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April 10, 2021, 09:04:21 am

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Author Topic: Sci-fi/Bondage/Future thing, check it out! There's two, they're both different~  (Read 606 times)

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Offline warriorsarecatsTopic starter

So I've had these two ideas circulating in my head for a while, and I just really need to get them out lol Please please accept one! I'm so excited xD

The first one I was thinking of is this futuristic type rp.
The world as we know it fifty years from now is a dead and desolate wasteland after being attacked and conquered by aliens, or better seen as robots (If you've ever watched the movie 9, it's A LOT like this). After several nuclear plant meltdowns, and pollution due to waste left behind by us as well as the aliens, the earth is practically unlivable. The only way to survive the poisonous gasses is to keep a gas mask on at all times. Exposure causes memory loss, short and long term, or in severe cases, complete shutdown of vital organs. There are some places though, that are livable, such as hidden underground caves housing colonies of humans. There are a little over five thousand people left in the world, all scattered about.
What I wanted to do is have your character(s) be scavenging for food at one of the nearby alien-infested camps, all fenced in, but of course there are points of entry. It's basically an old town/city. In the middle of each of the compounds is the 'brain', or the machine that controls all the others guarding. They never leave the compound; almost everything about these aliens are unknown.
I'm not entirely sure how our characters will meet yet, but I don't care how many characters you use, since I'm going to be using about three myself. As many as you're comfortable with is fine, but it would be nice if you had at least one male in the group. <3

The other one I was thinking of was another sci-fi-ish one, but a little different. Once again, 50 years from now and in an entirely different setting from the one mentioned above, mechas are now the world's defense against aliens that had finally taken an interest in the human race. Although we won't get too into that part of it until later, what I'm looking for here is someone (your character, preferable a dominate male that's able to perform a little bondage) for either a feisty, but submissive male or female slave (preferable male if you can handle m/m xD If not, I can work just fine with a female of course <3). I have somewhat of a plot, but I won't reveal it, you'll have to wait ;D

Just a warning, I'm in college now, therefore my replies will be slow. I apologize, really, ahead of time, just please don't accept or ditch the rp just because of that reason, because that makes no sense.

Offline cirdanf

Second idea M/F looks interesting. If you would send the plot my way, I'd be more than happy to try!