages and Slayers claim that the human body is like a shell. The living soul leaves the corpse, and a demon spark is left inside, over the next 70 hours or so the demon gestates, and then violently rises to slaughter every living creature he finds until death finds him, rightly.

Killing the vampire is not an easy task. They are fast, strong, hypnotic, and attractive. It is likely that once one realizes that he is in the presence of a vampire, he is likely unable to escape. fortunately, the Sages have educated the population, and people know to stay near the fire at night, or inside. Since the vampire is a walking corpse, it is not visible in the mirror, and it is not allowed within a private residence without an invitation. Like an obedient child, vampires cannot effect the another man's world until it is acknowledged by him directly.

The sun does not light them on fire, it melts them, skipping the flame routine, and going straight to evaporation. A decapitation will finish the demon. A cherished and blessed wooden stake in the heart is enough to do the trick, anything other than wood will not do, and if the stake is picked up without ritual, the vampire can shake off the wound like a bad hair cut. Concluding, any holy symbol can function as a deterrent. For, the faith in God that the holder of the symbol possesses spite's the creature, any trinket, object, or liquid can represent the almighty, and if exposed for long enough, the creatures will disintegrate into nothing (i.e. a holy water bathe, or prolonged presence within a church).

III. Types of Villains
   A - Vampires - They are really fucking evil. No glowstick hearthrobs and sexy chicas here, mostly just mass murderous types trapped in a human body
      1. Vampires age, but like demons, they look scarier and scarier every few thousand years
      2. They are killed in most traditional ways
      3. They all love drinking blood
      4. Do not try to appeal to their better nature, it doesn't exist.
   B - everything that might go bump in the night
      1. It's all in the woods, and it's all coming towards Anders (at some point)
the Antagonists

The vampires
The Parasi-nosfero, commonly known as a vampire is a very specific breed of demon that wanders through hell without corporeal form. The Parasi-nosfero is a mischievous and truly demented species of demon. As legend has it (The Sages legends, which are pretty fucking legit) this 'vampyre' is eternal in the underworld as well. there, they live in the trillions, shapelessly conforming other's thoughts and perceptions. It seems that this creature was inspired to mentally torture damned creatures and demons alike. The loud hisses, whispers, and chuckling flares in the belly of hell are these creatures in dance, collectively creating the winds of evil. When these malicious spirits obtain a body, this purpose is inflicted upon something that has already been formed. Corrupting them absolutely.

The vampire is only a half bred demon. The text books say that all the pure breeds were killed off millenniums ago. Now, a vampire can only birth half breeds in the form of a human or animal. (yes, there are vampire bears). The process of turning is a simple one. The targeted creature is put into a weakened state, by blunt force trauma, or blood loss, even suffocation can work. Then the Vampire feeds h/er blood to the defenseless being and lets them die. the body rots for an estimated 35 hours, at that point the spirit of a demon infests the body and roams the earth like a gerbil inside of a wheel.

Vampires do not age, but they can alter their body in any way, scars last (eventually fade, but as long as a human scar lasts). They can change and style their hair, and their anatomical body parts work (they can fuck.) Further, a vampires body is only cold when it hasn't fed in a long time. The demon abstracts the body to circulate blood from the stomach rather than the heart, in fact infusing the two organs into one super organ. However, these demons cannot re-produce sexually. Their dead bodies cannot sustain life or seed.

In a fight, these demons use their human body with scary precision, speed, power, and grace. They cannot turn into bats and/or fog (unless they were also a wizard/witch). They cannot teleport or move faster than the eye can see. But, they are incredibly fast, known to outrun horses.

known ways to kill: Holy influence (blessed stake to the heart, a cross in hand, holy water, even a priest with the right prayer), removal of head, fire, sunlight, and starvation (lack of blood, approximately nine weeks)
warning: One must always carry a stake to truly protect themselves from the vampire threat. They outnumber humans, and they've been recruiting selectively for hundreds of years

10- Every body knows about the Vampire. Only half of the population knows the official term, and they are still very likely to just call them vampires.

As these creatures spend more time in their host body, they begin to look more and more like their true image, the following spoiler can give you an idea of what we're talking about. Each transformation is unique, but the severity of it should be distinguishable below.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Vampire 20 - 1000 years of age

Vampire 2000-6000 years of age

Vampire 5000+ years of age
The vampires with profiles

Name: Alikama (last name has been lost, even to her)

Race: Vampire

Visual Age: 24

Actual Age: 832

Appearance: Alikama has always been a very beautiful being. Her straight black hair, belying her East Indian roots, reaches straight to her lower back, full and lustrous. Standing at five feet seven inches tall in stocking feet, she wouldn't stand out height-wise against others, but the way in which she carries her curvacious frame would bring plenty of attention. Her eyes almost glow a sharp hazel, like a cat's, and her face holds perfectly symmetrical angles. After years of life as an other-worldly being, she's developed a predatory look to her, her facial features growing sharper.
Over her legs, hips, even up to her back, she is covered in odd tattoos. Most wouldn't know what any of them mean, but they are all incredibly intricate.

Affiliation: Demon

Personality: Alikama is very firm in what she wants. She prefers not to dirty herself with fighting when she can gain food, or belongings through a show of her body to enthrall, or even going so far as to get someone into bed. It is rare for her to show emotions when with anyone but Omen, but she does have them. They just aren't always good. It's never bad when she shows anger, but if she smiles or acts overly sweet towards anyone, again other than Omen, there is reason to fear.

Back story: Born well before AW, Alikama was everything a parent would warn their children against. She was the middle child, and constantly dismissed. She chose to make herself known the best way possible. She started smoking very early, ignored her studies and could be found at the grimiest, most disgusting pubs in her town. Her parents, fairly wealthy, from old money, never wanted to admit that such a child was theirs.

When Alikama was only sixteen, she ran away, taking a good portion of her family's safe. With all the money, she was able to easily slip into France and make her way fairly un-noticed Spain.

Once in Spain, the young woman was able to make a clean start doing something she loved, having sex with men, this time for money. She had found an amazing brothel, one that lent a lot to the illusion that it was a glamorous lifestyle. For her, it was.

One day, man by the name of Barsello showed up, after she'd been at the brothel a number of years. He was taken by her beauty almost instantly. After he'd come back more than twice, Alikama knew that she had him, he would do almost anything for her. This was proven when he came back after being gone a while and killed her.

She woke up a different being, taken over by the vampire blood that had been given to her. She was something powerful right from the start. She and Barsello took care of everyone in the brothel, enjoying a feast that they would talk about for days. Her pimps and the other working girls gave Alikama the strength that she needed to make something amazing out of herself. The relationship with Barsello only lasted long enough for them to get to a small Eastern European town before she'd had enough of him. She quickly disposed of him in the best way she could think of at the time. She tied him to the four posters of a bed and opened the window. That had freed her to be who she'd been born to be.

The next few years were slow, her getting by as she could. While posing as a nun in the Americas, she met the person she was meant to be with forever. The only problem was that he was a human. But that was easily changed. One night, she took the final leap and turned him into something like her.

They traveled far and long, picking up others as they went, but always looking for their next opportunity.

Name: Omen
Race: Vampire
Visual Age: Twenty Eight
Actual Age: Eight hundred, and Twenty Five

Omen's dress is admittedly not as modern as this picture is here, but the style that this man is wearing it in does fit the character. The eyes, shadowed here are bright shades of swollen yellow. Sometimes, the color will blend into a soft brown, and other times, his iris and pupil disappear, turning into a milky mystical white. Not shown in the picture, Omen is starting to grow a crown of horns. Two of them on the back of his 'crown' are the largest, and the only ones that are big enough to poke out of his hair.He is not overtly muscular, but he is flexible, and strong. Standing at almost six foot, three inches; there is a regal urge in his movements.

Affiliation : Demon

Personality: Omen was once the type of man to lend a hand where it was needed. He stayed quiet a lot, not shy or reserved. Rather, Omen was a very good listener. Now, after centuries of life surrounded by death and vice, pride and enjoyment; Omen's personality has only magnified itself. He is contemplative and patient. He meditates constantly and watches the moon for hours. He has a library the size of Alexandria's stored in his mind. Enjoyment comes sparingly, as only action has ever truly existed for Omen. He does not stop to smell the flowers, he only wishes to make them smell stronger.

Back story: Before he was found by Alikama, Omen worked on farms and storefronts to make money. He attended university for years before wandering the countryside. Studying language and history, he became exhausted of his studies, and he was anxious to live a life with more meaning. The young man was a jack of all trades where ever he found establishments worth his time and effort. He was a simple soul that could rest for hours with a book and one cigarette. So, he never cared too much for his social life. He was special from a young age, an almost eerie attribute had afflicted him. He was a good luck charm. His given name was Owen. However, even his parents called him Omen, confident that his presence could change some one's life. This affect was difficult to explain. It was his charisma, his genius, his willingness to explore and assist, his bravery, perhaps a complete lack of selfish aspirations, an empty hand. Omen was a wonderful man.

His much more inclusive, and exceptionally older alter ego, the vampire that's roamed the Earth for eight centuries, this monster is a manipulative master. Beware the Omen, for it strikes only one time.

Name: Havannah
Race: Vampire
Visual Age: Twenty-one
Actual Age: Seven Hundred, and thirteen

Havannah has no freckles, and several tattoos, like Alikama's. Her ink covers her back, midriff, and buttocks. Otherwise, these pictures are very informative.

Affiliation: demon

Personality: This demon is unpredictable and spends her time indulging in life and death's little gifts. She is a sexual deviant, and a demented creature with the habit of dissecting her victims while she eats. Brooding, dark and solemn when in the presence of strange demons, and her peers. Havannah is a glorified slave. She enjoys the treatment, and in turn, she's never forced to beg, or plead for anything.

Back story
: Her sire was a vampire named Silo. He wanted her for a fuck toy. Dying not three weeks after her transformation, Havannah's fresh form was abused by Silo over this time period, but afterwards the little rogue was taking in by a traveling group of middle aged vampires. The youngest was Omen, at around 140. The eldest was a vampire named Kennis, he was nearly 250. She was recruited in the early years of The Age Without, and her entire life after death has been one of spoil and excess. Omen thinks of her like an adopted daughter, and treats her like an house servant. Even though Omen is a demon, and Havannah is a gorgeous, and (visually) fragile creature. He has yet to fuck her, or beat her like his mistress.

He calls her 'The Princess.'

Other demons

At the end of every demon species is a description of it's familiarity. A demon with a SCORE of 1 is likely to ONLY be known by Sages and maybe Slayers with a passion for reading. A demon with a SCORE of 10 is likely known by every single person in Anders

A Dacrivl Ulraghe: This breed is tall, lenky and undesirably flexible. The only bones that it has outline the opening of it's digestive tract: Starting with it's teeth, and the jaw. this demon also has a bone attached to the top of it's tongue, this demon has a bone that forms a tube around it's esaphagus, and a bone that holds the stomach like a large bowl. The rest of it's skeleton is made of a plastic like substance that allows it to bend and fold in ways that are otherwise impossible. Aside from those hideous attributes, this demon is known for being exceptionally smart, and creative. It lacks the torturing spirit that other demons fancy. The Dacrivl will kill it's prey as quickly as possible, and eat it as quickly as possible. Fully able to digest any organic matter, this demon's favorite part of the meal is the bone.

These creatures are borderline shape-shifters. A testimony from experienced slayer: 'I killed four Dacrivl demons on a patrol in the northern stretches of the Street camp. They must have slid their way through the thick forest there. Two of them were walking very lazily on all fours, their heads were twisted and bowing in every direction. One seemed to move across the ground like a snake, I never really understood how it was doing that. The last Dacrivl crashed itself forward on it's knees, holding it's feet up and backwards, leaning forward with his elbows and literally resting it's head. It stepped quickly to keep up pace with the others. For a moment, I was in awe, it was actually kind of beautiful. I had to fight aggressively. If they would have surrounded me, i wouldn't have survived the fight. My first assault was a 330 foot charge, i knew what i was fighting, i could tell from a distance. I don't think they knew where they were. They weren't expecting me. After I killed them, I noticed that the last Dacrivl had no mark on it's knees at all, the impact was fierce when it was "walking", or "running" I suppose. I didn't understand at first, from a distance, it's movement made me nauseous. These demons were incredibly... heavy. I conclude now that without a bone to lacerate the skin, nothing is ever damaged. In other words they can't be bruised.'

Known ways to kill: removal of head, completely rupture the stomach, a lot of fire.
warnings: run. Do not hide. Fight if you must, it lacks the strength of other demons

4 - The Dacrivl is rare to the area and survivors often aren't aware of what was following them.

The Fenadar Arachnis

First, there are some differences between the picture above and my imagination of the demon. It's legs are shaped differently, wider at the top and less bulbous on the bottom. the demon has four arms, however they are facing the opposite direction. these arms come out of the back. Two of these arms would attach above the space in-between the legs (on the back). This demon can walk as it is pictured, but the neck can twist around and it can stand up on it's haunches, so that the demon has two ways of movement, one with it's hands behind it's back, one with it's legs behind it's back. It's penis is in the center of it's four arms, on it's (back). Further, and these are the flavor things that really make the entire picture void, but meh, might as well have some kind of visual reference: This demon doesn't have sharp edges, it doesn't look like formed rocks, it looks like a fat, misshapen, bulbous stone. Bloated, vile smelling, putrid, and literally oozing.

Now, on to the good stuff:

It's skin is stronger than metal. However, it is incredibly slow, especially to a martial artist or any slayer. Most of the demons of this breed are almost one thousand pounds, and nearly eight feet tall on all four legs, over ten when it's on two. If you can make the creature bleed, the opened wound secretes a dark red puss that burns humans, like acid. It's own kind are obviously immune to this burning. Also with humans, the ejaculate that this demon's penis produces, it's semen, it burns, but in a different way. It doesn't hurt as badly, and it doesn't make any wounds. the semen infects organic material with demonic fibers. anything infected by the semen still operates as it should. there is no degradation. The victims blood will stay red, but anything else directly contacted by the demons seed turns black: bones, organs, eyes, hair, fingernails. Like an acid, the semen melts through the skin and continues to infect as it soaks into the body. If one were to drink the liquid, they would be able to watch it flow down their body, depending on what direction they were sitting/ standing/ laying. If the body is fully saturated, it will leak out of the other side. Eventually the human body diminishes the infection, and returns to normal (four years or so). Now, the whole process is designed to make the body edible. It can eat regular human body parts, but cumming all over it is kind of like putting salt on the egg salad sandwhich, (and delicious demony enzymes)

The habits of this demon are incredibly disturbing, and in many cases, they are more feared than vampires. They live in packs of three-seven, but they never hunt in groups. They gorge themselves once a month for about two days. The food is not digested, but gestated and laid inside of eggs. By eating, this demon rapes and rapes and rapes and rapes it's food, right before and sometimes during the feed. These creatures are known for having large phallus' stronger than steel, so many are known to accidentally kill their victims while raping them. So, it has a penis, it lays eggs. Yes, this is an A-sexual creature. It needs no mate to reproduce. However it usually kills its young for fear of competition. These demons are smart, and they know how to use their size to their advantage. They also appreciate what bindings can do to a victim, and they enjoy 'eating' in privacy.

known ways to kill: a lot of fire, a blunt weapon used tenaciously (the skin cracks), powerful magics, decapitation (if possible)
warnings: hopefully your traveling in a group, escape is not difficult if you are with others, killing the demon is a task to retell for years.

7-Easy to outrun, they are seen in the area often, and there are a few of them living in the woods between the street camp and tower camp

Lonk Devik

A large breed known for slow movement and charging. The exhibit here has been caged, starved, tortured, and mistreated. They are usually much larger, bloated, muscular, and almost as wide as they are tall (usually nine to ten feet). Besides their charging tactics, and low level of intelligence, not much is known about them. It is likely because they don't think of much else.

2- These creatures do not go out very often, and there are not many of them in the Anders area.

Merica Nymis - Vorin breed


Slow, stationary, humongous, and deadly accurate. The Nymis are capable of a powerful projectile, it doesn't burn, or scold, it's not cold, or paralyzing. It travels fast enough to break bone, and the material that the Nymis spits out is impossibly dense. They don't age, change, and reproduce without a mate or purpose. Like turrets. Fire would likely harm them, but blades do good work. Their skeleton is strong, but it's not indestructible

2- they have never been on this plane before. A Sage would know

Obvio Prekkure - Vorin breed

smaller than their Vorian counterpart, the Nymis. A Prekkure is faster, much more aggresive, and viciously hungry. They are simple footsoldiers with very little capacity for free-will. They do what they are told well, though, and they are capable of understanding complex thought, just not creating it. Killing them is a simple idea, chop off their tongues, each Prekkure contains it's heart on the hanging tongue that protrudes from it's mouth. this allows it to digest it's food incredibly fast. However, getting through the shield like arms that double as death claws is undeniably challenging. In order to kill one, the attacker must be one of two things, if not both: Being faster than the Prekkure. Being stronger than the Prekkure. It cannot be outwitted, and will likely never fall for ambushes or distractions. It is horrifically resistant to all elemental attacks. An arrow does the trick pretty well if it's aimed well.

2- It comes from another realm. a Sage would know.

Noxi Dei - Vorin Breed

Naturally, these demons work well at night. They are virtually invisible and difficult to defend against. They are corporeal, and they can be sliced in half. Their claws are razor sharp, and they can wield any weapon that they wish to hold. They must walk, but most have the natural talent of levitation. a sustainable float that gives them the advantage of air, as long as they can stay focused. They are intelligent and much like men, their anatomy is functional, and it is rumored that they can create child with human. There are males and females. Surely, these people are purely evil...right?

4- The rumor of their mating habits have spread as urban legend for centuries. But they are known as Negatives, not Noxi Deis. A Sage, of course, would know.

Chimica Feuaul - Vorin Breed


Elastic, and full of variety. the Feuaul knows no exact shape. It usually has a head and four limbs, but that is subject to change at any time, and most of it's shape-shifting ability is fully functional. If it wants to fly, it can fly. If it needs gills to breathe, it can make them. Naturally, it does take some time to focus on the shift, but among the most versatile creatures in the entire known universe, it is a shame that their nature is so hostile and violent. Wishing to appear as anything, the Feuaul almost always chooses to look beautiful and full of life. It is a distraction, and a device used to soften enemies. They are bright, hot in sight, and hard to ignore.

Unlike the equestrienne picture on the far left here, they are not known for producing flames or wearing any form of clothing Certainly clothing would only bust off or slip away. Beyond doubt, they are capable of wearing clothes and starting a fire. It is just not known widely practiced by Feuaul.

2- Not of this world - a Sage might have trouble identifying it, that is until it shape-shifts

Adding a bit here as a conclusion for those of you who are just finding this young game (3-9-2012). This RP will be gory. There is a little bit of mythology to swallow (my story), but once the large scope is looked through, the depth of this game reveals itself. This is a world where our Earth (at some point in the future) has been completely overrun with demons. The most common enemy is the vampire, and they are a viscous breed with no reason to show mercy. The only reason a vampire would stop eating you is to rape you. Now, most of the evil in this world is not sophisticated and the human race is so diminished that our communications network is down (and doesn't exist as a concept to most living humans). There are probably less then ten running automobiles on the planet. The world is hell. However, we are not dead yet. It is the 8th Winter since the Ji-Tru have saved us, and we will survive the long nights again.

This Role-play is an occult game with some fantasy elements, and as stated in the title, it is of epic proportions.I'll be your DM...however I'm not prepared to run a dice system... it would be nice to have one, see, this game revolves around fighting. This post is fucking gigantic, so i hope it grabs your interest.

Additional Conceptual Photos
The following photo's are here to inspire. I thought that if i showed the people of this world, it would help any one interested in the game imagine their own characters and all that good stuff. It is likely that some of my characters will be in the section below.

A witch from the Truun camp

Another witch

A bad ass image, i think it's relevant

A great photo, stylized just like the game

A recon slayer

rogue hunter

A vampire, appearing rather shy

-infinite positions open-
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Re: The Eighth Winter
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I'm very interested.  I hope more are too and this get's up an running.

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Re: The Eighth Winter
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this may work as a small group. How much have you read of the work? do you think you know what character you would like to play?

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Re: The Eighth Winter
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I've read everything above. I'm not familiar with the game but I'm pretty familiar with both fallout series and elder scrolls series. As for character. I don't know. I trying to wrap my head around an ex anders guard turned rouge hunter but I haven't decided if I can make a compelling case for such a character. Also very interested in playing a Jikundi Truun. But still working it out.

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Re: The Eighth Winter
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well, a  member of the anders' guard that leaves to join the Jikundi clan makes sense :)

With you're input and three others in the form of PMs, I think that this is going to be a much more streamlined version of the RP I already attempted. However, i made the mistake last time of giving every character 30-40 posts of exposition before they even met each other. I've received a lot of good feedback, and I'm gonna give this a shot. even though we're in the solo request thread. It's time to start coming together, and deciding if we all want to do a 3-5 person group RP.

the dynamic of the RP would be like this:

Momopeach, Steamdriver, Jessica, and Kdyami vs. ME, the DM

setting, all NPC's, and world events would be on god's hand, my hand. the DM. :

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Re: The Eighth Winter
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What kind of things would you like us, the players to talk about? You don't want us to release our characters so anything else in mind?

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Re: The Eighth Winter
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The DM update of the week #1-

Holy shit, an OOC board, lets not flood the solo request thread with our group game, and be respectable by moving all future replies to this hyperlink right here. HERE!

all systems forward for this group game. It looks like a small group of three, maybe four, depending. Please understand that the following list is designed to give everyone an idea of what's going on, it's not intended to contextualize any commitments to the game, or otherwise. In other words: lets get to talking about this.

Steamdriver: Josephine (A Slayer of the Sages)

Kdyami: (unnamed) - A possible Jikundi Martial artist
Nessy: (unnamed) -  "Rogue vampire hunter"

: undeclared

: removed from game. everything is well.