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Author Topic: Mutual Friend (BlackRose)  (Read 1012 times)

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Mutual Friend (BlackRose)
« on: May 15, 2008, 01:26:01 PM »
“Trust me, I promise he is different than the last one,” Jen said as she dragged Lisa over to the corner table.  The last one ended up being entirely too consumed with his career, even going so far as making a business dinner into one of their dates.  Even though her friends found her picky, they all agreed that she should dump that one. 

“Lisa, this is Sean,” Jen said with a grin as she yanked her forward.  Sean definitely didn’t look like someone who was career driven with his unkempt hair and unshaven face, and Lisa flashed him her winning smile.  “Hi Sean,” she said as she offered her hand while Jen sat down across from him leaving the chair next to him empty.

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Re: Mutual Friend (BlackRose)
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2008, 01:37:50 PM »
Sean sat in the corner of the bar waiting on Jen to bring over the girl she had described to him as a 'perfect match'. He was a little worried with what Jen considered to be a good match for him after the last woman Jen set him up with. Saying someone was a perfect match was one of Jen's selling points that was rarely true. The last time, Sean ended up with thirty missed calls on his phone while he was in the shower. He took a deep breath, hoping that this time, Jen's match making would produce someone who was a little less overbearing.

Sean looked around the bar, still waiting for Jen to show up with this mystery girl. After the latest in Jen's work, he was a little nervous. A shot would take the edge off things, he mused. Unfortunately, just as he decided to grab a drink, he caught sight of Jen leading someone over to him. Great... no time for a drink. Well, time to make the best of it. At least she's cute. He stood up as they approached, returning the smile Lisa gave him. "Hi Lisa, it's nice to meet you."

He extended his hand to shake hers, his grip both firm and gentle. She seemed nice enough, perhaps Jen had been right this time. "Have a seat." His hand fell to the only empty chair left at the table and pulled it out for her. At least he remembered to be a gentleman amidst the cloud of doubt that he usually had when dealing with another of Jen's ideas. He kept his eyes on Lisa for now. He would have time to shoot Jen a dubious look later.

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Re: Mutual Friend (BlackRose)
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2008, 01:49:59 PM »
Lisa blinked in surprise that he had pulled the chair out, and as she sat she looked over to Jen and grinned.  It was about time Jen introduced her to a gentleman, and this was something she could get used to quickly; assuming of course it was an aspect of him and not just initial meeting niceties. 

The waitress raised an eyebrow at them and gave them an annoyed sigh.  Lisa returned her own look of annoyance while placing her order, followed by the others.  With a curt response to them which was inaudible, the waitress left and Lisa turned her attention back to Sean.  "Okay, are you married, do you have a job, and are you a stalker," she rambled off followed by a nervous laugh.  Jen abruptly admonished her with a kick under the table and Lisa gave Sean an apologetic look.  "I'm sorry...I've had some bad experiences with Jen's so called friends".

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Re: Mutual Friend (BlackRose)
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2008, 02:02:56 PM »
Sean gave his order to the waitress after Lisa, giving only a little attention to the annoyed woman. People who didn't bother to show respect didn't get respect. After the girl left, he looked back to Lisa for her questioning. It was definitely amusing that she beat him to the questions that he had been prepared to ask himself. Knowing Jen probably kicked her for it, he was a little more than glad she had asked them first. "No, yes, and no." He gave her an understanding grin and continued, "I completely understand."

For that, Jen gave him a kick too, just for good measure. With a grumble, Sean turned his attention fully to Lisa, ignoring the look Jen was now shooting both of them. "I teach a highschool English class. I am not married, never have been. I don't have kids and I've also been stalked by one of Jen's friends before." He cast a quick grin over at Jen, sliding his chair back a little in the process to get out of her kicking range.

He looked back to Lisa, the grin still spread over his lips. "What about you? Tell me a little about yourself. Are you married, do you have a job, and are you a stalker?" Now the questions seemed more of a joke than real questions, but keeping the conversation light hearted and full of humor would be better for him to be comfortable. "Most importantly, what do you like to do for fun?" His second question was meant to give the impression that the echo of her three questions was merely rhetorical.

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Re: Mutual Friend (BlackRose)
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2008, 02:49:34 PM »
Lisa smirked at him returning her own questions, relieving her of the thought that Jen didn't focus her bad matchmaking on just her.  "Married...definitely not.  I am a real estate agent in the area, and as for stalking, absolutely," she replied with a sarcastic grin.  "I am not serious of course...about the stalking...but I am beginning to think maybe Jen has a thing for that type," she continued with a raised eyebrow directed to Jen who in turn rolled her eyes at her.

The waitress came with their drinks and mumbled something else before departing again.  Lisa took a long sip trying to come up with an answer to the dreaded 'what do you like to do for fun' question.  "You know that is a really hard question for me to answer, mostly because I try to have fun with whatever it is I do.  I have hobbies of course, but I'm not always looking for fun when I participate in them," she said with a frown.  She really did hate that question as it was so open-ended but yet at the same time, so definitive.

"So what made you want to be a teacher?" she asked trying to get the focus back onto him.

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Re: Mutual Friend (BlackRose)
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2008, 03:05:15 PM »
Sean grinned at her sarcasm. It was a nice change from the serious women Jen had tried setting him up with in the past. It felt a lot better to actually meet someone who was not only attractive, but had a sense of humor. He nodded curtly to the waitress before taking a sip from his drink, keeping his attention on Lisa as she spoke. With no real answer to what she did for fun, he resigned to think she was embarrassed about the question. Whether or not he was right, he didn't persue the question further.

Instead, her question gave him something to run with. "A teacher I had in High School told me that after you are done taking everything that life has to give, you ought to give something back. That was his reasoning for being a teacher. Me? I like teaching. I enjoy being around the kids, keeps me on my toes. For me, teaching lets me take from society and give back all at once."

He took another sip from his drink before glancing at Jen. This was usually the point where he would give Jen the look that meant, 'Get me out of here.' Instead, he gave her a light grin. For once, she had made a good choice. As his attention turned back to Lisa, he shifted his weight and leaned back against the chair. "I enjoy being around people. As a teacher, I get to be around a lot of people all the time. From the students to the faculty and even the parents, I get to meet all sorts of new people."

He thought about asking her about her job. He could throw the focus back at her, but after her recent answer, he was quite certain she didn't want the focus on her yet. He would give it a little while before focusing on her. For now, he would keep the focus on him where she was more comfortable. "Plus... I get to touch peoples lives; really make a difference."